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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, great job so far, love the game! Thanks for giving the community a chance to decide how the game should develop in the future. However, there is one thing I'd like to mention: the small oxygen storage. SPOILER! As far as I know, you're only able to get oxygen by creating filters, running around in your base or vehicle, but as soon as you want to explore a cave to farm minerals like copper, you have to use the oxygen "lying around" or generate it throught filters and their time of usage and the number of filters you can hold at the same time is limited by the number of slots that you're able to fill your backpack with. The actual solution is crafting more and more filters to survive in caves, but there isn't just enought material to live a long time. My idea: There should be an option to upgrade you're charakters skills/his backpack, for example to run faster, jump higher or (and what's essentially) to craft better stuff. A list of possible upgrades could look like that: Movement Skill: Upgrade 1: 10% faster movement; jump 15% higher; Upgrade 2: 15% and 25% ... "Long Breath" Skill: You're able to hold more oxygen in your backpack at a time and filters are more stable. "That shocks" Skill: Batteries can hold more power. "More Space" Skill: Your backpack is now able to hold 10 [12;14] items at a time. There should be a menu or a device that you have to build to upgrade your skills. You also need specific minerals to upgrade specific skills e. g. 4 [6;8] Oxygen and a filter to upgrade your "Long Breathe" skill. There are many possibilities how this concept ´could be implemented, if you guys have better ideas or corrections, I'd love to here them. I only have played the game for about 5-6 hours and mybe there already is such an option and I just haven't seen it so far, but yet I haven't found a solution to solve the problem I explained earlier. Cya soon