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Found 3 results

  1. 1) (RESEARCH) I have been playing for a while and I love the unlocking of research but once its done i get a bit board, and it always happens before i leave the first world. - Maybe some research could be specific to the different worlds, like using ores or plants available on different planets. 2) (ARROWS) The other idea is for getting out of deep underground. - Place-able arrow would help find the surface as the tethers can be hard to follow when they go everywhere underground.. 3) (GRAPPLE) A grapple hook would be fun! - Grappling over canyons would be quick when exploring rather than having to build a bridge and dying because of lack of air. 4) (TELLEPORT) saves a lot of wasted time traveling - Maybe a telleporter would be good between basses. Uses excessive energy a takes a while to recharge. so its not abused... 5) (TRANSMITTER/ RECEIVER) - An item that helps you find your base when in vehicle. 6) (HABITAT) - The electric turbine should rotate slowly so it looks better. 7) (RECYCLER) - A way of recycling items and building we no longer need. Maybe the printer could do it. 8) (ALIEN RUINS) - Would be fun to find, maybe even has research that could be rare 9) (ADDING COMPLEXITY) - Recipes should be more complex requiring multiple types of resources 9.2) (more ores) helps complexity 10) (VEHICLES) - (rovers) rover trains are so slow. The idea of a movable base is not so fun when it takes ages to move. - (Speeder) Maybe a hover vehicle like in star wars (speeder) for fast exploration. - (Glider) Jump of a mountain and glide a distance away using attachment That's all i can think of for now! Cheers
  2. Summary: 155 - Steam - Can only print one-seater despite research Description: Just updated to 155 (0.3.10155.0) on Steam and started a new game after deleting my old ones. I build the printer before I built any other modules. First noticed when I researched storage and the arrows didn't seem to do anything. I don't know if it's an issue with the arrows or the printer but I can't Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 155/ 0.3.10155.0 Specifications: OS: Windows 8.1 Single Language x64 | v. ???? | Build ? CPU: Intel i7-4510U CPU @ 2GHz, 2.6GHz (Turbo to 3.1GHz) GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 850M 4GB VRAM RAM: 8 GB DDR3 L Memory Drive: 1TB Hybrid HDD (No Idea. Will edit later when I find it.)
  3. Need rails and rail cars for tunnels and caves. Need ladders to help going straight up at times. Need signs or arrows or breadcrumbs to help us in caves as its easy to get lost.