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Found 1 result

  1. OwenLopez

    Astroneer The Core

    Astroneer The Core So here we are at the core, just the 3 of us, we finally made it... We had fun in the zero gravity we. We also were bummed out that the core was not full of lava, but then we got a better idea why not go past the core and go to the other side of the world and build a base, also tether this new base to our other base at the other side of the world. Our reason for this was to get 24 hours of sunlight on our solar panels, now we will never run out of power! I believe we achieved something great I'm not sure how many others out there have tried something like this. It takes us approximately 20 hours to build a base and make it too the other side of the world and have them tethered together sharing power between one another. We had many many problems number 1 being whoever hosted the game would have 10fps or below. We would take turns hosting the game sharing the file save between one another so we have a chance to play with smooth frames. The next problem was the beacons stopped working, when we made a shuttle to move between both bases we had to memorize the geography of the planet to know were to land! There were so many problems but we did it in the end. I am going to share my save game file so you can see everything for your self. I recommend having a friend host the game for you or your frames will be very bad we are running the game on a dedicated server with 6 physical cores. Here is the YouTube Video of our Accomplishment.