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Found 2 results

  1. beepoisend_nr9

    Annoying frame drops

    Hello, I'm so glad I finally bought ASTRONEER and supported this developers by doing that. Now thing is, I'm having like these constand frame drops while playing, from the beginning while I arrived at the planet with my pod they began dropping. I optimized all settings (even with nvidea inspector) to performance. I've not build much in the world or gone exploring far. They aren't really "frame drops" because the game constantly plays at 60fps even when this lags are occuring. Is this a bug? Cuz my laptop can run bigger games. Is a video needed? Thnx! Seppe
  2. Before I start, you should know I am playing on one of the first gen Xbox Ones, with a controller and all. 1st Bug After playing the game for a couple hours I finally had a fully setup rover with a storage rover hooked onto the back of it. I decided it was time to check out the shuttle and see what it could offer me. After taking my first flight, I didn't understand the controls right away so I kinda just sat there spinning around, and I then relanded onto my home spot. I didn't check to see if my rover was there since I decided to take off again having a full tank of fuel. Once above I went to a small barren moon right above and mined some Malachite ore. I actually needed the copper since I wanted to check out the crane that I had previously researched. Upon landing I went and smelted the ore, and went to get my rover. That is when I noticed it missing. I followed multiple trails of tethers I had set up, and revisited a couple places I had parked it before. I was completely gone. I since then rebuilt another one including a third truck with a crane on it(this time I made another vehicle Bay in case it was because I used the same bay for both the shuttle and rover). 2nd Bug (Leading to a crash) I have been experiencing a huge frame-rate drop on my world. I am not sure if it is my tethers, or the fact that I keep exploring out with my rover to new areas. It seems to get worse as I explore more often, and I have not been placing any tethers down nor expanding my base. My FPS seems to be dropping to about 10-15 and the entire game becomes sluggish and choppy, which is upsetting since my base is actually not that large and I am scared to add onto it. After a while, driving around to a new area in my rover, I stopped to collect a couple piles of power resource shards to stick onto my rover, but as soon as I hopped out my Xbox played a repetitive choppy buzzing noise (which I have heard oh so many times when my games crash) and the game exited and I returned to my Xbox home screen. Is it possible that the reason for this is my Xbox is an older gen? I have other games that play fine sometimes and crash at other points in time. I have no past overheating issues, nor past memory problems. I have 200gbs on my 1TB hardrive free as well, so it shouldn't be an issue with my memory.. should it? 3rd Autosave Bug(?) When I step into my rover, shuttle, or home shuttle, my game always experiences a large pause and skip in music. It happens every time I hop into my rover and the "Game Saved" message pops up. It does it even if I want to hop out for just a few seconds. Not sure if this is intentional or if it can be fixed, either way I just wanted to put it here in case it is a bug. Crash Loading up world save After the previous crash, I quickly loaded the game up again and loaded up my game save. As soon as I clicked on the save the whole screen froze, and it made the same buzz noise and crashed again. I tried again and the save loaded up flawlessly, so I don't know why that happened. Screenshots of location These screenshots are puush shots of pictures I uploaded from my xbox one to onedrive, so that I could view them on my PC and put them in this forum. Just in case the location gives a hint as to what is causing the issues. Thank you guys for making this game, I love space and games like this get me really excited with how the gaming industry is shaping. I love your game so far and I can't wait for future updates and to play it with other friends I have already begged a couple of my close friends to get it to play with me, also you guys should thank Markiplier (The YouTuber) since it was his videos that notified me of the games existence. I will continue to post feedback as I see bugs and issues, and I support your game 100%!