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Found 6 results

  1. Hi ! I was talking with other people on steam of new ideas for astroneer and I thought that posting them on the official astroneer forum would give them more visibility. So here they are ! First, like F-orbit and ewanc said on steam, having a greehouse in astroneer would be a great idea. so, why a greenhouse ? We alrealdy have the soil centrifuge to get the most basic ressources like compound and resin but we don't have anything for organic. When you want to create new materials like some alloys you need a lot of carbon. So having a greenhouse would be very convenient. There could be different sizes: A tier 2 greenhouse and a tier 3 greenhouse that would fit perfectly on the extra large platform A. To function properly, it would need power, some soil (and water ???). This new item could lead to the inclusion of a farming mechanic (and even a food mechanic ?!). You could be able to produce different kinds of plants depending on what you want to do. Finally, why not add a kind of laboratory where you could create new plants from the seeds that you gather from destroying the current flora in the game. The tier 2 greenhouse could look like a little "incubator" and the tier 3 greenhouse would be spherical and be inspired by the self-made greenhouse that we can see in the movie"The Martian" . But you could ask, how could we get water ? Like ashes2007 said on the steam, their could be asteroids in the game. Those asteroids could be harvested and then processed to extract water from it. He also suggested a new mechanic in the game : space station building. Go check out our Discussion on steam if you want to know more about it : Secondly, I would really like to see a new vehicule added to the game. But this vehicle couldn't be driven by anyone. It would be a kind of automated rocket. It would require to establish two landing sites on different planets. This rocket would have a lot of storage and could be sent just like the trade platform. Thus, when you want to gather a lot of ressources from a foreign planet, you wouldn't be as much limited by the storage capacity of the rocket that you came with. Finally, I would really like to have suits inspired by sci-fi movies like "The Martian" or even licensed suits from NASA. Before writing this post, I've taken a look at Astro stuff that the devs posted on google drive and I saw a beautiful exosuit, some living forms and an excavation lifter. Those are really great ideas ! Please implement them in the game, even if the designs seems to be a bit old it looks so good ! PS: Does anyone knows where is the blackhole that we saw in the E3 trailer. It didn't appear so far in any version of the game. Is it a feature that's going to be added or is it lost ?
  2. First of all I would love to thank developers for amazing work and for developing this non-combat game, it's nice to see something what is not only about killing and destruction. I was wondering if I am the only one who thinks that land rover should have more attachments for various tasks, like terraforming (flattening) the surface, or applying some kind of concrete to make base area flat, maybe changing it's color as well. It would make much better overall feeling in our bases... My second idea is way how we could obtain some rare research thingies. They would be in asteroids, occasionally flying in sky (maybe in same level as clouds). We would have to research some kind of laser gun to shoot these asteroids down to research what's in them. Last idea is about automatic harvesters of organics. We could place it in areas where are plants (grass). It would have some kind of beam which would collect plants in certain radius around the center, but it would also restore the plants as well over time. Farming king of thing. From time to time we could collect whatever it harvested. In late-game, it could be planted even in areas where are no plants, it would seed them and started harvesting after certain period of time.
  3. shadowcrafter01

    Asteroid Mining

    (I noticed that there was another topic on asteroid belty things but i think my idea is a bit different) Firstly, this game is insane Secondly, I once got an idea for, say, and asteroid belt that (like irl) has a set distance from the sun in the space map, and when you travel to it, you and your spaceship zip through it and can use it as a form of planet-jumping, and as you travel through it (if you have a crane on your ship) you could snag some rare minerals (which would make up entire small asteroids) as you go i drew a thingy and it sorta shows what i mean i guess... maybe a little bit... (this idea really came about when thinking about a crane on a rocket, just sorta thought, "what would it even do?..."
  4. These are my top 10 features and suggestions. Most of which I did not see on the astroneer website. 1.Fix for the vehicles ending up in clouds or in the ground 2.More liquids than just water (which should be implemented). Ex. Acid rain/puddles that can make holes in the crust and damage your base 3.More weather effects individual to each planet like hail/snow storms for Tundra or acid rain for an acid planet 4.Very little or no power for wind vanes on Barren since it is so small it would probably not have any atmosphere. Also it would create an interesting obstacle for building a base there 5.More diversity for planets in general and new planets with new variations including differences in rotation and orbit. Also new planet biomes including lava, acid and different gas levels causing your oxygen to go down slower or faster 6.More elements including iron (but not iron ore) 7. More precise terraforming for better building + deforming 8. Randomly generated comets + asteroids that are landable, respectively very small, and have different elements 9. A rare but still possible chance of meteor showers 10. Spacesuits that protect from things like acid allowing the player to travel safer on planets where acid is everywhere. There could be other spacesuits that protect against lava or help the player to travel underwater better
  5. BlueLazyFish


    I thought the idea of asteroids would be amazing. say if you had been in your world for a while an asteroid would come and hit nearby it would be rather large and would cause a sand cloud or gust of wind to disperse around it
  6. Star Voyager

    Plethora of ideas

    Just sharing a brainstorm of ideas that have come to mind as I play... really enjoying the game even in its pre-alpha stage. Just hopeful that a variety of planets is on the horizon for the game.The inclusion of gas giants and planets with rings? Also perhaps vary the color of the sun (star) as well as the size of the sun. in the center of the solar system. The addition of meteors striking planets, perhaps bringing with them new alloys? Astroneers landing on and mining asteroids or even comets. Is there going to be the inclusion of gold or an economic aspect to the game? Liquid,,, lakes and oceans is a must in my opinion, opens up so many possibilities for exploration and life. Snow, precipitation, dust devils, lightning and more weather. Shuttle and Spaceship are too similar in design. Spaceship should be more like a rocket. Satellites that can take pictures of your base or planet from orbit. GPS satellite researched and launched to help you find your way/map the planet. Telescopes or binoculars to scout areas. An inclusion these items through research and a tech skill tree that must be developed these should be a difficult but rewarding aspect of the game, perhaps finding old tech and piecing together the parts/blueprints?. Larger habs, greenhouses to grow food, evaporators to capture moisture .... to enhance the survival aspect and meet the basic needs of the Astroneer, starving and dehydration should also be ways to die in the game. Thanks again for creating such an interesting game!