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Found 16 results

  1. As the crane has 2 Tier 1 attachment slots, they feel pretty useless since I've tested Augments and they don't seem to work... are those tier 1 slots intented to be used for boosters? Is this under development, or? How about making another 3rd slot on top of the 2 Tier ones so you can use 3 boosters like the terrain tool has?
  2. MODS...AUGMENTS...the things that go on the terrain tool...I WANT MORE! I will list my...along with some others' ideas here: Repair Mod Capability: When the terrain tool is moved over Debris, (I hope that such Debris can be created from use or storms in the future.) it can be transformed into it's fully functional condition (by means of repair) using, possibly, Scrap or about half the resource cost. Research Cost: 1000 Recipe: I'm thinking 1 Iron Go here for more information: Smoothing Mod Research Cost: 500 Recipe: 1 Zinc Go here for more information: Range Mod - I REALLY want this one. Capability: Expands reach of terrain tool Research Cost: 700 Recipe: 1 Zinc Alignment Mod 2 Capability: Allows adjustment of the terrain modification angle by 5 degrees every time the "Use" function is performed with it. Research Cost: 1000 Recipe: 1 Zinc Shredding Mod Refer to this: Please let me know what you think.
  3. You guys should really add a reaching augment to the terrain gun
  4. I'm noticing that the augments are very dependent on the order you put them on your gun. If you want to use Boost, Wide, and Drill 1, you have to put them on your gun in order of Boost, Drill, then Wide. If you do Boost, Wide, then Drill, when the drill is put on, the Wide mod will turn red, turning the augment off. If you then pick up the wide mod, and put it back on the gun, all 3 will turn green. Not sure if this is intended or not.
  5. I was thinking about when we would eventually have fauna and probably need some means of defense against them; having a normal gun would be boring and probably hard to factor in to the game, since the astroneer is carrying the terrain tool around all the time. What if we had an augment for the terrain tool that allowed you to use dirt from canisters to fire a rock, spike, or cannonball of some kind? This is for the far future, by the way; we don't have fauna yet, so it would be pretty useless right now.
  6. The Angle Augment would allow the terrain tool to be locked to a certain angle, 45° for 8 directions or 22.5° for 16 directions (maybe adjust the angle with scroll wheel and the rotation with the Z and X keys. This would be great for building ramps. The Axis Augment would lock the terrain tool to 2 xyz planes (allows terrain to be built on xy, xz or yz planes). Great for building walls and roofs.
  7. I'd like to report a bug and hopefully, it will receive attention. Because I like to collect colours, I do so by using the terrain analyser; however, the augment appears to be buggy: Initially, after the terrain analyzer mod registers a colour, the indicator shows the colour on its top. However, after awhile (within less than an hour) its top will turn black as if it had never analysed before. But when I test it, the augment still functions as intended, albeit the missing indicator. This is troublesome as I have to test each terrain analyser to figure out which is which. I've uploaded an image to show how my terrain analysers failed to show colour. They do however still function, it is just the display.
  8. Hi, I'm having trouble using the new augments. So far I've obtained the terrain analyzer, inhibitor, wide mod, and narrow mod. The only one of the 4 that seems to function in it's intended way is the inhibitor. This is what my mods do when I try to use them with the terrain tool: - Inhibitor: collects resources without deforming the ground (so it's working properly) - terrain analyzer: doesn't "sample" the terrain. The meter never fills, it stays black. When removing terrain nothing happens, when adding terrain it gets added in a default green color. I can then remove the green terrain. This tool doesn't analyse and seems to be stuck on some default terrain without changing. - Wide mod: when removing terrain it does nothing, when adding terrain it paints the ground grey. -Narrow mod: Nothing. Literally nothing. When I equip this, I don't even have the option to add or remove terrain or anything So yeah imagine my surprise at the results when trying to use these new mods haha! It was something I was pretty excited to test out after the updates, so I'm a bit sad it's not working like intended. Was really looking forward to painting the ground like in the videos you know. If anyone could help me with these problems I'm having with the augments, or suggest anything I can do to get them to work properly I'd reeeealy appreciate it! Thanks for reading
  9. Hi, from new patch i have problem whit augment. They don't work properly... wide mod: act like inhibitor mod narrow mod: block the terrain marker in a positin, cant do nothing Boost mod: the speed dosn't change before someone answer energy ecc ecc i have full energy bar when i use e the green cirle in the mod is on .... someone have the same issue?
  10. Hi, The ability to activate/deactivate an augment without removing it from the terrain tool would be great. I thought we could use F1 to activate/deactivate an augment on slot #1, for example. Thanks for this great game
  11. Like Joe said in last stream, best one can to do help rooting out Augments bugs, is to post video(s). Made a fresh drop, got the essentials and then dug down, got Malachite, made a smelter and thats when the video starts: Specs: OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit CPU: i5 - 750 overclocked to 2.9ghz GPU: MSI GTX 1050ti OC 4gb RAM: Kingston DDR3 2x4gb 1600mhz HDD: WD Blue 750gb
  12. First, this comes from a console perspective but I see no reason a keyboard hot-key couldn't be handled the same way. What I would like is to be able to easily switch mods in and out of the top slot on the terrain tool. My suggestion is do a mod wheel like ESO does their quick slot. For example, if the hot key would be D-Pad UP, then holding it down brings up a wheel of mods you have available. And you select one using the stick. Now when you tap D-Pad UP it would mount that mod on the top of the terrain tool. If anything was there, it goes whereever that other mod came from. And it now becomes the D-Pad UP mod. Tapping D-Pad UP again would then put the old mod back, and return whats there to inventory and again redefine the D-Pad UP. This means D-Pad Up now becomes a quick swap. Its use I see mainly with terrain analyzer and inhibitor. PITA to swap these in and out having to drag crap around in the backpack. A quick, defineable button press really would streamline the process significantly.
  13. Summary: 199 - Steam - Terrain Analyzer Augment display isn't working properly Description: All my Terrain Analyzer Augments aren't showing the terrain colour I have analyzed (to completion) and show a black bar instead of a coloured one as they did before. I think this only happened after I loaded a save, because I remember seeing the bar fill up and showing the correct colours! Here is a picture showing two of these augments in my backpack, both work properly when I paint the terrain (one in blue and one in orange, respectively) but as you can see the bars show up black, either sitting in my backpack or attached to the tool. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.3.10200.0 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 x64 CPU: Intel Core i5- 3230M @ 2.6GHz GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7600M Series RAM: 8gb
  14. Hey all! First off, some credit for these ideas go to EzCheezy123 and UtpoicVision. These lovely gentlepeople suggested a grappling hook that can be used for climbing mountains and rappelling, and I'm borrowing these ideas and building on them somewhat. Lemme know what you all think! Feel free to offer suggestions for different/better names and functions and such. Summary: Range Extender (augment) - allows the terrain tool to work at longer ranges Grappling Cable (augment) - turns the terrain tool into Batman's grapple gun / Link's claw shot Cable Anchor (printer) - creates permanent zip-line-ish cables that can attached to using "TAB" and moved along back and forth Range Extender (augment): First off, a simple augment that extends the max range at which the terrain tool can function. Lets say that the range of the terrain tool is 10 arbitrary units. This augment would increase the max range at which the terrain tool can be used by 5 units. With one range extender on the tool, it'd be 15 units. With two, 20 units. You get the idea. Applications: Anything one could possible want to do with the terrain tool, just farther away than is currently possible. Grappling Cable (augment): Imagine an augment that disables the terrain-altering functions of the terrain tool, but instead fires out a cable that affixes itself into the ground and that can be extended and retracted from the terrain tool. To fire the cable, the player clicks on where he/she wants it to stick with the flatten/leveling mode button. To extend/retract the cable, he/she would use the other two mode buttons. To detach the cable and reel it all in, the player would simply click the flatten/leveling mode button again. While the cable is extended, I don't think the grapple augment should be removable. It should be in the main (top) augment slot, otherwise it shouldn't do anything at all. The cursor would change to a crosshair. I'm inclined to suggest that the max range that the cable can be fired be greater than the max range of the terrain tool; this would make it more useful. I'd suggest 15 units as the base cable launching range, with 25 units total length on the cable. Adding additional grappling cable augments would increase the cable length by 10 units (45 units with 3 grapple cable augments installed), allowing the astroneer to rappel from much higher. Adding range extender augments would increase the max firing range by the usual 5 units (max 25 with one grappling cable augment and two range extended augments). This shouldn't be some kind of fire-across-the-map device, but it should be able to have a decent amount of extra cable for those awesome rappelling moments. (I gave it 25 units of cable as a base amount to allow 1 cable aug 2 range aug setups to be effective. If we decide that's too much, we can go with 20 units cable, and just have there be no benefit to using two range augs with a cable aug. I'd rather not do this, but, hey, balance is balance.) After the cable is fired out, while the astroneer isn't standing on solid ground (suspended in space by the cable), he/she should be able to swing around. If the astroneer is standing on solid ground, he/she would just walk forwards/backwards while facing in the same direction as the cable as the cable was retracted/extended. Applications: Climbing mountains, descending into / ascending out of caves / holes, having loads of fun swinging around as Space Spiderman or Space Cable Anchor (printable): Now, picture a permanently placable cable that can be used to directly move between two points. An astroneer would have to print two of them for them to be effective. The astroneer would go to one location (for example, the top of a mountain or the bottom of a pit) and place the device, pressing the button to anchor it into the terrain. Then, you go to a second location (for example, the bottom of a mountain or the top of a pit) and do the same thing, pressing the button to anchor it. The difference is that if they're close enough together (think of how tethers need to be within a certain distance to connect) a sturdy, taut cable will be shot out between them. The astroneer can now hit "TAB" to attach him/herself to the cable, and can move along its length using the normal movement controls, detaching at any time. Additional anchors could be printed and added to the line (just like how tethers work), meaning that with enough anchors in the right spots an astroneer could travel some pretty good distances. While an astroneer is attached to the cable, I'd suggest that the backpack / terrain tool be fully usable. I'm imagining a harness or something built into the spacesuit that attaches to the cable and slides along it without requiring hands. This would make carrying research up out of caves possible while traveling on one of these cables. This sets it apart from the grappling cable augment in a very significant way, as that shouldn't be able to be used while carrying a research pod since the terrain tool is out and being used. I'd suggest that the max range on the cable anchors be the same as tethers. This is for two reasons: one, this means that if the player places a tether next to each anchor, the astroneer can slide along the cable and still be tethered, getting precious O2 so he/she doesn't die. Secondly, the coding might be easier (go coders, you're awesome! Woo!). I don't like the idea of making cable anchors fit together in your backpack like tethers, with a bunch of them taking up 1 slot. If each took up it's own slot, then you couldn't carry a ton of them around with you at all times, and that would help with balancing. Also, I think using titanium to print them out of your backpack sounds okay. Alternatively, each could be printed from the medium printer and have to be carried around and placed like a medium solar panel. That seems to me like it would be a lot of work for a tether-length cable, but maybe that'd be a good balance. Testing would have to be done. Either way, it'd be printed and not be able to stack on each other like tethers. Applications: Permanent routes up mountains or down into caves/holes, potentially used while carrying research chests and similarly sized things.
  15. I was holding Shift while grabing a Tether line (Cordões) and I had two of those Terrain Analizer (Analizador de Terreno) in my back pack, And because my backpack was full, the tether attatched to the Terrain analizer modificating its colour and name to White and Tether (Cordões) respectively as you can see on the Screen Shots. The Terrain Analizer (analizador de terreno) is Working as it should, only on the gray surfaces as the color indicates after the "attatchment". I tryed to reproduce this in video, but it hapened once only sadly..... I want to sorry for my english, I`m from Brasil I`ll be posting the bugs I find. I forgot this:
  16. I unlocked the inhibitor but have no clue how to equip it. I know it's supposed to go on the terrain tool but how do you hold it and pull out the tool? On Xbox One