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Found 4 results

  1. Hello. Recently I encountered five bugs. 1. Dead astronaut about appearance ,,Slenderman'' (Picture 1) 2. Teleport on another planet. (No picture) 3. Two ferries in themselves. (Picture 2) 4. Rover in the base. (Picture 3) 5. Two astronauts in themselves. (Picture 4) I admit it is very funny, but after time, problematic. I am waiting for reapirs.
  2. I understand that if any of the developers read this that making these things in the game is much more difficult than just saying that is should happen. Space Station It would be a nice idea if it were possible to have a space station accessible from further distances than what are allowed in a planets orbit - For instance, if I were orbiting Arid and I wanted to get to Tundra, but their orbit cycles are so different in relation to the sun, it takes ages in game for me to move from one planet to another easily. Adding a space station might help as a midway point between these two planet. Another way to make this less time consuming is adding different travel distances for the shuttle compared to the spaceship - For instance, if I were in the shuttle and wanted to fly to Arid from Terran, it would be very possible depending on the orbit cycles. If I wanted to fly from Terran to Exotic, but Exotic is further away, it would be possible while only in the Spaceship opposed to the shuttle. Planets From what I know is that there are already future plans to bring in Dwarf planets into the game. Great idea! More variety in planets would be a very nice feature to add to the game as well as it adds time to spend in the game. Possible incorporation of a campaign or missions would be highly suggested. I love this game a lot, but it is difficult to stay attached to the game itself when it seems to get very repetitive. I would like to see more "alien" or "precursor" existence on individual planets (not live creatures per se, but remains of an existence). Astronauts A customization table for an astronaut would be really cool to add in! Have things such as different visor colors, different primary and secondary suit options, designs on the astronauts, and even design options for the excavation tool. Something to incorporate into the game would be where you find specialized research items that unlock these customization specialties. Organic is a resource that I rarely ever use, unless it's on the trade platform (maybe that's what you designed it for, maybe you have a plan for it in the future). If there were ever a hunger indication bar or something of the sort for your astronaut, organic would be the number one solution to solve that problem. Buildings - Not just platforms Again, I'm not sure how well you would be able to add this to the game, but actually being able to enter certain buildings would be an interesting concept to add to this third-person adventure. More than just a habitat, but a home. The home would have multiple storage spaces, a few spots to power the home on top (solar panel, generator, and wind vane slots to keep the lights on). Specialized buildings or platforms that you can use to customize rovers, trucks, spaceships, and shuttles with different colors, designs, etc. Extra Features In storms that pass by, shouldn't the wind vanes as well as wind turbines be working double time? Higher elevation areas such as mountains or atop plateaus would normally be considerably windier than in a valley or plains. Banners or flags would be kinda cool to integrate in the game, for territorial, guide directions/locations (i.e. Laterite and Malachite deposits down here), and for aesthetic reasons. You could also put organic to a use for the dyes, cloth material, etc. that would be required to make these banners or flags.
  3. The idea is simple, characters that are non-human and pertain interesting and unique characteristics for each astronaut. While I know I will be a little biased here... Perhaps also astronauts that are quadrupeds? I always wanted to play as a quadruped and see the world from a non-bipedal creature! Each astronaut that is a different species should indeed have different hit boxes, sounds (like jumping sounds, heart beat when suffocating, breathing patterns, ext.), where they can see the world around them (and at what height), and how fast they can travel on foot. Of course this also means there would need adjustments for their structures, but perhaps each species has their own unique subset of machines that fit their size and appear aesthetically different!
  4. Hi guys, at the startscreen, you can choose between 4 different colored astronouts. What does the choice mean? - Just the color of the suite? - Different difficult levels? - it looks nice? - 4 parallel games for one player possible? - because it looks so cute or something else? Second question: After starting one game, I have a blue "Saved-Game" right to the 4 astronauts, fine. But other peoples have two slots? What does that mean. Is it possible to save different savegames and if yes how? PS: Will not be the last questions propably...some more explanation or helpscreens would be very welcome, at least for the very basics ;-)