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Found 19 results

  1. iPouk

    Salvage chic

    Hello, So i have all achivements except "Salvage chic" and ofc the one that requiers all others achivements. So i built the exo request platform made the composit, aluminum, and aluminum aloy parts. I did not unlock the achivement "Salvage chic". Now the plateform asks me for 50 astronium. I sent 50 astronium , it asks me 50 astronium again, so i sent them again, i'm stuck there sending astronium over and over again. i use the auto extractor to reach that amount of astronium but it's slow and it seems to be endless. Am I doing anything wrong or is there a bug there? Thanks
  2. Astronium is kind of useless in the current build of the game. It can be researched, sure, but it provides 1k over 25 minutes. Large Organic samples found on pretty much any planet that isn't Sylva or Desolo beat that. The only value it has is to occupy research pods on planets you don't frequent, which with the coming automation update potentially brings an opportunity to set up a research station and a silo to have dozens or hundreds of Astronium queued up to just constantly provide a trickle of bytes. I have a different idea. There's really only one economy that matters in Astroneer,
  3. Astronium is the resourse without any good usage. It is mined near the centre of the planet so it can be used for advanced technologies in lategame. ASTRONIUM USAGE: - Astronium is used to build Alien techologies, which open, then you activate the centre of different planets. - Alien technologies can be built on Alien printer. You can Make Alien printer on Gateway portal satellite, using packed Big printer and Astronium. - All things that are connected to Alien technologies are getting appropriate color. THE LIST OF TECHNOLOGIES AND PLANETS: SYLVA - PORTABLE GATEWAY PORTAL (I
  4. Hydrazine - It is given too much use, used in thrusters, making graphene, used in jetpacks. They should not be used in making graphene as it makes no sense, and is best used as a fuel, also since ammonium is a little hard to find and the soil centrifuge does not offer a fair trade with 2 canisters of soil. Zinc - It is found on almost every planet and in very large quantities but it is used in making the augmented tools and the medium battery that's all, I find sphalerite almost everywhere in the caves of Sylva and some other planets too. Diamond - It is only used in making level 3
  5. I am always annoyed by the fact that locations of teleportation are limited to the Gateways and have always wanted a late game teleporter. I then came up with this idea: Temporary Odd Stone Generator Description 1: Teleportation Device Description 2: resonates an Odd Stone by configuring Astronium molecules icosahedrically allowing it to create a space warping magnetic field Byte Cost: 500000-1000000 (We aren't just passing these out for free!) Crafting Method: Medium Printer Recipe: 1 Titanium Alloy, 1 Copper, 1 Astronium Input: 3 Astronium, 1 Power f
  6. A friend & I went down to the core to collect astronium for research. When we began researching it, everything was going fine. My friend, who was hosting, experienced a crash & we reloaded the game. Once we got back in the game, we found that the raw resources we collected, such as latterite & astronium, were unable to be researched. The research chambers simply didn't recognize them, as if nothing was there. So, we tried quitting & reloading the game, hoping it would resolve the the issue. Once we loaded in, the research chambers still didn't recognize them, but the also said
  7. How do you get back from the core to the ground around the core. Everytime I try to mine astronium on the ground I get sucked toward the core and flipped upside down. Is there a way to get around this??
  8. Version xbox one after the update my player can no longer use the earth centrifuge (green button is missing although ausdeichend earth is present). i can, however, use the earth centrifuge. astronium can no longer be researched in the research chamber. only every third to fourth amonium works. Otherwise, the research chamber tells me that this object can not be met. Successes are always set back to 14% if you want to do it
  9. Summary: Unable to gain bytes by researching Astronium. Description: Mined up some astronium from the core, got back up and can't research it in the chamber. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 1.0 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro CPU: AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor GPU: 1060 6gb RAM:16.0 GB DDR3 Drive: ST1000DM 010-2EP102 SATA Disk Device
  10. I just found astronium deep inside the barren moon. I know it's not used for anything. Is it a holdover from a previous edition of the game? Will it be used for something in the future? Should I just throw it away?
  11. Crudely made Illustration provided (Left: Reactor Module(large); Right: Enriched Astronium(medium)) Of course, it's always a good time to leave a suggestion for the game (even if you're a moderator). And it's always even better to leave something fresh here. Oh! and to leave a good suggestion format for any other user to use Astronium Reactor Reactor Module Recipe: not sure Crafted at: Upgraded Platform Tier: 3 (Large Module) Type: Power Generator This module are made using whatever material suit it, will use a medium sized Enriched Astronium (always
  12. I was mining astronium today and I thought of a use for it. Basically, for two resin you can add a platform to your base. This platform is researchable and will be named "Nuclear Reactor" or something like that. It will look similar to the fuel condenser, but it will have two small cooling towers and a place to input your astronium. Once you input your astronium, the reactor will output power for 5 - 10 minutes. If your batteries are full and all items in the base are charged the reactor will stop so that way you don't waste your rare astronium. When the reactor is activated the cooling towers
  13. Just an idea. I think it would be a cool add-on for the game that hematite would be used to create a new module that when placed, similar like a habitat, it would attach to the surface. This hematite module would require x amount of astronium to run and when running, it converts a certain radius around the module to convert itself into earth like land(basically reterraforming the planet to be more like earth). This is just a thought that came to me, seeing that hematite and astronium are basically end game resources. Makes sense to end the game with terraforming Terran (an earth like planet) i
  14. sorry, can you tell me what is the astronium? Thank you
  15. WALKER- Would basically be a spider drone with 8 legs to have better mobility on the land of bumpy planets. It would also have the same amount of slots to put things on as a regular rover, (Possibly truck??? not sure depending on the size of the drone). Would cost some of the higher end resources, as when you finally start thoroughly exploring the other planets, you will probably have resources like titanium (4) and maybe even some astronium (2) available for use. Would need to be researched from pods from crash sites. Same power as a truck. FLYING DRONE(S)- It would be like the
  16. If there are large pockets of nothing but astronium it needs to have some use or worth on the trade station. Right now, I have tons of astronium just sitting around, taking up space.
  17. Hey everyone, a buddy and I were curious on what would happen if we dug all the way down the earth. After about 45 minutes of digging and tethering, we came across a resource that was in a rock but we were still able to scrape the surface to get some of the resource. It ended up being "Astronium" so we googled it and saw that there is no use for this resource yet in the game! Crazy how we found it. I kinda wanna know what this is used for..
  18. Has anyone found out what the exotic materials are for, I just drilled a really deep distance down and found this, it was mostly attached to a rock that i cant do anything with. I was able to get 2 stacks tho.