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Found 5 results

  1. JakAttack654

    cool paver idea

    I had an idea for the paver item when that comes out that you should ad a spot on one side for a terrain anilizer and a slot for like a wide mod or something
  2. Soupchick


    Hey! I want stream this game but I can't open Astronner in window.
  3. So, I recently built a new pc, and wanted to play astroneer, I installed it (in case it helps, I am using steam) and seconds after I open it it comes up with the error "You do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for this crash." If my computer's specs, or my error log are needed, just ask.
  4. Ok so I just got Astroneer and downloaded fine, was working fine until I got to the main menu screen. The screen was pure green on one side and tinted green on the other, So I launched a Shuttle/Ship and turns out the game works fine but this green screen is making it nearly impossible to play the game. So I tried Vertifying the games cache didnt work, I tried to re install Microsoft Visuals didnt work, ive tried to go into the game files and figure out the issue didnt work,ive tried to go in the game files and re install the VC redist both of them didnt work, tried looking up the issue wasn't anywere to be found. I need this issue fixed so I can play Astroneer and have a good time. Thanks
  5. MacGyver

    Research Pod Loss

    While playing the game, I found that if the player drops a research pod, (space bbq), on the ground and leaves the game, when they return the pod will have fallen through the ground until it reaches a cave system. I have lost multiple research opportunities due to this bug and I am hoping for a bug fix sometime in the coming future.