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Found 9 results

  1. Since the auto-save feature when getting in and out of vehicles crashes the game often on console. How about a save button and even a Minecraft 360 style auto-save slider, that you can change in the pause menu (or maybe just the main menu) that auto-saves based on the amount you set (and the auto-save won't activate when in transition periods, like rocket travel and entering vehicles to avoid crashing, losing your progress).
  2. My suggestion is to make an upgrades for spacesuites, or spacesuites(it was said that there will be a new ones) with different abilities. I am always think about double or "high jump". Maybe it would be jetpack do all thing possible, but "high jump" must be possible near the start of the game. It must not be such expensive than jetpack. High jump + grappling hook would be useful in caves when you accidentally fall deep down without O2 tether.
  3. Dear Astroneer developers, What about the Centre of the Planet? I mean what will happen when I will reach the centre of the planet? I tried hard to reach it but it seems that I cannot pass through it, and I have to be back from where I come... Have you put some barrier to avoid the possibility to move to the other side? As I attached as pictures, e.g. the Astronaut fall down in the empty space, and he can comes from every side 360°, then what is going on when reached the Centre of the Planet (A)? starts to rolling without ending? (B) I am not a physic of course, but should be nice to make something about like...don't know....funny stuff?... Thank you Tommaso
  4. Summary: 1.0.9 - Xbox - Controller loss of signal action continues. Description: When a dead batterie or loss of signal from the controller the astroneer continues the last action inputted until connection is regained and another action is sent. When this happens durring digging or walking it is almost always a death sentence for the astroneer unless you are lucky. As someone that enjoys hours of gameplay, controllers often go dead. Can we please have the astroneer stop its action at a timed delay after losing connection to inputs. Saving countless lives and resources from recovery efforts? Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: 1.0.9 Specifications: xbox one s
  5. Desperately needed features: -Map. -Placeable waypoints and Markers (Not just tethers) -Scan Blip Sonar to reveal any nearby Resources. -Numbers going up when upgrading and collecting/ level up system? -A/B Teleporter Cute Stuff: -Monkey Astronaut -Double Jump/-Jet Pack? -Bicycle with a Red Pulley Wagon to Carry Stuff in.
  6. This may be a silly question, but when you login via different astronauts, are they all by default on the same world? Reason I'm asking is one of my characters is glitched and I wanted to travel to my primary base via another character.
  7. List of Ideas: 1- Add Stability to Truck when using drill, something that sticks into the ground and can be removed when finish drilling. 2- Add more resources and make the crafting more complicated, for example add carbon fibre which can be made from coal 'carbon' when put into a new machine like a science module which works much like the crafting bench but uses a lot of power, much like the fuel condenser. This would allow for longer time before leaving the planet. 3- Add satellites to space when you are orbiting your planet, these can be used for resources or as a way to transfer power between planets. Also add a late game system to send up satellites. 4- Add clothing to the astronaut, something that aids in mining with extra lighting or gives grip to climb better or gives added strength that allows you to carry multiple research at the start of the game without vehicles. 5- Add Self drilling systems that will drill straight down looking for minerals. 6- Add Oil for upkeep of machinery, much where the self-drilling system will be looking for mainly the oil. This would also add a new element to be cautious of when mining as falling in oil would lead to death as its viscosity would mean no chance of escape. 7- Add a terraform object that you place in the ground and wait for it to expand into a dome which allows organic and oxygen to grow within, this would be useful for barren planet. 8- Add random walking traders that can be used to get new research blueprints. These walkers should be random and un-killable. 9- Add a underground hyper loops to travel fast around the planet, these could be made with a drilling devices that is placed on the front of a truck, would need to be quite large however. 10- Finally I believe being able to leave your own solar system should be added, or at least add highly scientific systems like fusion reactors and particle colliders which allow for spaceship designs to be changed from research. This is a far out there idea for the future. Thank you for reading and hope you like my ideas, comment any changes you would make or if you think these are good ideas or not, the game needs as much feedback as possible.
  8. Just a suggestion but I think astronaut customisation should be a thing. This can make players feel unique and different from others.