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Found 48 results

  1. It seems that no matter what mode i put the sensor on, or where i place it it just won't send a signal (it will still recognise when one of the conditions is met). This seems to happen both in creative mode and adventure mode across all saves. Please fix this as soon as you can, as this breaks automation.
  2. 1. Add a auto rocket which you can schedule routes for and it will follow them, maybe you can add a special module that it can land on, and then unload contents, there will be threee tiers: the first one has the cargo size of a small shuttle and needs a 2 pin module to land (the landing module will have a double slot instead of a quad slot seen on things like a smelter) the next one will have the cargo size of a medium shuttle and require a four pin modulle and the last one will have the cargo size of a large shuttle and require a 8 pin connection(a extra large shredder one). these auto rockets will be super expensive and required a f ton of things to make. 2. Add a crane mod that will conver the crane into a auto arm that picks up two resources at once and double slotted things. 3. modifiers for cranes and auto arms, these will make it more quick change the pickp and dropoff area and do other things. 4. Locks, these will prevent auto arms and canes from grabbing something, a lock would be a tool or a function of the space suit that would allow it to press f on for example hydrazine and prevent it from being grabbed. 5. Buses, these busses are like auto rockets but they will go along a certain colour on the ground or a pre planed rout to transport things from base to base. 6. Clone/ctrl+c, ctrl+v , this feature will clone a held item and sumon it when ctrl+v is clicked. This will also copy anything on a storage thing or a rocke or a rover. This is creative only. it would be helpful for creating bigger better and more powerful dynamite missiles(I made a large shuttle with nothing but tnt and a second one with hydrazine, the explosion was huge and visible from orbit / space).
  3. THIS SIMPLE ACTION WILL CAUSE THE SHREDDER TO SPAWN EMPTY SLOTS ! DO NOT DO THIS ITS LIKE A FORK BOMB BUT WORSE! THIS GLITCH CANT BE STOPPED BY TAKING THE SHREDDER OFF THE PLATFORM! I ALMOST LOST MY MAIN SAVE(God bless the duplicate feature and backups. ) IF YOU ARE GONNA DO THIS BACK UP YOUR GAME OR MAKE A NEW CREATIVE ONE AND REPLICATE IT THERE! Yes I do need to shout its really import for you to be aware of this almost game breaking bug. Its also wh you back up your saves and personal files.
  4. With the Auto Extractor I found it difficult to find the perfect place for it and it's hard to tell at a glance how rich a node is. I propose an item, small enough to carry around on the backpack, that can be placed to give an approximate readout of the node to reduce juggling of the Auto Extractor. It would be useful to tell the richness of a node before digging, so I suggest it be made of either Iron or Steel, putting it at mid-late game, and cost somewhere around 5-8,000 bytes.
  5. Sackboy338

    New automation idea

    Now I wouldn't be surprised if something like this was already planned, but I had an idea for an item to help make automation chains easier. Right now, the only way to automate the transfer of items over a distance is to use a chain of auto arms, which is both hugely power inefficient and unreliable, so why not instead have a sort of conveyor system? I got the idea from seeing a very early clip of gameplay where tethers could transport items. I'm thinking something similar to that, except it's a separate item like the power extenders, except maybe with more range between segments (power extenders have a short connection range, I think the conveyor would be better with a connection range similar to tethers) The advantages of an "Auto-Conveyor" would be the ability to transfer items over a larger distance with a single line, and it would use less power than auto-arms. The tradeoff, however, is that the Auto-Conveyor lacks the versatility of the Auto-Arm, it cannot have item filters placed upon it, and it cannot pull from storages or deposit items in storages, so Auto-Conveyors would need to be loaded/unloaded either manually or with an Auto-Arm. Like Auto-Arms, Auto-Conveyors would only be capable of transferring Tier 1 items/resources, and would be one-way with an input and output side (although it would be very useful to be able to switch the input/output sides without having to rebuild the entire line) So if you wanted two-way resource travel, you would need two Auto-Conveyor lines. I imagine Auto-Conveyors would be unlockable/accessible at around the same time as, if not before, Auto-Arms, allowing the player to, say, create a conveyor line out of a mine and place resources upon it as they fill their inventory? Also, in the event that an item is waiting to be unloaded at the output, and another item arrives behind it, I imagine it and any more items arriving would simply wait patiently behind the first and move up as items are unloaded, meaning Auto-Conveyors could serve as a makeshift, if totally impractical, storage device. (on that note, perhaps storage sensors could be used to detect if a conveyor line is fully backed up or not?) Assuming a conveyor is backed up all the way from the output to the input, the conveyor would simply not accept any new items until space is freed VIA an item being unloaded. Perhaps, like Auto-Arms, the speed at which items travel the conveyor would be affected by how much power was available? Note: Perhaps for balancing reasons, the player would be able to remove or place an item anywhere along the conveyor, but Auto-Arms would only be able to load/unload from the inputs/outputs respectively? Just a thought. Also maybe conveyors can only accept power at the input? So as not to make power extenders less relevant? or maybe not. I think it's a pretty cool idea and I would love to build little conveyor lines all over the place. Either way though, I'm excited to see what comes next, and keep up the good work!
  6. While playing Astroneer's new Automation Update, I had a couple of ideas for easy additions that could make gameplay even better. The first idea is to have a toggle for the resource containers that allows the containers to enable output, but only provide one resource at a time until a player grabs it. The reason being is because once I have all my resources in storage containers and I need one or two resources I have to enable the output and it just starts emptying the entire container at once. This would make it easier for those wanting to manually grab a few resources from the containers. The second suggestion I have is for the trade platform. I made a large resource container for scrap and put it right next to my trade platform. When I enable the output it does not put the scrap directly on the trade platform. I think it would be a great idea for the trade platform to have a toggle where it will auto-fill with the number of resources required to trade for whatever resource is selected in the trade platform. This would really make it a lot easier especially for someone like me playing on a console to load the trade platform faster.
  7. SoggyKiwi

    Logical AND gate in 1.13

    ASTRONEER 2020-06-28 06-31-56.mp4 So after screwing around with the new update items I've found a way to get a working AND gate by using an arangement of 2 bistable auto arm switches. Since the buttons only give out a pulse of signal each activation, the bistable switch acts as a toggle and has an on (output item) and off (input item) state just like any other toggleable machine. If the auto arms are only given access to one item and filters by that item then the bistable switch will output the item when high and take back the item when low. If two of these switches output items to the same platform with only two slots and using two different items, a storage switch can be used to detect when both items are on the platform by using the full or not full setting. This setup alone with only 2 bistable switches and one storage sensor will send a signal when both switches are high, but will also send a signal when either switch goes low as well (as shown by the far connection to the middle platform in the video). This could be usefull for gates that toggle on/off other machines or items but since the horn is a one-shot activation device I use another bistable switch that outputs a full battery onto an unconnected platform and use a power sensor in power gained mode so a signal is only sent on the rising edge of the AND gate signal. The use of the angled and tall storage is to minimize the numer of platforms needed and to prevent items getting put into the players backback.
  8. Using mouse/keyboard On Steam What were you doing leading up to this bug? Drove to base where I had the extra large shredder shredding batteries and a robot arm grabbing scrap from the Extra Large Shredder to a Trade Platform. I exchange scrap for Aluminium (Laterite) on the Trade Platform and another arm grabs the Laterite when it arrives and places it onto a Furnace. The Furnace sits on a Extra Large Platform C where a Medium Resource Container automatically stores Aluminium and a EXO Request Platform sits as well ready to exchange Aluminium for rewards. The game crashes shortly after a few rotations. I noticed disabling the arms stops the crash but enabling them causes crash immediately. Please see video evidence here: Please let me know if you need any other info Kind regards, Musasha
  9. CarbonPhosphate

    Automation Improvement Ideas

    The Trade Platform should automatically pick up scrap from its platform, and automatically launch when at max capacity. This makes it more like other machines. Allow Scrappers to scrap packaged items. Scrappers should pull in scrappable items (debris and packaged items only) from their platform. This behaviour could be toggled on/off to prevent accidentally scrapping everything. Have a machine than can automatically pack/unpack items (may consume graphite for packagers?)
  10. Shuttles are a good way to travel but if we want to make a better automation we must do shuttles who work without a pilot so we can transfer stuff to another planet or another player, that might be a good use for the launch pad, I have not see that idea, so I post It, sorry i this idea was already posted PS: Your game is awesome
  11. This is my first post on here. Please be kind. Hello fellow Astroneers! I have been thinking about automation for a while now. It is pretty tedious to not have a simple way of transporting items in the game, either its on a vehicle on your backpack. I am mostly focusing on underground use for the conveyors, but they are needed above ground too for short distances, i.e if you have a small table for a furnace/soil centrifuge and want to move the resources to a separate storage area. Picture this: You are far underground, searching for a rare material. You only have 8 slots on your backpack, and you need a lot of it. Instead of having to go up and down that steep pathway several times, you can craft a conveyor belt that will transport the items back up that hill for you, saving you a lot of time. They wont supply oxygen They should require power, either from the connecting table up top or from small batteries (Last conveyor should have 2 slots for small batteries, preferably on the sides) They require Bytes to unlock They should cost 1000 Bytes (Not a typo) They are the same length as a regular cable/Extender Requires "Backpack Printer" They should cost 1 Copper, giving it a brown-ish/red look. Now you might be thinking that this is way too OP and it should cost about 2000 instead of 1000. Well I had a thought mid-typing. Introducing.. Conveyor Belt Mk. 2 Still no oxygen Still require power, now have space for 1 medium battery (front of last conveyor preferably) Same length Can now fit 2 items side by side. Slightly faster than Mk.1 Should cost 2500 Bytes Requires Small Printer They should cost 1 Copper, and 1 Alumin(i)um, giving it a reddish look with white accents And lastly, Conveyor Belt Mk. 3 No oxygen Still requires power Slightly longer connector between them Slightly faster than Mk.2 Can fit 2 medium batteries, 1 on each side of last conveyor Should cost 3750 Bytes Requires Small Printer They should cost 1 Copper, and 1 Titanium, giving it a reddish look with "Titanium-like" accents. All 3 should look similar to the Extender or Floodlight, Example: All 3 should also have the feet that makes it steady, as opposed to it flying around upon slightest touch. I do not know what the actual belt should look like, maybe the belt can just be the power connector. Please reply if I missed something, though I think I covered everything. Thanks for reading, have a good day!
  12. Great to hear that automation is next on the agenda and the prototypes i have seen are were already quite interesting. Given that the game has quite a few recipes to go through we will have enough automated production lines to build and setup - so this will be the biggest content update in terms of time needed to fully go through it. Therefore I am soo looking forward to it. But as it is still in a development I would like to address the typical balancing issues that come up with any such concepts. First of all there is the issue of resources and sinks. It doesn't make that much sense to automate production in the case one needs only a few processed resources. For example producing diamonds wouldn't be worth the effort as we currently only need a very limited amount to build a personal drill and perhaps another for a vehicle and that's it. So a central problem with games that have good automation is that they need to setup proper resource sinks to motivate automating in the first place. On the other hand automation itself partly serves as a big sink itself because in order to setup a production line we will likely need to build multiple chemical labs each dedicated to a specific recipe and build a lot of logistic in between that'll also need more power - all those buildings take quite a bit of resources to build. So that presents another problem: as of now all resource deposits are limited. So if that remains unchanged then some planets might get mined dry to meed that demand. However we've already seen the resource extractor prototype which I assume will last a lot longer than a regular vain, but endlessly? Infinite resources sources can often trivialize a game - especially one originally balanced for limited amounts. I mean resource acquisition so far is a central gameplay aspect that drives exploration and I wouldn't want it to be lost. From games like Satisfactory I know that it leads to player rarely leave their base at all - which I disliked since that game has quite a beautiful world to explore, too. resource vein types: also please consider making different deposit types for the hand tool and the resource extractor - well, if the total amount of mined resources will differ between the mining methods. Otherwise experienced players will try minimally mine deposits near their stating base with the hand tool so they remain available for the extractor later while new players will realize too late that they have created a big logistics problem for themselves. New logistical/exploration challenges: If resource extraction can be automated too (i.e. via the extractor) we finally will have a big motivation to setup additional outpost and even underground bases for those resources. So please make sure we have the good automatable resource sources far apart to give us some proper challenges, both for exploring and logistics. Power management: underground bases offer a unique challenge and with automation we will finally have some decent power consumption. So managing power generation could be quite a fun because generators even have their own automation line to keep them going (though this requires some trigger system to shut them down when batteries are full: like a new battery building that can turn off all buildings on the same platform when it's charged and turns them on again, when it deletes). Bun sadly we have RTGs in the game that scratch that content almost entirely because they are a energy source that beats all others in every possible way. So please bring back energy management before automation update goes live.
  13. The switch stream I watched from [about] 5/11/20 showed the automation arm allows a filter for the arm to pick only a specific T1 item. I can't wait to start playing around with this. I think it would offer many more possibilities if there were a toggle on the arm to designate whether the filter included or excluded the designated item. This would be comparable to what the medium canisters do with the fill/empty switch. By allowing the filter to exclude an item , we would be able to create a chain of storage towers with automation arms between them. The automation arms between the storage towers would be set to "exclude" mode, essentially passing everything except their designated item down the chain. Each successive automation arm would hold a different T1 item for the "exclude" filter. Then, a second automation arm assigned to each intermediate storage tower would be set to "include" that same item and move it to a more permanent storage area. This way, there would be no need to crowd a bunch of automation arms around a single storage tower, each picking off only a single item.
  14. The main idea is to add an advanced version of the medium storage. Effects: - the storage has a panel that allows to set an item filter to limit the resources it accepts (e.g. "resin", "soil canisters", "smeltable resources") - if an item is pushed into storage (e.g. soil centrifuge finished producing) the corresponding filter storage has a higher priority of getting the item (but still lower than a printer) - add the icon logo of the filtered resource to the storage ? I don't know if the player should be able to manually add other resources... Cost: - some "advanced" resources instead of resin (e.g. plastic) - or a global upgrade (see my research idea topic) Uses: - force production facilities to store things in a sorted way - more possible additional functions... Additional function ideas: - add a button to pull the filtered resources from local storage (like a printer) -> get all resin from mining trailer into sorted storage - add a button to pull the filteres resources from player backpack -> put all manually harvested resin into sorted storage - add a button to push all stored resources into local storage -> pull from one place, store at another place - allow the filter to be set to production recipes (e.g. all resources to craft a research chamber) -> get all the resources needed for the new base one building after another (pull from large storage, push into shuttle) - allow the "pull resource from storage"-button to make the chemical lab/soil centrifuge craft the missing requested resources -> more automation
  15. Hello, Sorry if my english is bad I'm a french guy. My idea is to add to every machines a button wich toggle a loop process. In other word, when you push this button the machine will run until there's no more resources to run( it will wait like a few seconds and then shutdown if he hasn't enough resources or places to put the result. It will be usefull for the soil centrifuge, the printers, the chemistry lab, ... Because you always need to push the button everytime it's over but if you have like 5 of them it become difficult to manage to do it. Thanks for reading. I'm sorry if this idea has been already proposed.
  16. icebird

    Automation mod

    Here is a picture of my work in progress idea for Astroneer i am posting this for feedback and what i should add i will put updates in the comments when i do a change also this project is nowhere near finished. Sorry for the bad image quality
  17. redstonerti

    Rover IO

    Why can machines output to another rover, but it can't input? Please fix this.
  18. So I really want an automation system, especially one which can create fully automated factories, and this is my solution to it. 1. When selecting the create resource or object button on the soil centrifuge, atmosphere condenser, small, medium and chemistry lab (and trade platform maybe), you can select how much of that resource you want to create. This would preferably go from 1-20-infinity. And if the chemistry lab doesn’t currently have the resources to create that then later once the resource is provided it will continue working like nothing happened. This would allow you to set up a steel chemistry lab set for infinite steel, it would create steel as long as it had resources, and 2 days later once you come back and put more resources on the connected storage unit it would continue to create steel like no time and passed. You could even set this for a trade platform maybe, as you could tell it to collect more resources that could even fit on it, which would just be dropped or sent to a connected storage. Another pivotal point of this system is you can now set things on (like a chemistry lab for steel) without the necessary resources, they will start actually creating stuff once they have the resources required (you’ll find out why later). You could also use it to create like 10 med storage silos with a printer if you want that, without having to stand around waiting for the whole time. 2. Conveyor belts. It’s simple, currently if there is a free slot on a chemistry lab or soil centrifuge or printer and necessary resources are on a storage unit on the same platform, there are automatically transferred the chemistry lab, soil centrifuge or printer. Conveyor belts would allow you to connect platforms so if a connected via conveyor storage unit has the required resources it will automatically be transferred to the printer. Conveyor belts would also deliver power, replacing traditional wires Together using all these things, this is how a completely automated rtg factory on Glacio could work. You want to create 19 rtgs, so you come back from a mining trip with some titanite and dirt, and some scrap. You put the storage’s from your rover onto a connected via conveyor. You set all the required machines to the right numbers needed and then turn them all on. The 1st soil centrifuge immediately starts using the soil to create ammonium for hydrazine, while the 2nd soil centrifuge creates graphite with the dirt. Your trade platform immediately starts using the scrap you collected to get 19 hematite over a few trips. The titanite immediately begins being smelted at the connected smelter, and the hematite will also do the same thing soon once it is collected from space. All these resources are sent to 5 chemistry labs, connected via conveyor belts to all the machines and storage and also connected to each other. Each of these chemistry labs is preset to one of 5 needed resources for nanocarb alloy. Once the materials for each chem lab is delivered, they will automatically start operating and creasing the resource (this is possible because as mentioned before, you can now turn stuff on before you have the required resources). All of this is happening while an atmosphere condenser is creating Argon as well (the other gases needed have already been made and are in storage). Once one chemistry lab is finished, it transfers it resource to the next chemistry lab the needs it, like the hydrazine chem lab would travel to the connected graphite chem lab, and once the titanium alloy was done it would go to the nanocarb alloy chem lab. Once 1 of the nanocarb alloy is created, then it would be sent to the small printer crafting rtgs, and eventually all 19 rtgs would be created. And during all of this you could be doing something completely different! So yeah, that’s how my perfect, yet simple, automation system works :)
  19. The main idea is to create a "pipe" connection (like a pneumatic tube transfer) that will automatically pull items (like a printer picking up resouces) from one storage space and push (like a soil centrifuge after finishing production) them onto another. For example transferring all collected small items from you mining rover onto your local storage. Building setup: The basic setup consists of 3 components: - a small slot "pull" sending station - a pipe connection - a small slot "basic" receiving station The easiest way to set this up would be having sending and receiving station as separate small items which have their own "power plug like" connection pipe on top (just the receiving station has the actual pipe). Basic working process: - the transfering can be activated/deactivated - at the sending station you can use a panel to set up a filter which items to transfer (e.g.: all, resin, smeltable/smelted resources, full/empty soil canisters) - if an item becomes available at the position of the sending station (e.g. local storage of a rover) AND there is sufficient space at the receiving station side AND the item fits the filter properties AND transferring is active AND there is sufficient energy available, the transfer process is started - fluff wise I would suggest for visual effects: insert item into airtight canister, sending station door is closed, pressure is applied (even on planets without any atmosphere ), item moves to receiving station (maybe with a comic style pipe bobble effect), item is removed at receiving station, canister is being sent back - energy is consumed during the process - the process takes a certain amount of time (0.5 to 5 seconds range) Cost: Both stations should include some chemistry lab low level resources like for example plastic for sending and rubber for receiving station. Additional things: - there should be an additional building, the "pipe extender station" which is a small base with power connectors and two pipe slots (rubber, resin) which allows extending the transfer range into your favorite cave system - there is an advanced idea, the "pull item transfer" which will be posted in a seperate thread - if there are multiple sending stations in one storage space, the most specialised filter should get the item (only laterite > smeltable resources > all) - there could be some light indicating the current status (no power, idle, active)
  20. Please read my push item transfer post first The pull item transfer has a different receiving station than the push item transfer. This forwards item requests issued in local storage (e.g. a printer needs material) onto all connected sending stations. The pull receiving station - is medium size (2 connected small slots) - needs late gameish materials (e.g. rubber, plastic, steel) - has one pipe connector like the basic station - works only, when the "push" mode of the sending station is not active ? maybe has one small item slot for manually requested items - would require a panel for requesting, but this feature is really optional The pipe hub: Due to some limitations the I would enforce to reduce programming fuckups, there is the need for an additional building which allows pulling off multiple storage units. - the pipe hub is a medium base (1 resin, 2 rubber) with the usual power plugs - it contains one sending and 2 receiving pipe connectors - it allows to build tree like sending station topologies which are all connected to one receiving station Uses: - production buildings could be connected to multiple storage spaces and transfer the items necessary for production just in time - reduces the amount of manual small item transfers necessary in late game Implementation thoughts / open questions: - i think it is necessary to limit the range of the pull request to one network - otherwise there could be some self-requesting circular patterns. that's why: - the receiving station does not accept any item request by other push or pull networks! - the main question is: which buildings are allowed to pull items and when is the request being issued? * smelters should not be able to request * swapping recipies should not request the items as this might jam the storage capacity of the production building -> my implementation idea would be to treat items within request range like player inventory items - which are transfered as the production is starting (so their availability needs to be checked up front)
  21. The title says it all. The first picture shows how i had the canisters on the new large T-Platform with my centrifuge. You can see that it is empty but not pulling canisters. I tried this with the other platforms with the same result. The second pictures on the rover shows 2 situations: the canister directly on the silo, and the canister on a medium silo attached to the large silo. Neither of them would fill soil through the drill. I haven't tried testing the shorter large storage silo.
  22. So, me and some others had a huge conversation in Discord, and these are some of the things we thought of: - Trains - Roads (Like platforms almost) - Robots - RC Cars - Stations for RC, Train, and Robot - Possibly other? I know in RC i would like for it to be able to carry 2 or 3 things, and it can drop Glow Sticks or Beacons. It could also carry stuff to stations or have an automation process in the future. I also think that the robots could be a lot like the RC idea. I know there's stuff about automation, but I wanted to put down the RC and Robot idea mainly.
  23. Hi ! I was talking with other people on steam of new ideas for astroneer and I thought that posting them on the official astroneer forum would give them more visibility. So here they are ! First, like F-orbit and ewanc said on steam, having a greehouse in astroneer would be a great idea. so, why a greenhouse ? We alrealdy have the soil centrifuge to get the most basic ressources like compound and resin but we don't have anything for organic. When you want to create new materials like some alloys you need a lot of carbon. So having a greenhouse would be very convenient. There could be different sizes: A tier 2 greenhouse and a tier 3 greenhouse that would fit perfectly on the extra large platform A. To function properly, it would need power, some soil (and water ???). This new item could lead to the inclusion of a farming mechanic (and even a food mechanic ?!). You could be able to produce different kinds of plants depending on what you want to do. Finally, why not add a kind of laboratory where you could create new plants from the seeds that you gather from destroying the current flora in the game. The tier 2 greenhouse could look like a little "incubator" and the tier 3 greenhouse would be spherical and be inspired by the self-made greenhouse that we can see in the movie"The Martian" . But you could ask, how could we get water ? Like ashes2007 said on the steam, their could be asteroids in the game. Those asteroids could be harvested and then processed to extract water from it. He also suggested a new mechanic in the game : space station building. Go check out our Discussion on steam if you want to know more about it : Secondly, I would really like to see a new vehicule added to the game. But this vehicle couldn't be driven by anyone. It would be a kind of automated rocket. It would require to establish two landing sites on different planets. This rocket would have a lot of storage and could be sent just like the trade platform. Thus, when you want to gather a lot of ressources from a foreign planet, you wouldn't be as much limited by the storage capacity of the rocket that you came with. Finally, I would really like to have suits inspired by sci-fi movies like "The Martian" or even licensed suits from NASA. Before writing this post, I've taken a look at Astro stuff that the devs posted on google drive and I saw a beautiful exosuit, some living forms and an excavation lifter. Those are really great ideas ! Please implement them in the game, even if the designs seems to be a bit old it looks so good ! PS: Does anyone knows where is the blackhole that we saw in the E3 trailer. It didn't appear so far in any version of the game. Is it a feature that's going to be added or is it lost ?
  24. redstonerti


    Everyone loves optional automation. Why is that not a high priority? Up vote if you want automation.
  25. CopperyMarrow15


    nothing to see here... just another automation idea Automation... the most original topic ever to be used on this forum...NOT I have an idea for yet another automated system that is to be used for the simple task of moving things around the base. (This is new...) I believe it would be a start to much better automation system in the game: Conveyors!! They are platforms that have, instead of feet, a sort of monorail system that brings them across a tethered network of rails placed like Extenders. The "Monorail Conveyor Shaft" as I call it is made separately from the "Monorail Conveyor Platform" and the Monorail Conveyor Platform is placed on to the Monorail Conveyor Shaft. Only one platform can be placed on a shaft. The Monorail Conveyor Shaft plugs in to one platform at one end another platform at the other making a nice little line... They move across this line to carry anything from one platform to another. For an example of how they are used, imagine 3 Medium Platform A; 1 has a source of power, 1 has a Medium Printer, and 1 has 2 Resin. The first and second are connected by cable and the second and third are connected by conveyor; there is a Medium Monorail Conveyor Platform on the conveyor. You start the Medium Printer printing a Medium Platform B. The Medium Monorail Conveyor Platform moves toward the third platform and the 2 Resin are placed onto the conveyor platform. The conveyor platform moves along the conveyor to touch the second platform transferring the Resin to the printer and starting the printing process. A new auto-use feature would be added to modules allowing repeated processes. Monorail Conveyor Shaft Bundle: Printed in Backpack Printer Size: Tier 1 Recipe: 1 Steel Research Cost: 2000 Bytes Contains 5 Monorail Conveyor Shaft Medium Monorail Conveyor Platform: Printed in Small Printer Slots: 1 Tier 2 Recipe: 1 Steel Research Cost: 2000 Bytes Large Monorail Conveyor Platform: Printed in Medium Printer Slots: 1 Tier 3 Recipe: 1 Steel, 1 Resin Research Cost: 3000 Bytes Extra Large Monorail Conveyor Platform: Printed in Large Printer Slots: 1 Tier 4 Recipe: 1 Titanium Alloy, 1 Steel, 2 Iron Research Cost: 4000 Bytes Please let me know what you think.