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Found 5 results

  1. Maybe make it so that the Medium Canister could hold the gases from the atmospheric condenser, or have a counterpart that could? Just seems a bit annoying to have a bunch of small gas canisters layin around.
  2. As the title suggests, I have returned to the game after a very long absence. I have created the atmospheric condenser and connected it to plenty of power, but I can't figure out how to "switch it on", how to make it work. I'm sure I'm missing something fundamental, so help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. A bug with these modules if they are on the same platform (extra large platform C). If there is no space for a canister of gas, it is placed in the outlet slot of chemical lab, and this canister cannot be reached until you start production of something. Video shows what I mean.
  4. Hi, I've encountered a bug for the Atmospheric Condenser and the Soil Centrifuge. The Atmospheric Condenser don't refuel some gas pods, I've noticed the Hydrogen, and sometimes Nitrogen. (I have not verified for the other gases) The Soil Centrifuge use to take Soil Canisters to fill up and put them back (if space available). Now, you have to initiate the process, and even if it's fully filled up, it will continue to take Soil Canisters, wich is annoying for "semi-automation". So can you please fix it to work as it used to ? Could you please take those bugs in consideration, and fix them ? Thank you.
  5. Why does the Atmospheric Condenser create gas-canisters out of nothing? Reminds me of the old days of hydrazine-condensers. Why cant we just use regular empty canisters and then they get "ballooned" into the round shape by the Atmospheric Condenser (and shrink back if empty?