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Found 14 results

  1. Astroneer has some of best thought out art in current games, with a lot more focus put on color theory, rather than the popular cramming in meaningless detail work in the name of "realism". Especially notable is the signature color scheme many in game items have - white base; blue, orange, and dark gray accents; and maybe little hints of yellow, red, and green. I wanted to know the hex codes for these colors to do some fan art. I tried googling, assuming that this information was already readily available, but couldn't find anything useful. I thought about pulling from screenshots, but th
  2. Hey all, A tribute to the Astroneer team and community! The livery I´ve created for my Porsche 911. Promotion of Astroneer in GT SPORT on PS4. Start your engines!!
  3. A simple question I could not find the answer too in threads, is there a means to take screenshots on XBOX ONE without getting flying text labels in the images. Like a hide labels feature? Or hide text? Or something I can do on my controller to get clean screenshots without text data in it? If I missed a thread, I apologize in advance. Example is the text in my last screenshot in game.
  4. Greetings, i made some sketches today 3 animal species and some kind of exoesqueleton suit What do you think?
  5. im quite bad with english but whatever i just made this drawing! anyone have ideas? i want to do more drawings! i cant wait to see some fauna in game
  6. Thought I would try to make a T-Rex. I need to unlock the augments so I can add more detail and paint it.
  7. I thought this is a weird bug but in a way it looks like birds flying over the surface kinda looks cool *HINT* HINT*
  8. When placing beacons, it would be handy if we could pick from a list of icons to define the reason the beacon exists instead of them all just showing a blue symbol with dots. If I'm out in a remote area and find a bunch of deposits, but my storage is full, I will drop a beacon so I can come back to it. If I've traveled too far from home to get to that spot, I may even drop beacons along the way making a "road". The difficulty is when trying to discern which beacon in the distance to aim for when you've got a lot of them lying about. So maybe some basic icon changes for the beacons or
  9. Would it be possible to get some more concept art to beatify our desktops with? The more pixels the better!
  10. I have recently been giving thought to creating some artistic sculptures with the terrain tool. This would be a slight undertaking, depending on detail, since I would have to rely on tools base size and features. If I do create some works, I will post them here as soon as I can. ... This also got me to thinking and posed a question in my mind. Though it would be a vast undertaking to actually find out, I had to ask myself.... Does the terrain tool account for the planets natural spherical quality, or, is it theoretically possible to turn a planet into a cube ?....
  11. Despite the LOD at the longest, I am not able to fully render all the letters at a distance, too bad, I was hoping I could see this in space!
  12. A thread of all your ASTRONEER creations! Fan art,drawings,doodles, beautiful screenshots,edits and all around just creative things you made for the love of the game! i think it will be fun to see what people share and come up with. i'll start it off with a little something i made earlier today. i sure hope this is the right place to put this? if not, please let me know.
  13. Hi there! Ive started to organize a brazilian ASTRONEER fandom and we already have a facebook group in portuguese, wich I want to make a nice cover with the ASTRONEER lettering and theme. Whats the name of typo do you use to make it? And how can I make the same fill of it? Do you folks on System Era have a .psd file that can be made available? Thanks and keep up the good work! Greetings from Brazil!
  14. It has just been released but its beauty already amazed me. I would like to see your guys scenes and artworks of Astroneer here. I have captured some of them . I hope you like.