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  1. I have worked with auto arms for quite a while, and the most frustrating thing about them is there seems to be no priority as to which auto arm picks up an item first. For example, if I had two auto arms, one behind the other, and both input's are on a single storage, it is completely random as to which auto arm picks up the item. Even limiting power input does not seem to help. My suggestion is to have the ability to pick a single slot within the input range and output range to pull from and push to. For example, you could have four auto arms, all with their input ranges on a storage with let
  2. The auto arm has been a much welcomed addition to the game but is very restricted in flexability with the pick up and drop off points imo, Would it be possible to add a feature to change the arm from the current area in front to something like a 180 degree arc for both pick-up and drop-off as this would increase its uses for me and proably others too. The vehicles again are great, a good way to transport items, equipment and mobile bases, what i would like to see is flat platorms that extend the felxibility of the vehicles for example a platform with a large connector plate and a small co
  3. Summary: 1.13.128 - Steam - Auto Arm not working Description: I set up an auto extractor and wanted to do an item transportation system to my base which it wasn't far. So i did that and i found a problem with the auto arms: There is an item on the medium platform A and an auto arm should pick it up and put it on the next medium platform A but it doesn't. I have enough power, and the pick up and drop off space is aligned. To get it to work i need to turn off and on the auto arm. even if i restart the save and the game, it still does not work properly. It is really
  4. Hello there, When the Auto Arm pauses for like a minute because it has nothing to do anymore it won't pick up ressources again when needed. It just stops working and turns off although it still looks like its active. However, I can't tell whether this bug existed form the beginning on or came with a further patch.
  5. I have notice that most of my auto arms have now stopped working after 1 or 2 cycles. Filtered or unfiltered doesn't matter. I would say I have 20-25 in the game total. If i turn them off then on again it seems to work for 1-2 cycles then they stop again. when I had about 14 in a chain they would randomly stop and I would have to restart them and they would run for a bit. Since I have added more its seems the are basically non functional. I noticed this on XBOX first so I tried PC. Same issue.
  6. The current Auto Arm (which could alternatively be called a Small Auto Arm) can only move tier 1 items. Having discovered that they can be used to continuously load Research Chambers with Research Samples, I think that at some point in the future we should be able to get a larger, Medium Auto Arm that can move tier 2 items like Artefacts, for the same purpose. The item would be built with the Medium Fabricator and would take up a single tier 3 slot, like the one on a Large Platform A. The area that it would grab tier 2 items from would also be larger, to accommodate the larger sized tier
  7. Not sure where to put this on the forums as there is no dedicated place for Tips and Tricks, but I’ve discovered a useful trick using the new Auto Arms to create a continuous research system for getting Research Bytes, and I wanted to share in case anyone reading this had not discovered it themselves. Two things to know firstly: 1) Auto Arms can grab Research Samples off the bushes and stones that they spawn on 2) Auto Arms can deposit Research Samples (and other materials) into a vacant Research Chamber Locate a bush with 1 or 2 Research Samples, then put down a med
  8. if i leave the area and come back and drive up to my auto-arms they no longer work i have to get out of my truck and turn them all off and on again constantly
  9. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary: Camera angles and auto adjustment (Mostly vehicle related) Description: Driving up a very steep narrow slow some times causes the camera to auto adjust constantly Driving with large items beside / behind you can making driving blind. Walking in very tight areas can cause the camera to 180, or clip trough terrain Suggestion: This is mainly directed at vehicle usage. A first person camera angle in vehicles would be very help
  10. Hi all, Been enjoying Astroneer for a good while now and I just started getting into the new automation stuff over the last two days. Still enjoying it a whole bunch. While I have managed to set up a Smelting Furnace with a row of Auto Arms that will carry all processed materials into a central area (surrounded by more Arms - filtered by resource type - that connect to Resource Canisters) I would love to be able to expand this to be more generic. However, the fact that an Auto Arm can only have two "modes", either pick up everything or pick up one specific resource type, is very lim
  11. Bug details: Resource container holding ammonium is blocked by a half ejected laterite. This bug occured in conjunction with auto arms on a large rover, but couldn't be reproduced. Game details, PC, Mouse & keyboard, 2 player coop.
  12. Improvement Requests: Add a filter GUI for the auto-arm so we can specify resources it will manage If you need to keep it tactile, make a Medium auto-arm that holds medium storage types on the 'filter' area that we could load up with resources that act as the filter. Let us designate the placement and size of the 'take' and 'put' areas. Or, at least if a machine or storage is in the area, make the auto-arm smart enough to manage all storage on that machine or on the receiving storage area (ie all storage directly attached to a Large Platform). I snapped this on twitter (cr
  13. ASTRONEER 2020-06-28 06-31-56.mp4 So after screwing around with the new update items I've found a way to get a working AND gate by using an arangement of 2 bistable auto arm switches. Since the buttons only give out a pulse of signal each activation, the bistable switch acts as a toggle and has an on (output item) and off (input item) state just like any other toggleable machine. If the auto arms are only given access to one item and filters by that item then the bistable switch will output the item when high and take back the item when low. If two of these switches output items to the sa
  14. Using mouse/keyboard On Steam What were you doing leading up to this bug? Drove to base where I had the extra large shredder shredding batteries and a robot arm grabbing scrap from the Extra Large Shredder to a Trade Platform. I exchange scrap for Aluminium (Laterite) on the Trade Platform and another arm grabs the Laterite when it arrives and places it onto a Furnace. The Furnace sits on a Extra Large Platform C where a Medium Resource Container automatically stores Aluminium and a EXO Request Platform sits as well ready to exchange Aluminium for rewards. The game crashes shortly
  15. So the auto arm doesn't care what type of slot it is and if it can go there, it just puts it in. I had 4 arms stacking small generators on top of other small generators and then they used the top as storage for batteries