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Found 5 results

  1. icebird


    Just curious will you ever sell the merch pack you gave to the youtubers or even just the bag as it looks very good from what I have seen and I would love to have it
  2. Once i set down in my car, game crashed and after restatting i saw this
  3. Pyroghoul32

    Three bugs found

    If the player opens their model's bag too close to a vehicle or loose item on the ground, then it either gets deleted from the game or sent off flying. I believe this is due to the bag being physically taken off of the player's back in order to examine its contents, which pushes anything in the way out of it. I have had to close my game many times without saving in order to recover my convoy at least three times now, and once to collect items I "borrowed" from a corpse. The first bug I encountered, however, was that, occasionally, when entering a vehicle it would literally collapse, jamming the axles. A simple closing and reopening of the game can fix this, but I think it will become a nuisance if it begins to get more recurrent. The third bug, which I only found today, is a little bit more game-breaking: I presently have an invisible compound stuck in my bag in the craft slot and I can't move it, replace it, or craft anything with it because the game won't register its visual presence. Now, I think crafting something else with another material might fix the issue because at one point another invisible compound was put into a storage slot until a newly collected compound took its spot. Another small bug, no idea how it happens (although I think it's because of the sand storms) there are sometimes holes in the world. Like x-ray cracks. I have no screenshots of this, but next time I see one, I'll include it below. The first screenshot is of the invisible compound, the second is an after affect of opening my bag in front of my truck.
  4. GriesHoop


    Hi, I have found an bag playing game on pc, playing on controler and mouse. I was travalming on mu space ship to the nearest moon (firs time travel) and this happend. After all this I can go out but get in I can't. Please fix it. Thank you
  5. Rusgol

    Very big bag

    stopped working my world. No one can not join my world. I can not get out of the capsule. keys are inactive. Help pls