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Found 3 results

  1. So far I am really enjoying Astroneers!! However, the one missing option that I would like to have is a setting to "Invert Camera Y Axis", so when I move my mouse forward (away from me), I would like the camera view to pivot UP, and when I move my mouse backwards (towards me), I would like the camera view to pivot DOWN. This is making my navigation of the game problematic.
  2. travin


    Since Terran, and I believe all of the planets, spins on its axis perpendicular to its companion star, why then do we have seasons? Without the variability of thermal mixing of disharmonious air currents, due to an off-kilter axis, seasons don't occur. Air currents or jet streams tend to be uniform for their particular latitude with only minor disturbances between bands. But temperature variations shouldn't vary considerably. Jupiter is an extreme example as its atmosphere is very thick without land masses to keep them in check. I'm hoping someone has some astro-meteorological science facts to offer on way or the other.
  3. I am on the Xbox one. I have the setting to invert the y-axis and it works fine in most scenarios, but when I use the left trigger to select an object (white circle) it switches back to a non-inverted y-axis.