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Found 3 results

  1. My idea is to have an armor bar right above the oxygen bar, you can call it health or whatever I really don't care. To me it makes since as armor or the suits dependability. If your suit gets to far damaged(the bar is fully empty) you die(makes sense because if your suit degrades in space you run out of oxygen and therefore you would die). This would also make sense for the later update that they are thinking about doing with other hazards and hostiles. You take damage from plants or fall damage and the armor bar goes down and slowly regenerates over time or you can have a button to repair it or use resources to repair it. I know this has been suggested in a couple different ways. I read through them but they are typically saying take oxygen away or use health. The game doesn't have to make sense but it would be better if it did, hint why I'm saying armor. Let me know your thoughts. Is it a good idea? would you like to see this? Would you do anything different?
  2. Don't you hate it when you fall to yo death? or when you get shanked by plants? or when that stupid fart-gas somehow penetrates your helmet? well i think we can fix that, please comment if you come up with other ideas
  3. Different Size Terrain Tool being able to use resources to craft different size for the terrain tool, One 2X Bigger and one Half a size smaller then the original Armor / Gear Armor and gear to be used to help venture should always come with a negative effect to balance out, The Hazmat suit would prevent the Pumpkin gas effecting you, but uses 30% more oxygen, The armored suit doubles your health against spikes and fall damage, but slows you down by 30% Alternative backpack / crafting options Alternative backpacks to use from with perks and side effects included (Left one is the original) One example could be a demolition backpack, that holds a lot less modules, but has the ability of crafting Dynamites, and hand held drill, I understand all of this is probably unnecessary at the moment because the game is pretty easy as it is, but I think these would be useful if future difficulty arises in different planets. but Let me know what you guys think. Thanks