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Found 5 results

  1. i suggest a new attachment for the landscaping tool the attachment that makes it easier to make walls or falls like you can select the angle you want to build with and that's the angle it builds like if you select 90 degrees then the only angle you can build with is 90 degrees or even 50 degrees than the same thing happens you can only build on a 50 degree angle, it would make it so much easier and less frustrating to build walls and floors, and its an attachment so its optional to have on or not.
  2. First of all I would love to thank developers for amazing work and for developing this non-combat game, it's nice to see something what is not only about killing and destruction. I was wondering if I am the only one who thinks that land rover should have more attachments for various tasks, like terraforming (flattening) the surface, or applying some kind of concrete to make base area flat, maybe changing it's color as well. It would make much better overall feeling in our bases... My second idea is way how we could obtain some rare research thingies. They would be in asteroids, occas
  3. When I have a Solar (dish) connected to the front of a Rover and if I get too close to a connecting point where it previews a big blue transparent tube connecting points together, the Solar instantly falls off. It happens every time I get close enough to a connecting point. 20170317_113648_s02.mp4
  4. Just found an issue this morning with moving research modules around and having them get "stuck" on a geothermal vent attachment point. I flew up to the desert moon, found some research, and while I was carrying it back to my habitat, one of the anomalies got stuck on a geothermal vent attachment point. I thought that looked funny so I attached it to see what would happen. The anomaly grew in size and I was unable to remove the anomaly from the vent, leaving it permanently attached. I quit Astroneer, reloaded that save, and the anomalies were still on the two vents I tested this on.
  5. What I did: Build spaceship Land on other planet with spaceship Build base on that planet starting from the spaceship Launch from that planet without detaching from the base Result: After taking off in my spaceship without detaching from the ground base, the cable is still connected. Technically I am still connected to the base on another planet which is hilarious, but what is not so hilarious is the fact that it seems impossible to detach. Hope this can be fixed. If I didn't have enough fuel to go back to the base where I'm connected, I think I would be screwed!