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Found 5 results

  1. Summary: (See image) The Sensor on the left is set to full/not full. The goal of the setup is as follows: If the platform on the left isn't full => enable output on the canister so that the arm can take resources Else: Turn off the output of the canister so that other arms could add items. Platform: Steam, multiplayer
  2. Steps to reproduce: - put a chemistry lab and two medium storage silos on a large platform b - set the chemistry lab up to print graphene - put two graphites and two hydrazines on the storage silos - *two graphenes are produced automatically* - open the chemistry lab panel and navigate to "titanium alloy" - with no titanium loaded on to the platform, click the button to start producing titanium alloy Expected result: - nothing happens (since titanium has not yet been loaded onto the platform) Actual result: - diamond is automatically produced, wasting the graphenes I'm using the Steam version of Astroneer and using a controller (although I don't think that matters). Let me know if you need more information :) Bug Report.mp4
  3. I created a large base on Sylva with alot of automation, about 12 chem labs and a whole lot of large containers and other fun things. At first the game would crash every so often and then it started crashing every few minutes, and now it wont even load into the server. I have had the admin reboot the server and am going to see if this helps.
  4. So I completed the first segment of the exo request platform and sent off the 150 compound. I stopped for the rest of the day and when i came back to check on it the next morning all the progress had reset.I thought it was odd so i filled it up to 150 compound again and then i exited and rentered the world and to my suprise it reset again. I surely would not be pleased if mine or someones game decided to crash after they put in almost 300 aluminum and have to restart completely.
  5. Playing on windows 7, i have 0 fps upon entering the world if i am lucky to not have the menu screen freeze before that. I can hear my character moving, opening the backpack etc, but the screen stays the same. After pressing Alt+Tab and going back the screen has updated but still frozen. This has never happened before even in the early builds on my old laptop.