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Found 1 result

  1. With so many items you can 3D print from your backpack now, it has become cumbersome to manually arrow click through them to find the one you want. In the attached image, you will see my proposal. Between the left and right arrows, I suggest a 3rd (expand) button. When you click it, a secondary window pops up below with all the available crafting items. You can cursor over each one which will pop up the name of the item and what it takes to craft it. Then, select from the window to either print directly or to collapse the expanded window causing the selected item to become the one now shown in the original backpack UI. In the image you'll also notice I suggest a similar interface to management of the augments. I imagine another pop-up window to the right with on / off check marks to choose which ones are active. Since there are so many augment options, I also suggest them not taking up inventory space, but instead only "existing" in this new pop-up window after each is crafted.