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Found 64 results

  1. Summary: - Steam - Audio is reversed. Things on the left side of the screen sound on the right and vice-versa. Description: I just created an account simply to report this bug as it's become a bit of a pain to work around. I just noticed that the game audio is reversed as soon as I set up a base in Desolo. I've noticed it in the past and chucked it off as being a temporary bug, but now that I'm on Desolo I can hear the steam vents on different sides as well as all the equipment I've set up, and its become a bit distracting. I loaded up a different game save and the problem occurs there in Sylva. The problem occurs on two different computers as well. It becomes rather obnoxious when I'm excavating and hear a plant attack me from the sides and I end up running in the direction of the plant and it kills me, because I heard it on the wrong side. I could provide footage if necessary, although upon googling this problem, I've found others are having the same issue and there are videos out there also with the same exact problem shown. Let me know. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1809 | Build 17763.379 CPU: Intel i7 4770K 3.5GHZ GPU: EVGA Geforce 1070 8GB RAM: 32GB DDR3 1600Hz Drive: Samsung 860 Evo 500GB
  2. when the camera is even with the astroneer's head audio will play on the correct side but if the camera is moved up it will swap which ear it is playing in, this effects all sound effect audio sources and is best demonstrated with a constant sound such as a smelter on research chamber I have turned off everything but sound effect volume for this demonstration: Platform: steam Version: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 CPU: Intel core i5-6300HQ 2.30GHz GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M | v417.71 RAM: 16.0 GB
  3. it appears that when I am using the rovers all tire sounds will only come from the East on a planet. an echoing sound accompanies this phenomena and is extremely jarirng because when one is traveling north or south the tire sound effects are only in the left ear when going south and the right ear when going north. I am primarily using Razer Surround Via optical cable But i have found other audio environment are affected as well listed below: Dolby atmos Dolby 7.1 windows sonic Nahimic DTS:X DTS ver 2.0 This audio issue also continues when using USB instead of optical. OS: Windows 10 64 bit pro ver 1803CPU: Threadripper 1950X @ 4.0Ghz 1.325vGPU: 2x GTX 1080 (SLI)RAM: 64GB Corsair Vengance @ 2667Mhz 1.20vOS SSD: 250GB Samsung Evo 970 NVMe Storage 1: 2TB Seagate Baracuda 7200RPMStorage 2: 4TB Seagate Baracuda 7200RPM (game installed here)
  4. In multiplayer on PC, if I am hosting, I can hear other players audio when they push the tab button to unlock new equipment with bytes. Also, tether lag gets really bad.
  5. The audio for item/object sounds are in the opposite channel from where they should be. That is, an object on the left on screen, produces sound in the right hand channel, and vice versa. I have seen other people mention the same problem while streaming. I have video of the problem, if needed.
  6. Summary: - Steam - Audio reversed Description: Almost all sounds are being played in the opposite direction they should be. The bug temporary stops when the camera is positioned to look at the character from below. Sample of the bug: Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1803 | Build 17134.523 CPU: Intel i7 4790K @4.5GHz GPU: GTX 970 G1 Gaming 4GB rev 1.1 RAM: Trident X 2x8GB DDR3 2400Hz Drive: HDD Seagate 1TB 7200 rpm
  7. I'm running on the on-board sound chip (Realtek High Definition) and have that set to both the chosen output device, I'm getting other audio through the headphones but not astroneer. DxDiag.txt
  8. Othtor Potato

    Audio clipping when recording

    Not sure if this is a bug with the game or with OBS but when I try recording Astroneer, I get a lot of audio clipping from the microphone which doesn't happen when recording other things. Even when I turn down the microphone volume down, I still get the clipping. 2019-02-07 10-40-43.mp4 2019-02-07 10-39-15.mp4
  9. So basically as you see the title, I bought Astroneer as of today, and I wanted to change the audio because I wanted to Discord call my friend, I try changing the audio, I can still here the music as I exit out of the setting menu, there is no save or apply button for when you make changes, I tried using my keyboard, doesn't work, this is a bug or a "forgotten" feature, please fix it!
  10. GlumCashew8980_2018

    Dolby Atmos support.

    Hello I have got Dolby Atmos on my pc which makes things unreal, like unreal engine?? Does unreal engine do Dolby Atmos??? No? Are you guys able to do Dolby Atmos support? That would be amazing experience!
  11. Please add a function that will reduce the volume level of a storm based on how far under ground the player is. That is, when I'm in a cave two layers down with no exits to the surface anywhere near the player the sound can become DEAFENING when a storm passes directly overhead. As the player is insulated by a thick layer of ground, dirt, rock, whatever the sound from said storm should be substantially muted and or/ non existent. I know this is a game but ... you might want to consider that, it there isn't any air (e.g. we are in a vaccum) or the atmosphere is of some other makeup (e.g. Helium) then the transfer of sounds an they way they would be heard would either be impossible or dramatically different (e.g. Helium) as the sound waves travel at different rated in different mediums which could be accomplished by adjusting the pitch based on planet type and altitude. Would be a nice technical touch to the game sounds IMHO ThanX - DJ
  12. ProcessorCodeur

    Bug Control And Audio

    hello, I can write to you because I have a bug with the game, when I run the game there's no sound while I recorded at 50 before, I also have another one that annoys me is that the game does not record my keys, I run a game I change the keys everything is fine but as soon as I leave the game and I restart back bah he did not register my keys, it is very annoying. If you could fix both of these problems in the next update this will be great
  13. Howdy, As the title says, whenever I play astroneer, the audio goes to my Rift. I have absolutely no idea why this happens. I have not got any settings pointing the games audio to the rift, but then again, there are no such settings in the game menu. Any help would be appreciated... I understand this might be difficult to debug...
  14. Idk if this has happened to anyone else, I searched but couldn’t find any other info. I play on Xbox One, and since 0.9.0 but also in 0.9.2 (I’m playing on fresh saves for this update) I’ve encountered a strange audio bug when I’m harvesting resources (like compound, resin, the like). I’ve noticed it specifically when using the Inhibitor which I unlock very early so I can clear the area around my base after I’ve flattened and smoothed it. I don’t recall hearing the weird audio when otherwise using the terrain tool to dig out resources normally. It seems to develop over time after using the Inhibitor and I’ve not associated the bug with anything else that has occurred in the game (other phenomena or stuff I’m doing at the time, not yet anyway). What happens is, as I’m harvesting resources (“mowing” them off the terrain) using the Inhibtor I’ll notice gradually there is a change in the pitch or tone of the sound made by the resource that’s collected (often the tone used for the sounds are somewhat musical in nature, those used for ore precursors are more musical than others). The sound morphs into a warbled, disharmonious sound, almost like it’s being duplicated but not fully (like it’s partially overlapped but not the sounds aren’t in tune idk). It reminds me a bit of what we’d call a “trilled” note in music except not a constant held trill, more like just trilled once (sorry, that probably doesn’t make any sense, but it’s not an easy thing to describe). Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this. If it were just the odd sound, it might not be so bad. But clearly something else has gone wrong in the game because once this weird sound occurs the game starts to freeze. Not just a little either, I’ve never seen Astroneer freeze like this. Lag, sure. Hitch up a bit when a storm forms or you’ve printed something or you save, yeah again I’ve seen all that before. But actually freeze up for a few seconds, not like this anyway. I thought it was just an audio bug and kept going, but the game clearly doesn’t like it and I wasn’t right by the habitat when I first noticed it so when it first froze up I thought oh well the game is going to crash. It didn’t, so I kept going but it froze again....longer. I started back to my habitat which thankfully wasn’t far, but I almost didn’t make it. It froze for about 10-15 seconds, thought for sure it would crash. Not sure why it didn’t, but once it released my character I saved and exited the game. Since then, it has happened several times, in other saved games. Now when it happens, I know to stop harvesting resources immediately, save and leave my game. Unfortunately just leaving the game and reloading back in doesn’t fix the issue. I have to close Astroneer completely and reload the whole game itself. I don’t know what this bug is, but it’s a pesky one. The way the freezing behavior was going, I’m concerned it would’ve locked up my Xbox for who knows how long, and I would’ve been forced into a manual shut down (since it didn’t crash, which is what Astroneer usually does). Anyone using the Inhibitor (to clear their bases of clutter or for harvesting resources) who notices a strange sound when doing those things, one that is almost like a duplicated but warbled or garbled sound (trust me you’ll know, it doesn’t sound right at all) you should stop doing that and save your game right away. Save and exit, shut down Astroneer, then reload into it. Should be ok at least afaik. Hope the Devs will look into this, the freezups are concerning.
  15. Lucaq Sound Bug

    Hello All! As of, I've been getting this really annoying bug when starting a new save. As soon as the Dropship lands, all I can hear is this really loud hissing sound. Am I the only one with this problem? It would be great to have this issue fixed ASAP, because it ruins the immersion - plus, it's really annoying. Platform: PC/Steam Thanks!
  16. Still getting a bug where every time I launch the game the audio options reset to a previous state (currently, muting music/effects). Resetting the options seems to stick for a bit, but then the issue reappears. ...on a related note, could we get nicer audio setting controls? Clicking a tiny arrow 30 times isn't the best UX.
  17. So i traded 4 or 5 resin for 1 laterite, and the rocket sound of the trade platform continued to play even when it was finished trading. I restarted the game and it was still there. I had to turn the audio of the game off to not hear it.
  18. Summary: - Steam - Oxygen Refilling Audio Stuck After Dying Description: Dying while the player's oxygen is refilling will cause the sound to become stuck around the death location until the player exits to the desktop. An example video: Platform: Steam / Xbox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 17134) CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 RAM: Corsair 2x8GB DDR3 Drive: Samsung 850 Evo 250GB Audio / Playback Device: Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)
  19. Running the 0.8.0 build, via Steam, I get no in game audio of any kind. I went back to the experimental and the audio was just fine. Let me know what info, logs, etc I can provide.
  20. gaminggod99999

    Audio Settings Idea

    I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but we need sliders or whatever you call them and a mute button, the current configuration makes it take far too long to mute the audio for those of us that want to listen to our own music.
  21. missing1eyebrow

    No sound

    I was playing on my laptop a few hours ago and everything was working fine, but getting home to the PC I discover a lack of music and sound effects. I've checked my playback devices, steam launch preferences, unplugging peripherals and un/reinstalling the game plus verifying the game files. Other games and programs work just fine, internet and mp3s play through the speakers as they should, but the game is silent. Thoughts?
  22. When i start to play Astroneer the audio is always set to 0 for all the settings, this only after this new fantastic update ( pc components: gtx 980 reference, i5 4690k overclocked to 4.5ghz, 16 GB ram ddr3, 2 hard disk, 7200rpm, one of 1tb and one of 500 GB, (the second one is empty).
  23. 101101110111

    sounds abruptly cutting off

    steam 0.6.2 i've noticed more often than not, the storm sounds on Exotic don't fade out the same way they fade in. as the storm passes, the wind sound keeps going full-blast, then just cuts off suddenly. haven't noticed the same issue on Terran or Tundra; the storm sound fades in, then fades back out again.
  24. i already miss the tone the medium printer made when it finished an item. can we get that back? it had become a huge part of the game's atmosphere for me
  25. dking1981

    game sounds stop working

    I think I have found a bug. I am on PC (Windows 7 64bit) and using the most up-to-date steam version of the game (0.5.1). If I start the game through steam while my Chrome browser (64.0.3282.167 64bit) is open and playing any Youtube video it automatically kills all sound on my computer. To fix this I have to close my browser and then close the game all the way to the desktop and then restart the game through steam and then start Youtube in my browser. If you need more information please let me know.