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Found 17 results

  1. Can you guys look into hotkeying augments for the terrain tool? I'd like to be able to turn off an augment with the press of a button instead of having to go into the backpack everytime pulling it off and putting back on when finished. I use it a ton with the inhibitor and when running into gas pods in caves I hate having to switch back and forth. Can possibly assign to numbers? Thanks for all you do! Love the game!
  2. Augment - "Laser pointer" There are times when some resources are stacked together and I want to pick one but not another so I've been thinking about a new Augment for the Terrain Tool, how about a resource targeted Augment? The functionality is simple: - take the Augment out of your terrain tool and attach it to a resource the same way Packager interacts with objects, green light when it is available to use. - or, the Augment could have an F key to interact with it, just like the beacon, and it cycles through all the materials, once that material is set it will only mine that material + terrain of course, so it can also interact with Inhibitor. - another option, and probably the best one, is for the Augment to have an Tier 1 attachment itself so you can place your material of choice without having to interact with the menu
  3. Summary: 1.0.13 - Steam - Terrain Tool augments gone in multiplayer game after logging back in Description: This happened twice today. Playing multiplayer, as a guest, the host disconnected and as a consequence I lost connection. When logging back in, all equipped Terrain Tool augments in my character (the guest one) were gone (specifically the Alignment, Boost and Wide mods). Items in the backpack (including an Inhibitor Mod) were not affected. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 1.0.13 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 1809 (17763.379) CPU: i5 2500k GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 3GB RAM: 8GB Drive: HDD Samsung 1TB (not sure about this one)
  4. Hello! When using this mod, I'm finding all kind of behaviors except what it could be expected. In particular, the following happens to me: * With normal use, it digs a hole perpendicular to the center of the planet * Pressing ALT, it grows a pillar perpendicular to the center of the planet * Pressing CTRL, creates a ┬┐vertical? wall, These three behaviors happen even if centering the pointer over a triangle as horizontal as possible. It's even deforming the initial undeformable black floor around the shelter. I'm 100% sure the augment is active, as the green ciclet around the plug glows, and i have few soil containers equipped and filled as well. Am I doing something wrong? Shouldn't the normal use smooth the surface in a spherical form, around the planet?
  5. I'm noticing that the augments are very dependent on the order you put them on your gun. If you want to use Boost, Wide, and Drill 1, you have to put them on your gun in order of Boost, Drill, then Wide. If you do Boost, Wide, then Drill, when the drill is put on, the Wide mod will turn red, turning the augment off. If you then pick up the wide mod, and put it back on the gun, all 3 will turn green. Not sure if this is intended or not.
  6. Greetings! I've been playing Astroneer for maybe two weeks, and holy cow have I been having an absolute blast with it! I must say I think this game has huge potential! That being said, I have two little quality of life suggestions: 1. Augment Rotation Tool Could come default, or maybe it's crafted and attached later on after research. Instead of having to stop and manually swap the augments, players could hit "R" and switch to another augment they have installed within the A.R.T.. This would be a separate inventory from your backpack and I was thinking two slots. So if I had a Wide Mod and an Alignment Mod installed, I could hit "R" to rotate between them or normal mode whilst using the Terrain Tool. Also have the ability to open the A.R.T. and swap out the augments inside. This would just streamline it a bit instead of having to stop what you're doing, open backpack, bring up the Terrain Tool, and pop augments on and off. It would also save a space or two on your backpack! 2. Large Rover + Drill Instead of flipping your rover on rocks and running into those pesky stalagmites, attach the drill to the front of your rover and it will destroy those objects instead. I know vehicle handling (oh god it's so frustrating) is on the roster for a rework, but I believe this would improve driving on the surface or in caves a little bit. Thanks for reading! -Saav
  7. Steam version: 1513371133 Game version: Having the Boost augment, Terrain Analyzer, and Canister equipped onto terrain tool causes it to lock up. Will not form, deform, or flatten. Canister has been tried full, half, and empty. Removing Terrain Analyzer does not affect this issue. Resolution is to remove all Augments and re-apply. Boost Augment function works by itself, boost + canister in any function works as intended. Assumption that Terrain Analyzer is the culprit. DxDiag.txt
  8. Like Joe said in last stream, best one can to do help rooting out Augments bugs, is to post video(s). Made a fresh drop, got the essentials and then dug down, got Malachite, made a smelter and thats when the video starts: Specs: OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit CPU: i5 - 750 overclocked to 2.9ghz GPU: MSI GTX 1050ti OC 4gb RAM: Kingston DDR3 2x4gb 1600mhz HDD: WD Blue 750gb
  9. Summary: 0.4.10215.0 - Steam - Weird Wide Mod behavior Description: Started a new save on version 0.4.10215.0; progressed until crafting both the Boost Mod and the Wide Mod. Boost Mod seemed to work fine, Wide Mod however didn't actually make the Terrain Tool area any bigger, either by itself or with the Boost Mod Later on crafted a Inhibitor, which worked as expected on its own, and with the Boost Mod. However, after equipping it together with the Wide Mod, the Wide Mod started behaving as an Inhibitor. It still has the appearance of the Wide Mod, is still labeled as a Wide Mod, but when equipped, will prevent the Terrain Tool from changing the terrain in any way, even when equipped on its own. Saving and restarting the game has no effect, and the Wide Mod still behaves as an Inhibitor. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.4.10215.0 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v1703 | Build 15063.674 CPU: Intel I7-3820 CPU 3.60 GHz GPU: nVidia Geforce GTX1070 RAM: Corsair 2x8GB DDR3 Drive: Sandisk Ultra II 480 GB
  10. Hello So I started a new game after the Excavation Update came out. and the Augments still don't work like they should as seen here. The new Boost Augment seems to work. But the Alignment Augment only creates columns, I cant move the cursor sideways.
  11. How about a vegetation-gathering augment that is always an early item researched (always just before/after generator)? i.e. the terrain tool would ignore vegetation without it. It would serve two purposes: 1. Prevent unwanted veg pick-ups, which happen too often and too randomly. Veg gathering as a resource is something you only want to happen at specific times, like any other resource. 2. Nice early introdution to the concept of augments. New players will immediately know that it's a thing, and that they can find more if they research.
  12. Hey all! First off, some credit for these ideas go to EzCheezy123 and UtpoicVision. These lovely gentlepeople suggested a grappling hook that can be used for climbing mountains and rappelling, and I'm borrowing these ideas and building on them somewhat. Lemme know what you all think! Feel free to offer suggestions for different/better names and functions and such. Summary: Range Extender (augment) - allows the terrain tool to work at longer ranges Grappling Cable (augment) - turns the terrain tool into Batman's grapple gun / Link's claw shot Cable Anchor (printer) - creates permanent zip-line-ish cables that can attached to using "TAB" and moved along back and forth Range Extender (augment): First off, a simple augment that extends the max range at which the terrain tool can function. Lets say that the range of the terrain tool is 10 arbitrary units. This augment would increase the max range at which the terrain tool can be used by 5 units. With one range extender on the tool, it'd be 15 units. With two, 20 units. You get the idea. Applications: Anything one could possible want to do with the terrain tool, just farther away than is currently possible. Grappling Cable (augment): Imagine an augment that disables the terrain-altering functions of the terrain tool, but instead fires out a cable that affixes itself into the ground and that can be extended and retracted from the terrain tool. To fire the cable, the player clicks on where he/she wants it to stick with the flatten/leveling mode button. To extend/retract the cable, he/she would use the other two mode buttons. To detach the cable and reel it all in, the player would simply click the flatten/leveling mode button again. While the cable is extended, I don't think the grapple augment should be removable. It should be in the main (top) augment slot, otherwise it shouldn't do anything at all. The cursor would change to a crosshair. I'm inclined to suggest that the max range that the cable can be fired be greater than the max range of the terrain tool; this would make it more useful. I'd suggest 15 units as the base cable launching range, with 25 units total length on the cable. Adding additional grappling cable augments would increase the cable length by 10 units (45 units with 3 grapple cable augments installed), allowing the astroneer to rappel from much higher. Adding range extender augments would increase the max firing range by the usual 5 units (max 25 with one grappling cable augment and two range extended augments). This shouldn't be some kind of fire-across-the-map device, but it should be able to have a decent amount of extra cable for those awesome rappelling moments. (I gave it 25 units of cable as a base amount to allow 1 cable aug 2 range aug setups to be effective. If we decide that's too much, we can go with 20 units cable, and just have there be no benefit to using two range augs with a cable aug. I'd rather not do this, but, hey, balance is balance.) After the cable is fired out, while the astroneer isn't standing on solid ground (suspended in space by the cable), he/she should be able to swing around. If the astroneer is standing on solid ground, he/she would just walk forwards/backwards while facing in the same direction as the cable as the cable was retracted/extended. Applications: Climbing mountains, descending into / ascending out of caves / holes, having loads of fun swinging around as Space Spiderman or Space Cable Anchor (printable): Now, picture a permanently placable cable that can be used to directly move between two points. An astroneer would have to print two of them for them to be effective. The astroneer would go to one location (for example, the top of a mountain or the bottom of a pit) and place the device, pressing the button to anchor it into the terrain. Then, you go to a second location (for example, the bottom of a mountain or the top of a pit) and do the same thing, pressing the button to anchor it. The difference is that if they're close enough together (think of how tethers need to be within a certain distance to connect) a sturdy, taut cable will be shot out between them. The astroneer can now hit "TAB" to attach him/herself to the cable, and can move along its length using the normal movement controls, detaching at any time. Additional anchors could be printed and added to the line (just like how tethers work), meaning that with enough anchors in the right spots an astroneer could travel some pretty good distances. While an astroneer is attached to the cable, I'd suggest that the backpack / terrain tool be fully usable. I'm imagining a harness or something built into the spacesuit that attaches to the cable and slides along it without requiring hands. This would make carrying research up out of caves possible while traveling on one of these cables. This sets it apart from the grappling cable augment in a very significant way, as that shouldn't be able to be used while carrying a research pod since the terrain tool is out and being used. I'd suggest that the max range on the cable anchors be the same as tethers. This is for two reasons: one, this means that if the player places a tether next to each anchor, the astroneer can slide along the cable and still be tethered, getting precious O2 so he/she doesn't die. Secondly, the coding might be easier (go coders, you're awesome! Woo!). I don't like the idea of making cable anchors fit together in your backpack like tethers, with a bunch of them taking up 1 slot. If each took up it's own slot, then you couldn't carry a ton of them around with you at all times, and that would help with balancing. Also, I think using titanium to print them out of your backpack sounds okay. Alternatively, each could be printed from the medium printer and have to be carried around and placed like a medium solar panel. That seems to me like it would be a lot of work for a tether-length cable, but maybe that'd be a good balance. Testing would have to be done. Either way, it'd be printed and not be able to stack on each other like tethers. Applications: Permanent routes up mountains or down into caves/holes, potentially used while carrying research chests and similarly sized things.
  13. An augment that allows the player to press a key or click a button similar to dynamite or the spaceship launch icon that would send out a pulse within a certain range, perhaps 50-200 meters. It would then temporarily indicate any resources' positions with an icon similar to when you point at a harvested nugget for around 10-20 seconds. This way players could find the more diverse deposits of things without needing to dig around blindly, but it wouldn't be overpowered by permanently showing where everything is in a huge area. To balance it out more, it could have a cooldown or recharge timer of 1-2 minutes. Of course all the values and ranges that I'm thinking of could be changed as the Devs see fit, but such a tool would be incredibly useful especially if it has to be unlocked like the other augments. I hope you folks find this as intriguing as I do, it'd be great to locate things that would otherwise stay hidden and buried!
  14. Basic Idea and Reasoning The basic idea is to introduce a new "Control Station" module which allows the crafting of special augments which are used to modify how different aspects of the game work. When not using any such control augment, the game behaves in a standard way and you are playing the "real game" if you want to call it like that. By installing control augments, players can control in what way they want to deviate from that default behavior. The reason for using a new module is to make its special, dedicated functionality more obvious to the player. The intention is to have a more explicit approach to customising the game; this is in contrast to requiring a player to ignore an optional functionality offered by an item or another module, e.g. to not trade hydrazine although it may be possible. Players who want the standard game simply never build the "Control Station" module. Also, a dedicated module for crafting control augments avoids the cluttering of other crafting menus, e.g. in the backpack. Thoughts on Implementing the Idea The "Control Station" module and the control augments should be easily available at the beginning of a game. Therefore, they should be cheap to build with easily available resources (or even completely free to build). There are different options for the scope of a control augment's effect. A control augment could affect only the particular item or module that it is attached to. You would have to outfit each item/module with its own augment in order to modify the behavior. Alternatively, one attached control augment could universally modify the behavior of all the equipment of the same type. Or, the effect is limited to the same type of equipment on the same planet, or just the same base. In this case, the fact that one type of equipment is modified should be made visible on the item or module with some indicator, e.g. a status light, a symbol, a different color etc. Also, for this wider scope of effect, it might be better to have dedicated installation sockets for the control augments on the "Control Station" itself, instead of attaching an augment to the affected equipment. Depending on the actual scope of an control augment's effect, it could be preferable to make the "Control Station" functionality an integral part of habitats (for base- or planet-wide effect) or of the drop ship (for system-wide effect). Personally, I would prefer that control augments modify only the item or module which they are attached to. This allows the parallel use of modified and unmodified equipment, and offers even some additional gameplay, e.g. having to plan for which augments to take to a new planet when the resource required for building a "Control Station" and/or control augments is scarce at the destination. Ideas for Possible Applications Hydrazine Trading There could be a "Hydrazine Licence" control augment which enables hydrazine trading when installed on a trade platform. Research Curve The types of equipment available without the need to research them first could be adjusted by using "Research Database" control augments on the backpack, printer module, or vehicle bay: A "Small Database" augment would make instantly available a medium set of equipment, e.g. all of what was available from the beginning of a game before the "Augment & Research Curve" patch. A "Complete Database" augment would make instantly available all possible equipment. Using Seats as Save Points Seats could allow the installation of an augment that controls whether the game is saved when you enter it, or where you respawn after you have died: A "Safety Seat" augment that makes you respawn at the modified seat that you most recently sat on. A "Bare Seat" augment that disables both the save and respawn functionality of a standard seat. The "Safety Seat" functionality is also in reference to an earlier suggestion:
  15. So... Where do we Go now? As mentioned by Aaron, in the future augments will have a rather major function that can modify the world in a way imaginable. Let's help the developer on unlocking the potential of the augments and what the may be able to do. Any good and well refined suggestion will be pitched in directly to the developers, Get creative guys I'll be leaving this thread as a *wink* Discussion on how the current augments we have may be able to do when implemented. How Do I pitch it in? Easy, first I collect all of the suggestion made here within the first week, then I write a neat document for SES to read, then I send it to them. Update The Document is half done, but here's it now, for anyone whose curious, feel free to correct any of my mistakes
  16. I am trying to research new augments which was released in last updates. But after more then 70 research, I am still not getting any new research, I am getting only resources and sometimes it says researched only there is nothing after that. May be new research system is not so good or there is some bug. I haven't got any augments yet.
  17. Hello there, First time participating here. I bought the game on tuesday I think (Steam user)(awesome game in my opinion, by the way) ; got the occasion to see before & after patch 153. I tried a bit my first save after patch 153 ; quickly made a new game too fully see what were the changes. I never found the research for the medium printer or the vehicle bay, but I got the chance to try on all four Augments (Enlarge on first save, the rest on the new game). I'm not going to say anything about Enlarge/Reduce augments, they're doing their job just fine. Inhibitor too ; in the new game I've spent most of my time on wreckage hunting (tricky without vehicles, thank god I had filters), so I didn't have a use for the Reduce augment or the Inhibitor. They have a much better use in creative deforming I believe. Of all four, only the Enlarge augment really has a purpose in resource and exploration, in my opinion. What I want to talk about is the Terrain Analyser. Looks quite useful on paper, it even has a use in exploration when you don't want to mess up with the path you're creating across a huge canyon. But as it is now, you must have one analyser per color. Once the gauge starts filling, you can't change the color it accepts (just like having unfinished copper/aluminium on the smelter, you need to fill the same if you want to have it leave the output slot). And once it's full, you can't change the selected color either. So when it would come to painting stuff, one has to have multiple Analyzers and get to backpack for any color change. I'm not (yet) into this, but I've already experimented frequent Augment shifting ; it's not exactly long, but stacking all these tiny moments could make quite an amount of time (and that was for pure inventory issues, in my case, not even for color stuff ; I just made one Analyser). Besides, I don't get how the Analyser is supposed to work when it comes to Deform mode and filtering : I think it's supposed to not deform the selected color ? Or specifically just deform this one. I don't know anyway, because I never got it to work. I don't know whether it's a bug or not, but Deforming with an Analyser on Deform tool doesn't deform anything, as if I had an inhibitor activated (which I had not, I found the inhibitor way later). Should I want to deform using the Analyser augment, I have to do weird create-deform successions in order to remove some ground (overall it removes almost nothing this way, having to remove first what I had to create)... The Create mode works fine with this augment, I'm totally able to make my world in pale blue. So about all that, here's what I propose : - Terrain Analyser augment : Check / Fix the Deform toll not Deforming (I think I'll check that again, but I wouldn't mind having feedback from other players about this one) - Terrain Analyser augment : Allow multiple colors on one Terrain Analyser (I'm thinking of the Deform tool itself when gathering multiple resources at once, have the same mechanics applied here), switch between them with key controls (maybe number key controls , 1-9, or just 1 and 2 for next/previous color ? Having floating icons near the tool to click for this could be irritating due to easy missclick) As for new augments, I don't have much ideas. One thing I had in mind before knowing about augments was some kind of cutting tool (cutting surfaces straight along the cutting direction, making straight surfaces at once, square angles or something similar), but it might already be possible to do these already. I do have one idea that just came to me : maybe have some resource-tuned short-range scanner/sonar. Like the terrain analyser, in a way, but for resources : once analyse is done for one resource, it can show you the size of a nearby field of the same resource. The idea is to be able to know how big/how deep/how something spatial a resource field is. So basically when you tap it next to a field (assuming it's the right resource), it shows you the resources in that field (I don't want to map the whole planet or even what's in my FOV, just the field I want to collect). This way, you'll get to know whether you collected everything, or you actually have to dig a bit deeper this way because there's still one or two crystals to gather. Nothing more ; in terms of making this show resources, maybe it could show the external shape of the crystals, make it glow through ground a few seconds, then disappear (similar to a sonar, in a way). I don't have much other ideas for now, but I'll probably update this should I have ideas.