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Found 19 results

  1. Things get posted about automation, but I think it would be helpful to make a unified list of some of the good ideas I've read/thought about regarding possible implementations. Cargo Ship: An improvement on the Trading Station. Adding the ability to send or ferry resources back to one of your bases launch pads, or choose to trade scrap for the desired resources. New Dynamite Uses: Explode extra-large & unscrappable rubble into smaller scrap Use dynamite to mine bedrock and return the resources (astronium, namely) Resource Picker: Craftable - Picker: A single-node item. Comes with a one-directional (to / from) tube that can connect to other pickers, and a single ingredient slot on top. Vacuums surrounding items while in "Source" mode, but places items on adjacent open nodes when in "Destination" mode. If the picker isn't connected, or the destination picker doesn't have space, then nothing happens. Placing a resource in the Picker's single ingredient slot will instruct the picker to "filter" and only interact with resources that match the filter resource. Default = blank = all resources. Cargo Train Craftable - Cargo Train: A "large" platform that sits on a rail. Craftable - Rail: Can be chained to designate the cargo train path. Is stored/placed similar to tethers (has charges) Craftable - Stop Node: Stops the train. Has an embedded Picker. Contains a UI to resume the train, or toggle a flag for the train to automatically resume when it's cargo becomes empty or full. If no rail is ahead of the stop node, then "resume" reverses the train. When a train is at the stop, the Picker attempts to empty the train's cargo into it's "destination" picker, if connected. Terraformer Upgrades - AKA Augment Simplification Problem: While I love running boost/wide mods to make mining a breeze, I think the interaction is pretty lackluster. It's typically "set it and forget it" but it takes up 2+ inventory slots. This gets especially hard on the player inventory when you typically want a work light, 2 canisters, tethers, and some mods. Expeditions get cut short quickly due to lack of space. Additionally, starting a game without these mods feels extra sluggish until we can find some copper. Solution: An improvement on the Base, the ability to invest in permanent upgrades for the Terraformer. I think it would be great if we could deposit our Terraformer along with resources & bits to permanently "upgrade" our terraformer to have a higher speed, a build in canister, width, etc. Maybe even a talent system? From there the augmentations could be more specialized. Maybe just make them baseline, because I think base building with terrain shouldn't be a "mid/late game" unlock. Additionally, I would love to see more tools for building structures with the terraformer more easily. For an groundbreakingly 3d game, base building is an incredibly 2d experience without a massive amount of time spent tinkering with polygons. Basically all bases exist on the same z-axis I would love to spend some time mocking these ideas up into graphics, I know some people are a lot more visual than others. But let me know if you have any questions and perhaps I can spend some time doing that this weekend :)
  2. redstonerti


    Everyone loves optional automation. Why is that not a high priority? Up vote if you want automation.
  3. This is a pretty big set of ideas and would not require much new engine mechanics, it's mostly just addition of new models and items, but if some items can be changed it would expand on so much more.This is a pretty long and detailed post so read and there will be no potato at the end. I am having a lot of ideas about automating the crafting processes and general QOL improvements. A lot of these are inspired by games such as Factorio. All of these would enable players to focus on building and exploring instead of pushing buttons. Final goal is to ease the process of base building and make this game more fun. So here's a list of items that could be added to existing engine: Fine electronics printer: 3 resources for crafting (e.g. 1 resin, 1 compound, 1 copper), ~5k bytes. Used for making crafting components and mods revolving around printed circuits. Uses 3 items for each component, always silicon and aluminium alloy and something else. These would be required to craft automation items or add mod features to existing items (requires update of existing items). i will refer to these as circuits. Conveyor belts: Produced with 1 compound and 1 resin, a narrow conveyor belt that can hold single-slot items and can be extended up to a point and with directions. they can be extended on one another with extender-like mechanics. Mechanics might be a bit wonky but it might be easy if you make it as start/end notes that you connect unidirectionally. They should have max load (say 4 items between 2 nodes max) and they stop moving if they reach the max load. Robotic arm (un)loaders: Produced with a circuit, iron and aluminium alloy. It can be installed on a 2-slot position and put/take item into/from producing station on the same platform and put them on another platform or conveyor belt. For examle, you have the Platform B with a furnace. You have two arms on each side, one loading in the ore, another unloading the smelted product. This would make it really easy to chain production of multiple items. Arms have to be set up with direction (loading/unloading) and specific product. Mainframe: Built with 2 circuits and aluminium. Requires control circuits (made in Fine electronics printer) to operate. It allows for the platforms connected via power connectors to operate. Has slots for 8 control circuits. Each control circuit allows for 4 automated items to operate. Excavators: Practically automated crane with a drill. Excavates soil in a half-sphere beneath the excavator while storing soil in provided containers These are suggestions to changes to existing items> Modification slot on printers: Medium printer can make small printer items with a mod. Vehicle printer can make medium printer items with a mod. Mods are circuits made in fine electronics printers that enable automated control or efficiency upgrades to some items. E.G. make an atmospheric condenser more energy efficient at the cost of speed (50% power usage at 80% speed), enable trading points to trade finished products instead of scrap, etc. Automation slots on platforms: An alternative to mainframes, it would remove one power connector slot and instead make it into a circuit slot. You would have to insert the circuit inside to be able to use it and it would add a control panel to the platform. This panel would then be used to set up the automation of robotic arms as mentioned above. This took a while, hope someone here likes it.
  4. icebird

    Automation mod

    Here is a picture of my work in progress idea for Astroneer i am posting this for feedback and what i should add i will put updates in the comments when i do a change also this project is nowhere near finished. Sorry for the bad image quality
  5. GlumCashew8980_2018

    space trains manual/automatic

    Hello I thought of this crazy thing of having space trains that can be very long and are automatic, like you program it to go to certain places depending on how you set up the layout. Would that be awesome?
  6. A while ago, another person suggested adding a zip-line to improve mobility on hills. It fits in with some other parts of the game such as tethers and sliding down hillsides and could be a help with caverns and mountains, so I agree that it would be a good add, but I think going further and making a whole set of tools using overhead cables would be even better. For starters, cables themselves - a set of poles built in a batch like tethers or extenders that can attach to a surface and be linked together over a distance. Maybe built using resin or aluminium, to differentiate from tethers and extenders. The poles would be sort of an upside-down-L-shape, and just tall enough that the astroneer could jump up and grab the cable to slide down. Cable poles could attach to terrain or single sockets on platforms and vehicles, which would allow cable cars to transfer items. Next, a small motor that could clamp onto the cable and use a small amount of power to drive along it. This could clamp onto the backpack, or carry a small item. The motor would come out on an L-shaped pole, normally keeping the astroneer or socket looking a bit balanced, but able to swivel them out of the way if the cable got too vertical to act like an elevator (holding the cargo/astroneer to one side). Again, this could be made of aluminium, and be charged up at each destination when in automatic mode. Finally, a larger cable-car platform with a medium/two-socket connector, able to automatically transfer items over a long distance. This could have connectors on the cable attachment to turn it into an overhead train, attach cockpits to transport astroneers, and hook up to a generator of some sort for long-distance travel as well as being handy for use as an elevator or getting around rough terrain. The cable poles wouldn't need to be very high since the terrain tool could easily make them taller. Yes, I watched Sky Commanders too much as a kid.
  7. I think we all would love this feature! I imagine bringing a medium storage with you when grinding for resources. You find a huge occurrence of compound, resin or whatever, put your storage next to it and start digging up that good stuff. Automatically, when your backpack is full and you're close enough to the storage, the harvested resources move to the storage. The same thing with rovers. This way, storages would act as extension of the backpack. No more clearing the backpack by moving every single item each time it's filled up.
  8. Gamerboy17780


    It would be cool to have conveyor belts that take resources to a smelter the being crafted in to gear or put in to storage. Or automatic mines oh and add more game mechanics like hunger sleep water proper clothing bathing every thing that a humans need oh and little robots that you can program to do any thing
  9. - Some thoughts on how automation might be able to be implemented. Drone Hub module: Small module that when attached to a structure or vehicle, will provide two drones which gather items and bring them to any empty nodes on the structure or vehicle on which it is attached. It could have an activation button such as what you see on a research station, trade platform, dynamite, etc., that when pressed, would bring up a console similar to what happens when you activate the research station or open your backpack. In the console there would be a command along the lines of, “collect ‘RESOURCE’ from ‘LOCATION’”. Selectable resources would be all standard resources including soil, hydrazine, and even empty canisters. Selectable locations could be something fairly broad such as “Structures”, “Vehicles”, or “Any Location”, or it could even be specific structure or vehicle types for more exact control. The way it would work is once programed with the selections, two small drones will begin collecting any “RESOURCE” connected to any “STRUCTURE” or “VEHICLE” that is connected to the same power grid as the drone hub, and deposit it in any empty nodes on the structure or vehicle to which the hub is attached. A specific example of this in action: - A Mineral extractor with a drone hub attached and programed to collect “SOIL” from “VEHICLES”. - A smelter with two drone hubs attached, one programed to collect “LATERITE” from “VEHICLES” and the other programed to collect “MALACHITE” from “VEHICLES”. - And a drone hub attached to a large rover with a crane and canisters of soil that is programed to collect “EMPTY CANISTERS” from “STRUCTURES”. When you roll in from an expedition with a bunch of resources and soil, once you connect the vehicle to the power grid, the drones from the mineral extractor will begin bringing the soil to the extractor. When the canisters are depleted by the extractor, the drones from the vehicle will bring the empty canisters back. While this is happening, the drones from the smelter will also be bringing the laterite and the malachite from the vehicle to the smelter. You could also set up some storage, as long as it’s connected to the power grid, and use a drone hub to collect “Copper” and another to collect “ALUMINUM” from “STRUCTURES” if desired. The appearance of the drones wouldn’t have to be fancy. They could just be two small hovering orbs or something as far as I’m concerned. Thoughts?
  10. vizthex

    Recycling Plants

    So I saw another thread who said something about this (Link below, or maybe at the bottom of the page depending on how it wants to work...) But having a recycling plant would be cool, and different versions too. Perhaps a building with a grinder on top, and you throw stuff into this bin and click a button then its recycled (and has a buffer that can hold 1 - 2 medium items) [Looks like an industrial shredder almost, but more futuristic] Like a small version that can recycle hand crafted items (So a Small generator gives you back a quarter of the Compound to craft it) and gives 25% of the items back A Vehicle version (that can recycle Medium, Small and Wrecks you find, as well as the random bits of tech strewn everywhere) that also gives 50% A Large version (built in a base) that can recycle Medium and Small items for 75% of the Resources required (But costs more than the vehicle one) An Extra Large version (which is like a Large, but you need to upgrade the Large to get it) that gives back 100% of the items, and can recycle Rovers as well (if you drive them inside the grinder on top) Anyways, these are my thoughts on it. Would be very very good if we could make one, and perhaps a trash can that you can put Small items into to get rid of them (Worms are great for this, but are only on 1 planet)
  11. I know city building is being redesigned and I am sure it as been said here many time on a new interface so i just wanted to add a slight variation. First the variation then I will add it to how I think it will fit to base redesign. Currently platforms of all types are connected by power tubes for the lack of a better name. What I am suggesting is to have an add-on that will supply power in either direction (as it currently is) but also allow the flow of materials (or any small single slot objects) to be passed in one direction. Here is how I see this: quick future base building. the building circles are now build able in your backpack for 1 resin. They can be placed anywhere. The power tubes will be built in the backpack for 1 compound. You can grab a power tube off your back pack and connect it to a building circle to another building circle or platform if it is close enough. Or if you have one in your backpack it will show you the connection. Just dont show it all the time incase someone doesnt want to always have it. Later in the medium printer you can print a power suction tube for 1 compound and 1 copper. This will be placed just like the power tube but depending what you connect first will have a direction associated with it. The power will run just like before but now if any materials or single slot objects are placed on the platform they will move to the next platform assuming there is space. With this setup you could build a base however you want with still the restriction of having close connections. If you placed it wrong just pick it up and place it again. once placed you can use 2 resin just like now to build to whatever you want even with connection to anything. obviously need power once whatever is built. The building must be connected to a habitat to supply oxygen. In this scenario you could build out a base with no oxygen in the middle of nowhere. your oxygen line would be black like tethers not connected. Could still get power if you put a generator or solar on the structure though. Not sure if this would be good or bad but still really awesome. The tubes would mean you can start moving things around automatically which would be really cool. Advanced possibilities: - Suction tube only that would reach 3x or 4x as far as a power tube and maybe wont need small circle buildings as middle points. made with 2 copper. This could be used like a resource moving system that you could build out to a lower base, or even that middle of nowhere base to supply oxygen and easily send back resources. - Movement mag rails. These could be tubes that your person can ride along. They could be made with 2 aluminum. Not sure exactly how this would go but following the tube idea would mean they supply oxygen if connected all the way back so no more tethers. Maybe a special thing you can print in the medium printer or just have the 1-seat chair and medium storage could slide along them. Future more specific things maybe. And have powered sections like the circle platform or just say the movement rails are powered. Still working this out.
  12. vizthex


    DISCLAIMER: I'm not great at explaining stuff (English is my native language, but I just can't express this well sometimes) so these may not make as much sense as it does to me, Other than that, pleas enjoy! (I hope this gets added! Or at least the first one) So I've been playing for awhile-ish (got 27 Hours on the game) and I noticed fairly early that transporting items form a cave (Mainly research) to the surface is really annoying (cuz you can't carry research in your inventory) so I was thinking the devs could add several different kinds of transport (Either different tiers, or [what I think is best] each has advantages and disadvantages). I'll list them here, and have some concept stuff for 2 of 4. First, is a conveyor belt (file attached). This is the most basic, and you can make 1 section (which would big big enough to hold [at most] 1 Research Pod and 1 Small item. Each section would have its own conveyor storage (or just a platform you summon at a junction each time for say 1 compound and 2 power bars [and Junctions can hold 4 max, it's explained better in a bit]. It would move at a slow rate, but items can't be knocked off due to storms and the Conveyors and generally very sturdy. So without further ado, here we go: METHOD 1 OF 4 - CONVEYOR BELT: Advantages: Study Cheap to make (say 1 Compound at a Backpack Printer, making it 1 Compound and 1 Resin for 2 would be better but printers can only do 1 thing at once) Can be gained early-game (Research only costs 250 - 500 Bytes, perhaps you could find them in wrecks or on dead explorers sometimes too) Disadvantages: Isn't super fast, so if you're in multiplayer for example and everyone is mining in the same cave and finds loads of research, it would take awhile to transport it to the Surface Uses power at a constant rate (Not much power, it would use the same amount the backpack printer sues to print when transporting a few meters or something) NOTE: Another way is having a conveyor with only 2 slots, so you can transport 1 Medium or 2 Small per "tile" METHOD 2 OF 4 - PNEUMATIC * TUBE: *Doesn't actually use air, or just pulls it from the Atmosphere (but like, not actually it's just explained as such) (Also, I'd like all 3 to be in the game too, that way we can have multiple options for different scenarios) A Pneumatic Tube is the fastest* way of transport, but it's very sensitive. It can be placed on walls but not ceilings ADVANTAGES: Can carry all items (Except large, cuz those can't be moved) at high speeds (Small items are faster) Is very fast Look cool (It'd be translucent, kinda like the ones form Futurama's intro scene) Can transport the playe - Perhaps it would damage you if you shoot at at high speeds DISADVANTAGES: It's flexible, both literally and figuratively. Due to this, it will blow around in wind storms (maybe it can be disconnected if not reinforced) It could get attacked by creatures (if they were ever implemented) If you crash into it at high speeds it'll shake around, if hit by a Large Rover it may break (small chance with Medium) *Well, aside from Teleporters METHOD 3 OF 4 - TELEPORTER: The Teleporter would be end-game (Requiring Astronium to make, needs 1 Astronium and 1 Titanium to make 1 Teleporter in a Medium Printer, and you need 2 minimum to use them [Or it could make 2 if that was possible]) This is the end-game, you can teleport across planets too! (If they're in range, it'd be the same range Large Shuttles need to go to that planet) The Teleporter would have a buffer of 2 Medium items (or 4 Small) and can hold 1 in its main inventory (like the Research Chamber does). You could expand this with Medium Storage, but you would only be able to store 2 Medium instead of 3 ADVANTAGES: Instantly Teleports items to a linked Teleporter Instant speed due to that Can teleport the Player as well Gives Astronium a use. (I've never found any, but I'm sure some people have) DISADVANTAGES: Very expensive to make, and you need to make multiple. It's a Large module, so you can't use it outside of a base without making a Habitat Uses a lot of Power (16 Bars storage, 8 to teleport from one planet to another, 4 to teleport across a single planet) Might be hard to program, so if any of this would be added it'd take awhile (sadly :c) METHOD 4 OF 4 - RAIL SYSTEM: I managed to find a video of a concept for this, it's low quality but is below. The Rail System would be mid-game (Needing Aluminum and Copper) Researched for 500 Bytes (Unlocks the Rail, the Junction would be next to it and cost 1,000 Bytes. But Rails work without a junction to some extent, transporting but not unloading items) It would be faster than belts (in this video it moves at the speed belts should, so make it 2 or 3x faster), and can spiral around caves and walls (whereas belts can only be placed on slops [steep ones you automatically slide down too] and flat ground) and can transport many more items at no extra cost (except for power) It would be invulnerable except for high-speed belts (which you could make for 1 Rail Piece and 1 Aluminum at a Medium Printer, after researching it for 2,500 Bytes) ADVANTAGES: The most flexible, can be placed anywhere you want. Pretty fast (not as fast as Tubes, but faster than belts) DISADVANTAGES: Needs a bit more power (Stores 8, uses 2 to transport items from 1 Junction to another) If the terrain below it is mined, it will fall out of place (All of them do this except the Teleporter though, but needs more terrain to be dislodged than Belts)
  13. I know that this something already to be confirmed to be added in the future. But I'd like to show a different perspective to the idea of automation in Astroneer. "Astro-Bud" is here for your automating purposes (Astro-Bud) ( I know he doesn't look great, but hey, I made this in 20 minutes, don't judge...(Same goes for the name ...)) He is a robot that you can teach to do an action and he'll perform action. This can include using crafting at the printer, smelting resources around your base, transferring Hydrozine to your shuttle/spaceship and re-arranging items on your vehicles and base. He has 6 slots on his backpack to be able to carry resources. (Backpack) These slots would be used to transfer resources around. This can be for taking compound from a storage module and taking it to the printer. Notice he also ( like many things ) has a power bar, this would drain if he were to go to far away from base or if your base had too little power. He would connect to his base by have the little tether line you have when near base. Once he runs out of power, he would stop what he's doing and return to his Docking station. (Docking Station + Astro-Bud) His Docking station is where he would return after performing his task as much he was instructed too. This station also has a small screen with a small menu. (Docking Station)(Docking Station menu) ( explaining menu with RED text ) This Menu has a "return" button, " +1 / -1 " buttons and a counter. The Return button would make him stop everything and return to the Dock. The +1 / -1 buttons would increase / decrease the amount of times you want him to perform an action. The counter would be the amount of times he performs an action ( maxing at 9 times). There would be a start button hovering above the Dock station to start his actions. (Performing actions) (Recording Actions) The Idea is that when you take his head off while he is in his Docking station you can put it on your backpack. A UI button would then pop up with a camera Icon after putting his head on your backpack. This would be the record button ( his head would also glow red to represent recording ), you simply hit this button, perform the actions you want Astro-Bud to make, then hit the record button again. Now you've programmed his head with the actions you want him to take. But keep in mind where ever you start the record button, that'll be the first location he'll go to after exiting his Dock. So Say you wanted to make Astro-Bud take the compound from a Storage unit and make another Storage unit... You would take his head off, put his head on to your backpack. You'd hit the record button where you want him to begin. Then you would walk over to one of your storage unit ( he'll only go to this unit ). Take 2 compound, then go to your printer, add the materials from backpack, hit the print button. Then take the new storage unit off the printer and place it on the ground. Or take that storage unit and put it on a vehicle ( Astro-Bud would put as many as you list on the vehicle back at his Dock ). At this point you'd hit the record button again. Now put his head back, hit the start and watch him go to work. Limitations would be not being able to control vehicles and having a small search area for possible materials and where to put finished products. There maybe a way to make him possibly gather resources, but i'd think that would be a little to op... Tell me your thoughts below and even feel free to expand on this idea...
  14. tony diaz

    Robot Helper

    Perhaps research and assemble a robot helper. Would have a simple list of actions and a few slots - follow, stay, return to base, deploy tether in x direction, etc. - limited via power like vehicles
  15. Splasher325


    Belts, teleport, or of the like
  16. Resource collecters/miners They take longer time to mine Expensive to make but makes "profit" if you do it right It yeilds more then what is in a node/area of resources/resource pocket Ore deposits/nodes Either of hard material or out of a node resource this collecter could work on. (the collecter would snap to it and has an animation so its easy to place and use) With some of the "innards" of the planet the dev I think (adam) did suggest on working on in the future.(maybe) That I suggest to this is a hardness level would increase and maybe more going on the further you go into a planet and its "dungeons"/tunnels and more advanced stuff is used. Some planets would be hard to some softer? (wouldn't really work on the start for players though but could be fun?) its like a "level cap" for a few things, but could also be annoying/boring to keep getting f... by it. Again with containers Contain more space (16-20 slots?) expensive could cost less on your system really with more players? (insted of 100+ items floating around then having 7+ containers with them inside) Takes 4 slots to place it on. It could maybe rather be a storing unit/building insted with a lot more slots? So it also creates a base for all your stuff to come back to? By railroads (if that is what some of the devs are thinking about I would maybe rather have a flying drone because terrain issues and other various things) So putting them or connecting them with the resource collecters and a storage/chest/container. Getting from A to B when it needs to or by players? Cost a little bit more power then the rover/truck. always on? Moving by signal (player or resource collecter is done) Notifying the creator? Either by an object/tool or a little message.
  17. So I LOVE your game, but I have a problem. let's say I am getting a TON of laterite, Or maybe I am trading in a ton of compound in for something. making seven different storage containers that all have just compound in them is annoying. It's annoying to put them all on, it's annoying to take them off, but I have a solution. I think there should be a liquidizer (built from base) where you can liquidize materials and put them in tanks, solidifying them by taking them out. this should be expensive, in both energy and resources ( to make the tanks) possible mechanics?: you build the liquidizer w/ 4 of something you can't find on the terran planet (iron, titanium?, coal, etc...) when there is nothing on the liquidizer, it gives you the option to make a tank for maybe 2 of something rare. It could look like the oxygen tank but taller or something. (possible name: liquid tank?) when on the liquidizer, the button will take out 1 of the materials out if there's nothing in the input slot. if there is, it will put in that material that is in the input slot. once this material is put in, it is the only material that will every go into this tank! the max storage should be 10-20 of one material. this will be good if you want to store a lot of one material. the tank can be taken off and put on any double storage slots. ADDITIONAL STUFF: tubes (Made w/ aluminum?) to transport materials from one tank to another, or to a printer, or other input slots. hydrazine should not have to be liquidized and should be able to be taken out of fuel condenser by tubes. this would allow for better hydrazine storage. Also, this would require the tanks to have tube slots on both sides tank smelter: more expensive tank smelters would have an input tube and output tube. I could feed liquidized laterite into the first slot and get liquidized aluminum out the other. if you want to be able to liquidize power, you could have it feed into a special fuel condenser (or a normal one) that continuously outputs a tube of hydrazine. if you want to be able to liquidize oxygen, you could have it be able to fit into normal oxygen tanks but deplete slower. It would only work with collectible oxygen, so it gives you a reason to move this stuff a special trade ship could be created that just has a giant tank on it. it will refill and shoot of, coming back with something else in the tank. this could make for automated trading. NOTE: I don't need this to come out fully as I described it. It's just an Idea for High-level automation. (it would also be cool to have a mechanic I made in the game. just saying)
  18. iamawesomeuknow99


    One thing that a lot of players do is to set up a fuel condenser-trading station setup. What would be awesome is for the condenser to automatically create fuel, send it over to the trade station, and the trade station would go and retrieve copper or something. Or a place where you can drop coal and organics in, to transport to generators, to produce energy. Or you could toss ore in, and out comes ingots. Overall, this would contain something similar to the minecraft hopper, (I've seen requests for conveyor belts, that would work) things that can 'auto snap' items to slots, things that can pickup items from slots, and an 'auto-clicker'
  19. BipolarFish

    Automation of tasks

    It would be really nice if you could automate tasks for certain modules, like the fuel condenser. A basic `if this then that` kind of system. If full power -> make new hydro fuel. This would be especially nice for the market. If you could automate the smelter, the printer, and the market players could really get some cool economic stuff going. You could rip some ideas out of Factorio perhaps, but then again, that could be completely off track of what this game is supposed to focus on.