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Found 18 results

  1. I was underground driving in my buggy on barren. Drove under a Cavern Lure it grab buggy/me and pinned me against the ceiling. I exited the buggy and it shot me through the ceiling to the surface and I fell back down to the surface of Barren.
  2. Hi I made a shuttle and made a thruster and went to barren without any resources and i cant get back to the home planet. the thruster says USED SOLID-FUEL THRUSTER can you please help me get back to home base
  3. I have 3 beacons on Terran, 2 beacons and my home. There has been a number of times that I have seen these 3 beacons from Barren when exploring, without seeing a planet at all. One such instance I caught on video at the video below. I've also attached an image. Steam version, 0.8.0, single player, Windows 10.
  4. I'm not exactly sure what happened. I was exploring a cave on Barren, and all of the sudden I jumped way up in to the sky, and after a minute fell to the ground and died. I was exploring a cave at the time. I was streaming at the time, and thus can provide a video as to exactly what happened, at least from my perspective. You can see that at
  5. I've sent an e-mail to Support with the relevant information. This crash occurred shortly after I had alt-tabbed out to report an animation glitch, reloaded the game (which fixed the glitch) and went into the Barren caves to grab fuel. The caves in Barren are loaded with all sorts of stuff (compared to Terran, anyway), and the framerate goes haywire when I'm down there. I'd harvested some fuel and was carrying a resource object out (on foot), near the entrance when the crash occurred. When my computer restarted, Flash indicated I was in need of an update... in case that means an
  6. So I have been building on Tarren for quite a long while... For about a day and I have been thinking of expansion... Somewhere easy to get to and so I chose Barren. I start placing down structures and for some strange reason when I link the power cables between platforms... They are vertical, when on Tarren they are horizontal. Help!!
  7. New Item Found! ABSOLUTE SIMILARITY!!! This is clear evidence of other "Astronauts" out there! EXCITING Could it be we find a way back "home"? Something related to the EXO Company? This is VERY interesting!
  8. 1: Mouse+Keyboard 2: Win 7 3: Easy to recreate consistently Desc: While running through a mild downward slope in a cave on barren, if I continuously press space bar I can remain in the air for as long as the ceiling is there. Seems to be that the game is registering the ceiling as a wall maybe? Meaning the low gravitation may be the problem?
  9. Hello, I made a video to illustrate a problem existing on barren moons. It can sometimes happen that the orange plant's mouth can be hidden between a thin layer behind the surface, and in combination with the very low visibility of gas it will put out in that occasion, you end up dying on spots where you don't see anything dangerous: skip until 5:45 to the moment where I realize where the problem is but this is just wet finger pointing. I was then surprised to see all along I was dying because of this sneaky guy:
  10. I play on PC using Mouse/Keyboard. The problem I have, is that everytime I use a shuttle to travel from Terran to Barren, as I approach Barren I always find my rovers, on Barren, to be floating in space. Each time this happens, I have to use the terrain tool to build my way up, to get in range for them too fall. I have traveled back and forth, multiple times, yet every time this happens. It even happened before I had created two Rovers. Please help, thank you.
  11. So IDK if this is happening to others but, When I leave a rover on Barren, usually attached to a module or something, and I leave the planet when I get back the Rover is "Gone". Gone of course for me means still visible but very high in the sky above Barren. Even if it is connected to another rover they both go up and while it is funny, it is not very convenient. Sometimes the rover drops back to the surface, sometimes it does not. On another note, I once built a crane on a spaceship and it flew off immediately after takeoff. Also I think it would be nice if you could move cranes aro
  12. A problem has occured the past times I have visited the planet Barren, or "moon". The problem that occured seemed to be a visual problem to where if I walked into the "glitch", i would float upwards and go into the air (with low gravity) and fall to my death. This also happened on planet Terran, and I do not know if it is problems only with these planets, therefore I have not "inhabited" other planets execpt Exotic, which did not seem to have that same visual problem, though it only occured underground. Hopefully this will be fixed.
  13. Summary: 155 - Xbox One - Multiplayer Tethers Not Functional Offworld Description: Over multiple play sessions, tethers have not been functional on Barren for the player who joins my game. This player has full tether functionality when on the main, starting planet. Every time we go offworld (just Barren so far, haven't been to other worlds yet), his tether functionality no longer works and has to rely on mine alone. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 0.3.10155.0
  14. playing a multiplayer game, we went to explore the Barren planet. we landed and we discovered a large crater, which i noticed had some caves, i dug a slope (to make entry easier) but when this slope intersected the mouth of the cave, there was a flicker(update) in the map, and the mouth of the cave disappeared.....I tried to tunnel where the cave mouth was but no joy, the game host (who was present) saw the disappearance and the cave was gone from his perspective too. we tried a similar operation on a cave on the opposite face of the crater......which disappeared in a similar fashion
  15. I built a base at the core of barren. I think it looks pretty cool.
  16. Hello Devs and all of my fellow Astroneers! Ok So here I was starting a new base on the Barren Planet, (AKA Moon). I landed , and debarked from my spaceship... Then I noticed that I could place my Hab module upon a steam vent.... so I did. Imagine my shock and dismay when it quadrupled in size, and refused to allow me to move it ever again. I then placed a 'normal' hab beside it for reference. (See Above.) Then I discovered you could attach other objects to the steam vents. (Note: Do not let the object 'click' home if you want to keep said objects.)
  17. I took my shuttle to barren and I started a station by creating it on the side of my shuttle. It worked fine until I was making my fourth station. when I did it glitched my shuttle into the station so now my station always goes inside my fuel consender. I want you guys to fix it to where I can land beside my stations. I play on xbox one.
  18. In an online co-op match with one other friend I found out that after traveling, to a new planet, area, etc, with the shuttle a large box like area around said shuttle is indestructible for everyone except the "host". ( I assume it's semi host based since only my friend could break and see the correct terraforming) After a little bit of testing this seems to only happen when you arrive with the shuttle for a second time. Ex. I was on the main terra planet, then proceeded to fly to the barren, then go back for more resources come back again to the barren and was unable to break anything. Howev