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Found 160 results

  1. My backpack is stuck at zero power; if I attach to a tether line my oxygen recharges, but my power does not. If I attach to a powered platform or a powered vehicle, it all pulses rapidly and makes a horrible roaring sound. I've tried saving and quitting to menu and reloading, and saving and quitting to desktop and reloading. Is there a way to fix this? I can't print anything from my backpack, even when I'm tethered to something powered by two RTGs
  2. It would be quite lovely to let us research backpack upgrades that let us add more slots, a backpack that folds out for more storage sockets. It would also be equally nice if you would allow us to scrap down platforms so we can get rid of obsolete ones that are in the way.
  3. sadbugaboo

    Backpack Error

    Mouse / Keyboard Steam Client Windows 10 (newest edition) MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro Processor : Intel Kabylake i7-7700HQ Graphics Card : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 MAX-Q ISSUE : In multiplayer some resources from another player's backpack will hover in the air. When you grab them they can be taken from the player's backpack (even when they are on another planet). Upon grabbing the items you cannot take them from your own backpack, and you lose spaces in your backpack.
  4. This may be a bit of an odd suggestion, but I thought that placing a single tether on your backpack should allow you to work as a 'mobile tether' This seems useless at first, but it could have many uses: 1: Player with many oxygen tanks or filters can save a suffocating astroneer 2: For long expeditions, if two players can tether each other, their oxygen and power will be shared (it would divide power and oxygen equally) 3: Allows a second player to walk slightly further away from a tether line when another player is connected 4: Stops people in a group getting lost so easily in caves, thanks to a big blue line connecting them 5: When mining, someone could act as a 'power generator', one person collecting the reources while the other is full of power modules 6: Small source of light (less than worklight) I don't know if this is a good idea or not, just wanted the idea to be out there.
  5. Milanos_Q475

    Backpack Upgrade

    Please consider updating the backpack: Breakup the oxygen bar and the battery bar into multiple sections (maybe 3). Instead of having one full oxygen tank as the oxygen bar, just have one oxygen canister attached to one section. Then, later in the game, a player can add additional oxygen canisters to increase the oxygen capacity without using up the available slots. Eventually, one of the sections on the oxygen bar can be used for a portable oxygenator. The same would go for battery power. In the beginning, the player would start with one small battery, and later be able to add additional batteries to complete the battery bar. Eventually, one would be able to exchange all of the batteries for portable RTGs (hopefully they are coming soon), and would be able to power a base or a vehicle straight from the backpack (a reverse of drawing power from the base). With the portable oxygenator and portable RTGs in the backpack, would would be free to roam the landscape for ever. Thank you.
  6. I did my best to search the "most common suggestions" list, but didn't find anything like this. So... I think it would be really nice to have a dropdown menu on the bottom of the backpack, to quickly view all available backpack-craftable items. Scrolling from side to side, especially once you've unlocked all of the backpack "recipes", becomes very tedious. Another function that could work well with the backpack is the ability to drop an ingredient (say, resin) into the bottom-left slot (even if it was currently set to zinc or something), and the output would automatically switch to one of the resin recipes, and you could then hit the left or right arrow to go to the next resin recipe. [Not sure if I got my message across effectively here, but I did my best] Any thoughts?
  7. Summary: 1.0.15 - Steam - Some backpack assets getting stuck in midair Description: I joined my friend (who was hosting) on Calidor where I found that the oxygen/power bars and terrain tool were stuck in place in midair. Although they still functioned, when far away I could not view my oxygen or power levels. AFAIK there is no way to consistently reproduce this. A gateway warp appeared to fix the issue. Here's a screenshot of it in action: Notice my terrain tool and oxygen/power bars to the left of my backpack. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 1.0.15 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1809 | Build 17763.437 CPU: Intel Core i7-8700k 3.7GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 2x8GB 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM Drive: WD Blue 250GB Internal SSD
  8. Summary: In a co-op game, after each trip with the spaceship the objects in my backpack seemed to disappear. Description: In a co-op game, I wasn't the host, I found a backpack bug. After each space trip, with the large shuttle, the objects in my backpack seemed to disappear. To make them reappear it was necessary to exit and re-enter the game. The problem reappeared with each trip. This problem does not seem to occur in singleplayer. I noticed that, in addition to objects, also the energy and oxygen bar disappear. I attach pictures of before and after a trip. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1803 | Build 17134.648 CPU: Intel i7-7700HQ 2.81GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB RAM: 16GB Drive: HHD 1T
  9. Summary: The research icons missing Description All of the research icons and pictures in the backpack are missing or hidden. I have reinstalled the game, deleted the old world and tried a new one, and updated my graphics Version: v0.6.8.0 Platform: Steam Computer OS: Windows 7 Home Premium | 64bit | v 6.1.7601 CPU: Intel Pentium CPU 63220 3.00GHz GPU: Intel HD Graphics RAM: Samsung 1x4GB DDR3 | 665MHz Drive: 931GB ATA TOSHIBA DT01ACA1 SCSI (SATA)
  10. CopperyMarrow15

    Scanning Requires Backpack Power

    Since there are not many uses for Backpack Power at the moment (1.0.8), I believe that scanning Research Samples should require 1 unit of Power from the backpack. I like the idea of free Bytes but I would like it to not be completely free. I find it unrealistic that one can go unteathered and infinitely scan Research Samples if they have no source of Power. This also challenges those who use Rovers to use their Power wisely. Please let me know what you think.
  11. I found a bug… its no big deal, but its a bug :D Good work ASTRONEER 2019.02.09 -
  12. Hi Team, Issue: Accidentally removed Resin from backpack while it was creating item Canister. The Resin was relocated back to the backpack successfully however this caused building new items impossible. The now half-Resin was also locked to the backpack (could not be removed). New items could be added to the backpack but the Resin was still stuck. This bug only effected the game the issue started from. Other games had no similar issue. Fix: Killed character. New character works fine. Unable to remove the Resin from dead body (it's still frozen on bodies backpack). Please try the following: While building a backpack only item (e.g.. Canister) try removing it mid build. Unless I was unlucky it should happen again. OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134 Keyboard\Mouse Duel Video Cards: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 CPU: Intel Core i7 - 2600K CPU 3.40GHz P.S. Long time player. LOVE your game. Thanks for all your hard work!!!
  13. When using the Small Medium and Large Printers, it's amazing how those page indicator dots help ground your "position" in a looped menu when you only have two buttons to navigate through the choices, as you can see in the Medium Printer example image below. They are missing from the backpack printer, and I think it would really help speed up the navigation if they were there, even though it's a bit visually dense (maximum 26 printable items) it would still help the user to know "where" your item is in the printable list. I added them in the second image below to see how it would look. There is even available space. As with the other printer menus, dots would appear as the items are researched. Perhaps there is another way to show this? Not a crucial addition to the game, but it sure would help speed up backpack printer navigation and make the user interfaces more consistent across all the printers.
  14. Summary: 1.0.4 - Steam Play - Full backpack with 1 slot remaining Description: Backpack displays 1 slot left but the game thinks the backpack is full. It prevents pick up of any item, not a specific type. The slot that looks available is top the top right corner. Platform: Steam Play Version / Build Number: 1.0.4 Specifications: OS: Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) CPU: Intel i7-3770 GPU: GeForce GTX 970 RAM: 2x8GB DDR3 1600 MHz Drive: 2TB SATA Drive 
  15. MajorFizz87

    Astroneer Backpack

    I really hope you sell those Astroneer backpacks that the Youtubers got because I would totally buy one. Please sell them! Also, beanies would be sweet as well.
  16. Hello all, Logged in and was going through the tutorial to see what was new. The following happened: 1. Full backpack note won't go away At one point early during the tutorial I must have filled up by backpack and the "your backpack is full" text box appeared by it. The problem is, it doesn't go away even if you empty your backpack fully. It just stays there. Forever. It haunted me. 2. First small printer can't be "examined" I printed and deployed the small printer, connected it to a power source, but when hovering over it, it doesn't give me the option to "examine" it and print the item. I can load materials from my backpack directly into the printer by clicking on the holograms, but there's no way to actually make the printer work. 3. Tutorial step can't be completed To get around the above issue, I printed a second printer from my backpack, which worked normally, and printer the solid-fuel thruster to complete the tutorial objective. The thing is, it doesn't complete the objective step, probably because I'm not using the first printer. I even walked with the printed thruster all the way back to the shuttle and attached it to the shuttle and still nothing. I can't do anything to get around this so I'm going to have to restart the tutorial. See the attached pic for reference. Thanks! Van :leek: 🍕
  17. I am playing the PC 0.10.5 on Steam. -The Scenario-I love this game, but was crestfallen when the last rock in a windstorm killed me as I entered the base. When I re-spawned, nothing was able to be retrieved. This is ultimately a low probability bug but thought you might consider a way for the backpacks to detect when they are inside a physics object. -Re-Creating-you can easily re-create this bug by having the unbelievably bad luck to be mid-pressing "E" (as in, the progress circle is moving) at the EXACT MOMENT a rock kills you in a sandstorm. Considering what I can infer about how you fling objects at the player and how it may be coded (some sort of gaussian distribution of clutter, in the shape of a w or something? But it points at you and gives an RNG characteristic?) I think the probability can be made quite high if you attempt this many times. I must underscore how much I love your game. It is quiet and lovely and :::starts digging::: cheers -G
  18. Summary: (Terrain 2.0 Tech Test) - Steam - No option to turn on worklights Description: When worklights are turned off in the backpack, they cannot be turned back on while still in the backpack. They can be toggled when in the backpack's auxiliary slots or the terrain tool slots, but not while on the main slot grid. This occurs for all worklights consistently. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number:, Terrain 2.0 Exotic Moon tech test Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 17134) CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, 4GB RAM: 16384MB RAM
  19. You guys should make it so you start with the 8 slot storage attached to your back, (this will be the same as the backpack in its current state) but it could be removed to reveal a 2-slot for stuff like 1 research pod, or a jetpack attachment that's efficient like the buggy, but uses hydrozene. Your top slots (z,x), augment slots, and build slot will still be free.
  20. Jimbeau505

    Test Planet

    Backpack seems to, when in closed spaces, appear behind the astronaut.
  21. AquaticD3VIL

    wheezly seeds disapearing...

    so the new wheezly seed disappears when you try and put it on your back pack when its full. I have a link to zelly's stream clip of it... sorry for the link but I cant save it any other way.
  22. A backpack adapter would be a device that stars folded. When in one of the two upper slots of the backpack it would unfold and give two slots (you add one extra slot). The maximum number of adapters would be two, so you can not get more than two extra slots. It can be not removable once installed. The only way to remove it would be to die. I think that with an high research cost and material cost, and having to build it again after every death, two extra slots could be not very overpowered.
  23. Sometimes, when I try looking through my backpack, the pointer doesn't work correctly. I cannot select anything, and if I click, the backpack closes, even though I didn't click outside of it. From there, the pointer doesn't work with anything. I can't use the research catalogue, I can't do anything and the only way to fix the issue is to exit out of the game. I have no idea why this happens, and it happens randomly, so if I wanted to recreate the bug for some reason, I would have to play for a time. It could be minutes, it could be hours, but this bug is quite common and really annoying. Platform: The bug happens on the Steam version, no idea about the Xbox or Windows Store versions. Version: The bug happened before even the rover update. I hadn't experienced it in the pre-alpha, but I'm not sure where it appeared first. I'm not an expert, nor a fanboy. Specs: OS: WIndows 10 Pro 64x CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 7300HQ CPU @ 2.5GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 RAM: 2x8 GB DDR4 Drive: Local Disk C I hope I mentioned every thing! Have a nice day! Filip
  24. What if the backpack was a 2 slot space that could have any 2 slot item attached? So you could put a single medium storage on it (which could be filled like the backpack currently works) and remove it to replace it, or you could carry a single research item, or one of the larger packed crates. It would make it easier to remove all items on your backpack, as well as allow you to carry that research item easier (but at a loss of all storage items). As a related side idea, you could add in another medium storage that instead of 8 slots has 4. Two on each side that can't hold storage but can hold the crates or research. It would double your storage for fabricated base items, but at a cost of extra materials (e.g. do you want to bring the platform and vehicle bay already made which would normally cost 8 slots including the printer and platform if you used materials, or would you rather bring other materials and hope for a good landing spot that you can find what you need)
  25. After returning to a place I died, I accessed my old backpack/inventory (while in a confined cave area) and the camera locked my view of the backpack/inventory to the right of the screen I got everthing, but barely