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Found 3 results

  1. Post your (or other people's -don't forget to name them-) awesome Astroneer artwork here (posters made through edits count as artwork, too, but no memes etc)! Do not forget to use the spoiler function on your pictures.
  2. Just a suit design that's all I'm also expecting trolls to say who look you didn't draw it right
  3. I have three ideas for some new modules to add into the game. These would add to the fun and help you out a bunch! Shout out to @H@n for making these amazing pictures. He also came up with the ideas for the Crane and Shield Generator (The teleporter was my idea ) Teleporter: Built with two astronium. Requires massive amounts of power for each use. Maybe even one astronium per use. You simply walk up to the module and press a button similar to the habitat to enter the teleporter. Once you click it, you are teleported away to the other portal. Or instead of random, each teleporter you build is numbered. And once you hop inside one of them and option is given to you which number you want to go to. Forget about using those clunky rovers with messed up gravity. Teleport to you very far away mine in seconds! Now would making travel between planets be too OP? See that's why I said use astronium because it is so rare, but this could potentially make the shuttles obsolete. So maybe restrict it to travel on the planet you are currently on. Shield Generator: "bubble generator that can be placed in any connected sockets. When activated it creates a temporary protective bubble. It does drain power quickly so use with caution." Does your base get constantly hit with storms? Do your friends die because there is not enough room in the habitat for everyone? Well not anymore with the shield generator! Built with two astronium (or some other rare material) at the larger printer. You can charge it up and take it with you on your rover or just leave it at your base for some extra protection. Once activated it will continue to run as long as it has power feeding to it. Once it runs out of power the first time it deactivates. Once meteor showers and other awesome weather/storms are added this will be a necessity for every base. Crane: "First is a larger module. It's excavation lift that can support a player and some research nodes or some storage. Upon creation it would automatically create a hole to the nearest cave system below it. It comes in two parts that are researched together, but crafted separately. The crane is built on a table and the cable spoon in created via the printer." -H@n This idea is so beautiful. I love the look of it. It would make mining SO much easier. I think it should be built out of Titanium You could just build one of these right above your deep mine and bring up all your resources. I think the mechanics could be somewhat tricky. You would have to be able to move it up and down somehow. Another question is, should the lowered platform give off oxygen? Would that be to OP or something necessary? Please tell me what you guys think! I would love to see all these modules added into the game, how about you?