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Found 3 results

  1. 1. When I start moving Plants, rockes, tree and Other Things takes fee seconds to load which leads to game lagging. This is the main issue that i want you all to focus.. As Because of this my Whole Game lags. 2. After this i have noticed some features like Building Machineries and Gathering Chemicals are also broken means When i try to build anything it doesnt give me the option to build i have to restart the game for that. And many other features are broken which needs to be fixed 3. TERRAIN. Yes . . My Whole river sometimes stuckes in it or ny character stuckes during Sandstorms . . Thinking about the Framrates? My system runs itat 45fps 4 (FeedBack) Atleast You guys shouldn't do this if we got killed our whole inventory gets empty. Alright u understand its the rules of game but atkeast out tanks and other stuff which are made by rare Chemicals they are also lost . . My character died because of lags and after that i couldn't find my stuff as I am unable to remember the place where i got killed . . It will be a great thing if This is changed. Chemicals nd others are allowed to be lost but atleast nit the tanks or chargecharge tank or what ever it is.... please I am hoping these are fixed. That should be awesome as the game is so perfext i always wanted to play a game like this other then other games they are more complicated but this one . . . Its love ?
  2. As me and my friends all decided to get astroneer, we've encounter a couple of bugs, most of them being unpleasant. The first bug we encountered playing on the Xbox one is that when someone was hosting they will encounter low fps as time went on while in co-op, we never found a solution to fixing it unless you reset the game and that too only fixed the bug momentarily. The next bug we encountered was a tether bug where if you where to pick up a tether it would disappear into oblivion and never come back, we never really found out the issue but assumed it was a player issue as when someone with the bug died it would fix it. The next one was clipping through the map when you where to build up, we found jumping a lot fixed the issue so that you can clip back onto the surface. The next issue was an fps drop whenever you went into a cave and having the fps drop continue of of the cave, we found this happened ever 5 out of 10 times you went into a cave. The rest of the issues where simple crashes and screen freezes. I hope this issues get fixed soon because my friends and i are really loving this game!
  3. I was playing Astroneer in my Xbox 1 when I started seeing bugs I didn't care enough to report them. But, when a certain bug (#2) on this list destroyed all my work I lost all motivation and thus made this list. Various Bugs in Astroneer Xbox 1 1. Every time I turn off my Xbox, turn in astroneer, and log into my Astroneer world, the items on my backpack aren't directly attacked to the back but instead float near where they should attack. This bug doesn't affect the gameplay or anything and can be reset by taking off the items and returning them to you inventory. I included two screenshots to show what it looks like, 2. Switching planets removes any "unchained" objects on the planet. What I mean by "unchained objects" are objects that aren't connected to anything. For example, I had about 5 storage units full of items when I left for another planet, but when I came back the storage units were gone. I also had a truck on my home planet but that was gone as well. Not to mention various items on my second planet were gone when I returned to it. 3. Wind generators don't work on my world. I don't know why, I can't name a source, but even when storms appear or small blocks with low opacity are casually being thrown in the wind (meaning when its windy), my wind generators don't show any animations nor generate power. 4. I can't attach seats or "capsules" (I don't remember their name but you need them to create a base" to storage units. At first I thought this was normal, but then I read many tutorials online that example this feature. ?. This isn't really a bug, but carrying items in Xbox one Astroneer is just super buggy and glitchy and annoying. The camera angles are wierd, the moment is clunky and slow, and it's hard to run while carrying an item.