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Found 3 results



    Colouring for base parts and vehicles especially for the tethers so you can tell which tether goes where... also for space suits would be cool as well but base colouring would be a great start that way you can differentiate between which outpost you are going or coming fron also if there would be sone way to tell with the beacons for colour as well
  2. [SGN]_ShyGuy_T

    Npc's and signs

    I have unique idea that's far out from the rest this idea is npc astronauts imagine this your just driving in a vehical of some sort and you see a base with other npc astronauts so if your playing in single player you will have something(?) to play with you can make them enemies or become allies with them kinda like SPORE you can also add different things like alien bases robot bases stuff like that i hope you approve this idea (AND I'M NOT ASKING FOR ANIMALZ) -ShyGuy_T_YT p.s. can u also add signs pls ok bye!