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Found 5 results

  1. I was just playing Astroneer, having a good time, when all of a sudden it crashed. When I rejoined the game, all my progress from the previous session was gone. This made me very frustrated. Simply adding an auto-save option/feature would prevent this and any future occurrence of this.
  2. How is there still not an autosave feature in the "full release" of this game. This is the most basic quality of life thing you can have. Nothing annoys people more than losing hours of work because the software crashes. Even microsoft, a MULTI-BILLION dollar company, with HUNDREDS of developers has autosave in microsoft word (a mature, well-developed software). IF anyone could write software stable enough and confidently enough to not need autosave it is microsoft - and yet even they include it in all their office products. LEARN FROM THE GOOD IDEAS OF BILLIONAIRES! Prevent people getting pissed off from loosing hours of work. Add autosave. It REALLY can't be that hard - you even have a menu for saves now. I mean, really... How?
  3. Please remove the game save when entering vehicles. This is very bad for the host of the session because if you have more 2 or 3 players simultaneously exploring the planet with vehicles the host player suffers greatly from the lags generated by the save game. Add an exception for driver seats or this can be configurable in-game.
  4. tntlols


    Firstly, apologies if this has already been brought up. It is rather irritating that the game autosaves every single time you get into a seat - it causes a small amount of server-wide lag and is just a nuisance. There should be another, more obvious way to save. Moreover, would it be possible for characters to keep their inventories when they leave? Other than these points, I'm LOVING the game; I look forwards to seeing it develop further.
  5. 1) To start I want to say,me do not like the suggestions from our players about adding an NPC (inhabitants,strangers,aliens) in particular, the ability to take quests,I would like that, would the game interact only with other players (or perhaps in the future a beefy multiplayer) Buying blueprints ,friendship,war,only the players, but I do not deny that I would like but the life of the planet ,like bugs and stuff,or evil creatures 2) want something in the game had AutoSave ,I sometimes leave the game but then I remember that it was necessary to continue