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Found 11 results

  1. Summary: 119 - Steam - Truck becomes undrivable Description: If you add the square podka dot ball to the "front" of the truck, you can no longer enter the truck... Holding E doesn't do anything, not even the circle-timer around the E visually. Weirdness level 2 - you cannot add the balls to the right attachment points in front of the truck, only the left side. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 119
  2. I found their weird black and white swirl ball under a plant in my friend's server, I'm able to place it in storage slots and in the research machine, but I'm not able to research it. Is this possibly a placeholder object?
  3. I was mining with my friend. We found some type of ball that's not research. Does anyone know what it is?
  4. So, on a mining expedition a friend and I found this strange spherical artifact. Thinking it was something we could research, we hauled it back to base only to discover that the research machine didn't want anything to do with it. It can be placed on storage pads and I believe it takes up two nodes on the storage pad. I was wondering if anyone has ever seen this, I know the picture kind of looks like I photoshopped it in, I didn't, but I can provide more evidence of its existence if requested. Anyway, if you've seen it or know what it does I'd love to know. Right now we have just been playing
  5. I was exploring a cave on the moon and came across this. It's not research so I can't identify it. Does anybody know what it is or is it just something cool to have at you base.
  6. Wouldn't it be nice to do what our anscestors did when they went to the moon and play golf to take our minds off work for a while? I'm sure many of us would have endless fun creating courses and playing a round. Oh what fun in A printable club which we hold pointing at the ground in front and some way to swing/hit the ball while aiming with the camera and cursor. An easy to identify ball, maybe 2X size and random colours. A flagpole with little fluttering flag to place where we like on the surface of the terrain. Would be nice to have a small round ho
  7. hey guys these zebra balls are really getting everyone talking there mysterious but have no use as of yet. What if it were possible to research it cut it open and in the inside would be something amazing like maybe blueprint to make a drone or a robot. Or maybe even lights to light your path. The lights would function similar to tethers. The zebra ball ready glows it can be associated with light. What are some ideas you guys have for the zebra ball?
  8. When I landed on the tundra planet i found a strange glowing orb/ball with a striped black and white pattern on it. when I turned to the wiki and internet to find out what it was and what I could do with it I found an entire community centered around worshipping this thing! People were posting about how to please the zebra ball and how it has shown them the light, then I got consumed by all this and now I too am building monuments and structures for my zebra balls. I have two requests: either leave it featurless and let us continue worshipping it's uselessness, or build off of this new found r
  9. When playing multiplayer on Xbox, the rolling "spike balls" (for lack of a better term) seen on Radiated are only visible (and felt) by the primary player. The other players who are connecting to the game over the internet do not see or feel the "spike balls" as they fly through the lava tubes or the surface. I do like the concept of the unexpected threat that the "spike balls" brings to the game experience. Keeps you on your toes when venturing into the unknown.
  10. I have not found a use for it yet. It rolled right into me while I was exploring a cave. The ball moves around alot even if there is no wind.