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Found 1 result

  1. ThisGameisCrack

    The Land Monster

    Thanks for the wonderful game so far! Just making a small, grammatically incorrect list of bugs I've run into. Most have probably been brought up by others already. When playing, the ground has eaten my truck and my friends for no reason. Just driving along with a trailer full of delicious research and the earth god gets hungry. The truck will also just bounce into the air and get stuck. Also, after an hour or two of building and expanding, the frame rate becomes unplayable. I start at 60 to 80fps and as we build it slowly drops till it hits 5 to 10 fps. Adding more platforms is where I notice it. We ran it down to the bottom of a cave for power, and we had to (happily) start a new world because 10fps is impossible to ignore. I think tethers and land modifications affect this as well. (This is the most important fix I'm looking forward to). I know many have already passed this on. Sometimes my friends mine a resource and it drops next to their full pack and they are unable to pick it up. Only the host can pick it up. Tethers don't always light up for non host players. Occasionally when you hit the RMB is makes you do a 360 degree spin that is a little disorientating. If you add soil directly underneath you. You fall through the map and die. I would love to be able to delete a misplaced platform or bay. Thanks again for your hard work.