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Found 145 results

  1. I am playing the PC 0.10.5 on Steam. -The Scenario-I love this game, but was crestfallen when the last rock in a windstorm killed me as I entered the base. When I re-spawned, nothing was able to be retrieved. This is ultimately a low probability bug but thought you might consider a way for the backpacks to detect when they are inside a physics object. -Re-Creating-you can easily re-create this bug by having the unbelievably bad luck to be mid-pressing "E" (as in, the progress circle is moving) at the EXACT MOMENT a rock kills you in a sandstorm. Considering what I can infer about how you fling objects at the player and how it may be coded (some sort of gaussian distribution of clutter, in the shape of a w or something? But it points at you and gives an RNG characteristic?) I think the probability can be made quite high if you attempt this many times. I must underscore how much I love your game. It is quiet and lovely and :::starts digging::: cheers -G
  2. Summary: (Terrain 2.0 Tech Test) - Steam - No option to turn on worklights Description: When worklights are turned off in the backpack, they cannot be turned back on while still in the backpack. They can be toggled when in the backpack's auxiliary slots or the terrain tool slots, but not while on the main slot grid. This occurs for all worklights consistently. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number:, Terrain 2.0 Exotic Moon tech test Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 17134) CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, 4GB RAM: 16384MB RAM
  3. You guys should make it so you start with the 8 slot storage attached to your back, (this will be the same as the backpack in its current state) but it could be removed to reveal a 2-slot for stuff like 1 research pod, or a jetpack attachment that's efficient like the buggy, but uses hydrozene. Your top slots (z,x), augment slots, and build slot will still be free.
  4. Jimbeau505

    Test Planet

    Backpack seems to, when in closed spaces, appear behind the astronaut.
  5. AquaticD3VIL

    wheezly seeds disapearing...

    so the new wheezly seed disappears when you try and put it on your back pack when its full. I have a link to zelly's stream clip of it... sorry for the link but I cant save it any other way.
  6. A backpack adapter would be a device that stars folded. When in one of the two upper slots of the backpack it would unfold and give two slots (you add one extra slot). The maximum number of adapters would be two, so you can not get more than two extra slots. It can be not removable once installed. The only way to remove it would be to die. I think that with an high research cost and material cost, and having to build it again after every death, two extra slots could be not very overpowered.
  7. Sometimes, when I try looking through my backpack, the pointer doesn't work correctly. I cannot select anything, and if I click, the backpack closes, even though I didn't click outside of it. From there, the pointer doesn't work with anything. I can't use the research catalogue, I can't do anything and the only way to fix the issue is to exit out of the game. I have no idea why this happens, and it happens randomly, so if I wanted to recreate the bug for some reason, I would have to play for a time. It could be minutes, it could be hours, but this bug is quite common and really annoying. Platform: The bug happens on the Steam version, no idea about the Xbox or Windows Store versions. Version: The bug happened before even the rover update. I hadn't experienced it in the pre-alpha, but I'm not sure where it appeared first. I'm not an expert, nor a fanboy. Specs: OS: WIndows 10 Pro 64x CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 7300HQ CPU @ 2.5GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 RAM: 2x8 GB DDR4 Drive: Local Disk C I hope I mentioned every thing! Have a nice day! Filip
  8. What if the backpack was a 2 slot space that could have any 2 slot item attached? So you could put a single medium storage on it (which could be filled like the backpack currently works) and remove it to replace it, or you could carry a single research item, or one of the larger packed crates. It would make it easier to remove all items on your backpack, as well as allow you to carry that research item easier (but at a loss of all storage items). As a related side idea, you could add in another medium storage that instead of 8 slots has 4. Two on each side that can't hold storage but can hold the crates or research. It would double your storage for fabricated base items, but at a cost of extra materials (e.g. do you want to bring the platform and vehicle bay already made which would normally cost 8 slots including the printer and platform if you used materials, or would you rather bring other materials and hope for a good landing spot that you can find what you need)
  9. After returning to a place I died, I accessed my old backpack/inventory (while in a confined cave area) and the camera locked my view of the backpack/inventory to the right of the screen I got everthing, but barely
  10. I do not know exactly how it happened. But when i try and click on an item in my backpack, it instead closes my bag or opens up the research screen. I was out digging for a while, trying to make a tether ring around terran, then i couldnt use my bag anymore, and my ability to pick up items was disabled.
  11. Jcgeek2000


    I've recently been thinking about the backpack in Astroneer. Overall, I think the systems and layout of the backpack are great, but I think an upgrade system could fit in Astroneer. Of course, any extension to the backpack should be tremendously expensive, or almost exclusively late-game. I think the way it could work would be rather simple. At the small printer, you'd use expensivve resources to print a chunk of the backpack. It would be like 2 bars of the battery, and two slots for additional items.essentially, they'd just be extra rows of two added onto the bottom. Two or three would be more than enough, and anything past that would be too much. On the upgrade topic, this idea gave me another as well. Using titanum (like the old days) and glass, you should be able to permenentlu increase your oxygen capacity. Even if only by about 10 seconds, any upgrade to the backpack tank would be awesome. The last thing I thought that pertains to this is the strangest, and has the smallest chance of being implemented in any way. I think it would be quite interesting in the late game to be able to hold ONE tier 2 item. The way this would work would be a tier 2 item slot on the top of the backpack, above the oxygen, and made in a similar way to the other backpack extensions. OR, two item slots on the backpack could be melded together in some way, creating the large slot. A good way of making this NOT overpowered would be a decrease in speed for the player. I don't wanna say removing the ability to run, as that'd be very similar to how carrying tier 2 items works anyway, but maybe.
  12. I was just entering the EXO HABITAT in a storm, got whacked just as the "Saving Game" dialog came up, and then I was sailing down to the surface in a DROPSHIP. OK, I know where the corpse is nice and close, that's ok, but I cannot target the backpack, it's right in the airlock of the habitat. Can there be some of that sweet vehicle re-alignment stuff done with corpses or at least the backpack? PC (Win10), KB & mouse, Steam (,
  13. Summary: - Steam - Unable to interact with backpack items Description: While standing beneath the floating [Resource Messagebox] some items in the backpack become uninteractable. Moving away from the [Resource Messagebox] items become selectabel again. Video: Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: WIndows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1803 | Build 17134.228 CPU: Intel Core i5-4430 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti
  14. UndeadDragonKnight

    Extra backpack space

    Maybe have a research upgrade that you can build and snap onto each unit on the back of the backpack that allows you to stick one item in the normal spot, and one more on the left for the left side and one more on the right for the right side, comment if you think this is a good idea.
  15. brgoshorn

    Small battery issues

    The small battery does not feed power to the Astroneer or to a vehicle when it is attached.
  16. Xbox One bug. I have had a couple of different but similar bugs when trying to ‘quick add’ an item when there was no space available. Essentially, I grab the item and hit X to auto store, this gives the no room prompt, and the item is either dumped to the ground or remains attached to the inside of the crashed ship wreckage. Even with an empty pack, the items are no longer ‘grab-able’ and aren’t registered when looking at them. If the item is on the ground, the avatar will just run through it like it’s a ghost instead and not kick it around as usual.
  17. Summary: - Steam - Cursor present in backpack preventing backpack interaction Description: The cursor with the circle around it, as it appears when terrain tool is put away, remains active when backpack is opened. This prevents movement and selection of items, and also crafting, as the cursor closes the backpack if anywhere on the backpack or terrain tool is clicked. Can be caused by Ctrl-Shift-Clicking any item in backpack WHILE TERRAIN TOOL IS EQUIPPED Can be fixed by pressing Ctrl once while in backpack Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1803 | Build 17134.112 CPU: AMD Ryzen 1600 3.2Ghz GPU: MSI Nvidia GTX1060 6GB RAM: 2x8GB DDR4 2400Mhz Drive: 1TB HDD, don't know what make
  18. Summary: The game crashes whenever I try to recover a worklight. Description: I'm in a cave and cleaning up my work lights before departing. I can pick up work lights, but the game crashes when I try to put them in my backpack (by pressing X on my controller). It has happend 3 times at different points in the game (but in the same cave). It doesn't happen every time, but I enter my vehicle to save the game before I start cleaning up work lights as a precaution. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: See DxDiag.txt DxDiag.txt
  19. The 8 slots in the 'main' storage area of the backpack, I want to just all at once swap that with the contents of a Medium Storage. Say I gather 8 Organic and I swap with an empty Medium Storage, I simply unload the 'main' area to that Medium Storage If that Medium Storage has any contents, those contents are moved to the backpack. In this way I could dump the Organics I picked up, and gather all of the items I left behind for a moment to gather Organic
  20. After some time i cannot craft anything in backpack this consistently happens second time Craft stuck with some bad material that when die dropped on ground and cannot be picked up Not fully filled material comes to craft slot?
  21. Summary: The research icons missing Description All of the research icons and pictures in the backpack are missing or hidden. I have reinstalled the game, deleted the old world and tried a new one, and updated my graphics Version: v0.6.8.0 Platform: Steam Computer OS: Windows 7 Home Premium | 64bit | v 6.1.7601 CPU: Intel Pentium CPU 63220 3.00GHz GPU: Intel HD Graphics RAM: Samsung 1x4GB DDR3 | 665MHz Drive: 931GB ATA TOSHIBA DT01ACA1 SCSI (SATA)
  22. On PC, playing through steam, using keyboard/mouse combo. Has happened multiple times, when trying to move an item, either from the backpack or to the backpack, items just disappear. No idea where they go, almost as if the item is deleted.
  23. Number of bugs that may or may-not be known Windows 10 PC, Steam download. Game version; (Alpha) Backpack: from time to time if I try to Shift+click an item to put it on my backpack, the game is supposed to just say "Backpack full". However this does not happen and most of the time either throws my items across the map never to be seen again or sometimes my backpack just eats it. Particularly when I try to pick an item off my vehicle, but it happens other times as well... My most recent incident for example; I had 2 free spaces, both on my deform tool. My backpack contained 4 oxygen tanks, 2 in the aux spots and 2 in the top backpack slots, 4 canisters in the next 4 slots down (one partially filled), 1 full set of extenders, 1 piece of copper, and a boost augment active. I attempted to pick up; 2x small batteries and 1 Lithium. My deform tool accepted the 2 batteries, and my backpack showed the animation for picking up the lithium, but just ate it... Rover: from time to time when I want to use my rover to drive around, I cant get in, and I have to fight it to get in the seat. Most of the time my deform tool just equips and unequips itself repeatedly, and I have to jump on top of the vehicle to get in, yet it still sometimes persists even though the "press E" reticle appears. I believe its because of a line of sight conflict between the player and the vehicle itself, since he has to look at the seat to get in and pressing e on the rover doesn't work, you must look at the seat. (also while its not a bug, id like to add the driving mechanic is extremely difficult to use being there is no break, and pressing S just turns you around instead of slowing down and reversing half the time. the A/D keys should also just steer the wheels and not move the vehicle, as it moving the vehicle causes fidgety ultra sensitive strafing. Its also extremely annoying when you plug it in and the items on the front/back eject 20 meters away when you plug it in to charge). Research Chamber: While this only happened once, and I cant really comprehend how this happened or what was abnormal, but once I created a research chamber, placed it underground connected to and above ground power source. At the time I didnt know what the extenders were, being I couldnt research it yet, so I just chained together a line of small wind turbines to above ground and connected it to a solar source. Everything worked fine for a while, then the chamber stopped working altogether. I could start researching an item yet it acted as if it had no power, even though it clearly did. so I threw it away and created a new one that worked. later I used extenders and redid everything. even made a big underground checkpoint. Out of curiosity I pulled the old chamber back to the checkpoint and plugged it in, started researching, and it still acted as if it had no power, even though machines around it were clearly working. at that point I just buried it and forgot about it. Power Cords: Very minor but sometimes when the power input is fluctuating the arrow animation on one way cords will spasm out and flicker on and off. This fixes itself when the input is stable. Avatar: Stop pointing at it and PICK IT UP!!! Oh sorry moderators, not yelling at you. My character keeps pointing at the ground/item and wont pick it up. this is quite annoying when youre attempting to catch an item from falling Excavation: the symbol for resources will remain above the ground even after they have been excavated. Framerate: frequent reloading of the same part of a map when youre walking back and forth between places causes terrible frame stuttering. It would be helpful if there was a mip-mapping option and/or a chunk update distance. (Im using an i5-6200U with integrated 520, 8GB ddr4 ram (laptop). Not the recommended for this game but I can manage) Closing statement: I know this thread is filled with some negativity towards the game, so Id like to finish with positive feedback. This game is absolutely beautiful, extremely graphic even on low settings and unmistakably has an enormous amount of effort and time put into it. Even with these bugs it is greatly approved by me. This project has so much potential and is breath taking so far. Keep up the amazing development!
  24. nick murphy

    Backpack always create

    I will make a new game and be able to access the items in my backpack but when I have compound and am then able to create an item I’m no longer able to select any item from my backpack. Pressing a will only create. I can use the d-pad to Change the created item and press y to access research but that is it. Sadly makes the game progression very very hard if not possible. I play om xbox