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Found 2 results

  1. Ok so there's a glitch that occurs when your standing on terrain and adding it while standing on it which eventually causes your character to get stuck in said terrain n you either gotta jump until you pop out or can try n dig yourself out. I was once returning back from a little trip and upon my return as I was closing in on my base the rover I had sitting there all of a sudden flew up in the air and landed back on the ground but idk if it was cause it was loading the area or not but yea. Then I had left the planet only to turn tail back home but as I was landing the area was loading, rather laggy, and the vehicles I had there were gone and they were both rovers but yea completely gone. Also attachments don't always stay cause I built a storage onto a rover and then I went ahead and traveled, possible rocky terrain, only to turn around and find that the storage attachment had popped off, def should fix it so the upgrades or alterations stay on or are permanent unless the vehicle is somehow destroyed, also if that happens there should be something that salvageable.
  2. The game is fantastic, and I love how it is so far. I've been using the rovers and the trucks a lot lately, and now that I'm expanding my base, it's time to haul all that gear. That being said, while I understand the more rovers/trucks you have setup as a train slow it down, it would be nice to have different selections of speed. For example: Performance: Increases energy usage, but is faster, has higher top end, but less torque (single rover/truck, allowing for faster transport) Towing: Increases energy, is slower, has lower top end, but much higher torque (allowing it to not suffer as much of a penalty with lots of items) Standard: As it is right now, neutral performance and torque, with no additional energy usage Economy: Less power usage, lower speed, lower top end, less torque (for when you need to extend the range of your vehicle, let's say you can't recharge and want to converse) It would also be nice to be able to research different attachments for the vehicles in terms of performance. How this would work is that there would be spots on the vehicle for 1 or 2 attachments, which customize how the vehicle performs. For example: Regenerative braking (regain a small amount of energy when you brake) Suspension (or even the ability to modify it, or be able to craft either a harder or lighter suspension to add) Tyre size/type (rovers already have small wheels, compared to the trucks, but would be nice to have different types of wheels for the different terrains) Radio (would be cool to be able to use your own music and play it through the vehicle, but as an attachment) Just my idea and thoughts/suggestions that would make the vehicles in the game a lot more enjoyable to use. I know the concept of the vehicles is not to go half way across the planet necessarily (cue shuttles/spaceships), but it would make them more fun to use. As a car enthusiast, there is just something about using a rover/truck to go all the way around the planet, or even explore. What do you all think?