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Found 3 results

  1. So first I should say, I really am enjoying playing Astoneer. Figuring things out and exploring was an amazing experience and reminds me of when I first starting playing Minecraft. So thanks to the devs for making this awesome game even tho it's only in alpha it's really a joy to play. Moving on then... As I was playing the game I would put beacons down at places of interest to me. Big deposits of compound, resin, crashed sites, caves, etc. But then when I looked to the sky, I saw my beacons, but I didn't know which beacons went to which locations. I ended up going to three different beacons before I found that crash site I marked. So I started to think, what would be an easy and simple solution to this problem? I suggest being able to right click the beacon to cycle through a set of different images. This should take less then an hour to code in to the game unless Astoneer is structured in Unreal in a different way then I'm expecting it to, I say this because I have a Unity Developer background. A Message to the Developers: I understand you may not accept my submission and I'm ok with that. This took a few hours to make but I enjoyed taking a break from my own personal projects. I also know that these assets aren't truly game ready as I'd like. Because I don't know the resolution you need, if the icons need to be in a certain location, or if you even have the beacon symbol as a different image from the blue back ground image. So if you decide to use some or all of these icon assets. Please send me one of the image icons you are using for the beacons as a guide for me. Then I'll make all my symbols fit where they need to. I don't want to add unnecessary dev time to the project. Yes your programmer needs to spend a little time implementing this but your artist shouldn't have to touch these. Thank you for your time -LatchGameDev
  2. DJ81

    Missing Assets

    I am enjoying this game. It has a lot of potential if executed correctly in each phase. I do have a question about assets disappearing after a while. I have played many hours and have built up my base on the planet and the moon. I had a space shuttle, a rover and a truck. After a couple of trips back n forth to the moon and planet, I built my spaceship at one of the vehicles bays. Then, as I landed at the second vehicle bay, the truck and rover disappeared. I have had other assets disappear too. I know this is an Alpha-Early Access title, so I'm just reporting this as it is. I'll keep playing and I can't wait to see the progressions in this game you guys have in store. Peace! DJ
  3. Now, I know no-one would want to have their game be like an expansion dlc of Minecraft, but I really do think making assets to be able to live in a house or small cave would be a really good feature. Imagine the possibilities. Also, you could make a space-station later on in the game! using a tier 2 shuttle, and then building from there in space, and being able to craft elevators etc etc tec. This may seem all jumbled, but fear not, for I will be making assets for this idea anyway as part of my Games Design course active research