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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, My first post! I am enjoying the new build. It's a pleasure to play! On the Arid planet, when you break a tumbleweed, sometimes they yield an "Item Type". Wondering what these things are or what will they eventually be? I am hanging on to a few hoping they will be valuable someday.
  2. My friends and I have been experiencing a bug recently where we cannot see the nodes extended from the habitat on any planet other than Terran. No matter who builds these, only the host can see them. This happened before and after the recent 119 patch. Anyone else experienced this?
  3. Some of you probably knew this already, but if you can zap those flying spike balls with your terrain tool, they sometime drop an organic resource pack. I walled up my base to block them and in the process trapped a pile of them in a corner. Went to open a hole to let them out and "zap!", I had a bunch of organics.
  4. (insert time cube joke) The spiky balls appear to be windblown, and can spawn during a regular wind storm. (with flying cubes of death) When this happens, each can travel in different directions, which seems unpossible. Sadly, I have no visual proof.
  5. I can't seem to start a home on any planet other than my home world or the moon. is there a reason why? I can't get the little thing to pop out of my shuttle. thank you for any help.
  6. On the Arid planet, all of those seeds, weeds, pods or what ever you call them tumble by and smack you in the head. I thing it would be cool if you had the ability to grab them, if you can, while they fly by and put them in your research bay. Thanks and Merry Christmas, JohnnyF