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Found 4 results

  1. Post your (or other people's -don't forget to name them-) awesome Astroneer artwork here (posters made through edits count as artwork, too, but no memes etc)! Do not forget to use the spoiler function on your pictures.
  2. Just a suit design that's all I'm also expecting trolls to say who look you didn't draw it right
  3. I have three ideas for some new modules to add into the game. These would add to the fun and help you out a bunch! Shout out to @H@n for making these amazing pictures. He also came up with the ideas for the Crane and Shield Generator (The teleporter was my idea ) Teleporter: Built with two astronium. Requires massive amounts of power for each use. Maybe even one astronium per use. You simply walk up to the module and press a button similar to the habitat to enter the teleporter. Once you click it, you are teleported away to the other portal. Or instead of random, each teleporter yo
  4. I made some research concepts that I thought would be pretty cool. Basically, we are able to upgrade our Suit, Backpack, and Terrain Tool through research, and then select one upgrade per category to enable based on the scenario. Each upgrade has pros and cons when compared to the other upgrade option counterparts. For example: - I could upgrade my Backpack to have a toxic filter (pro), but the oxygen tank capacity is decreased (con). - If I'm doing heavy exploring with no tethers, I could opt for a larger tank with more oxygen to roam more before needing to return to base (pro)