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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! Wouldn't it be able for Astroneer to automatically back up each new saved game? The old game is saved as a backup. In the game "Terraria" this is how it happens, the old game becomes a ".bak" file. I just lost my whole world (37K) from one second to the next because of a lack of energy. If there was an automatic backup it would have been simple to resolve. I don't know if it is simple to program a routine for this. --- What's interesting, is there used to be backups of saves. I don't know when or why the Astroneer stopped happening. The game used to keep 2 copies of saves
  2. Astroneer Backup Hi everyone! I decided to make this backup tool for Astroneer after seeing all the posts about corrupted or unplayable saves, which I've also dealt with. I'm still new to development, so this is by far the biggest project I've worked on. Let me know what you think, and feel free to provide any constructive criticisms or bug reports. Download Astroneer Backup Version 1.2 EXE Clean Scan PS1 Clean Scan Made by Xech Written for Astroneer on Steam - Authored April 2019 What does this do? This tool backs up Astroneer saves while Ast
  3. You can delete saves by going to C:\Users\dylan\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames and deleting the desired saves. You can also use this to back up saves as well.
  4. Hi guys, unfortunately the game has not yet the possibility to save different stages of the game (different savegames). And it automatically saves and overwrites the only status when I exit with ESC, not only when entering a vehicle. In combination with no undo function that renders it almost unplayable for me. After several hours game, any game-stopper-error occurs and I have to begin from scratch. Happened already two times. help through self-help - is there a way to backup the current savedgames? For example just backup a folder or some files before gamestart and I would be h