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Found 17 results

  1. The hat "Hydration Deflector" is obstructing the facelight on my Astroneer when running or standing on an incline. It's quite annoying considering it's a paid item. Is this some sort of unintended interaction? I can't use the item I paid for because of how annoying it is. Thanks.
  2. As many may have experienced, the various machines and doohickeys within Astroneer can get more than a little bit loud. For someone like myself, I find any setup with more than 2 RTGs almost unbearable. So, why not add an item that can remove the machine brrrs and whrrrs without making the player either mute their game, or rearrange their entire base? If not an item, why not add a sound setting more specific to machines? It could be simply named "Machine Sounds" and have a slider next to all of the other sound settings. Having to turn down all of the game's sound effects works, but ruins the s
  3. I have attempted to reach a node 5 times now from a very distant landing zone. There are no closer zones, and every time I place a landing pad, the system bugs then crashes. You need to add an autosave and save function, especially if the bugs keep happening. I’ll load back in after a crash, no problem, but I don’t want to lose all my progress every time.................
  4. Description: When on any planet other than terra, barren, or exotic my reticle for the teraforming gun is extremely snappy. I don't quite know what caused it other than I changed planets. My friend also has the same issue and it seems to be much worse on planets like Arid, and Radiated. This only happens when making terrain flat using the Ctrl + mouse1 option on the gun. Platform: Steam/PC Version / Build Number:
  5. for me every update the items like organic life and rocks respawn themselves over the original terrain so i now have a truck stuck in a rock, floating plants and blue squares all over my base
  6. whenever i play i sometimes get sucked into the ground where i fall into a cave and die. it is EXTREMELY annoying and the main reason i don't play often
  7. Ever since I got the game, I've been having issues with tethers. Let's say I spend a bunch of time making this huge long tether system out to the middle of nowhere, save my game, and exit. If I load up my world again, the tethers are not connected to each other. They are all there in the exact same spot, but I'm not getting oxygen, and the blue line isn't showing. To fix this, I need to start from my base, pick up the tethers, and place them again. Going off of the example, I'll be out far away from my base with no oxygen source. This is a huge problem, as I have a lot of tethers placed down a
  8. If you join a multiplayer game and you fill your backpack up with resources, and when you continue to suck up more, the ones that come out of your terrain tool are bugged. you cant pick them up or move them
  9. So, I was thinking, these storms are pretty annoying, but I can manage against them, but like why not make the storms also blow away your stuff on the ground? Like, you have Titanium on the floor instead of building a storage to hold more things, then it should be blown away when a storm comes, lol. I think that would make the game a little more fun and careful, and more grateful when you get lithium or titanium.
  10. In multiplayer game: If my backpack is full and I continue to harvest, the overage gets deposited on the ground as normal...however, nobody is able to pick them up!
  11. So every time I fill up on oxygen. Once I'm full there's this super annoying sound. Is this intentional because it is KILLING my ears!?! Otherwise, besides performance, I LOVE THIS GAME! (from watching youtube since I cannot play)
  12. I enclosed my habitat in a rock wall to protect from storms and such but when I created a shuttle, it got flipped over and is glitching into my printer. Please fix it as the printer is basically unusable right now.
  13. This glitch occurs on the Xbox One Game Preview. So, when playing on multiplayer, the game gets increasingly laggy when the number of players increase. This is somewhat tolerable, but when a player who is NOT the host enters and controls a vehicle, this will drop the host down to about 5 Frames Per Second (FPS) and ultimately crash the Host's game, booting all players from the world. Thus making the desire to play multiplayer a minimum.
  14. I recently gained the ability to craft tricks and it's changed the game for me, but in two ways, yes I get to use the amazing truck in all of its glory but only for 5-10 minutes before I try to get back in it or out of it and it crashes my entire game and sends me back to the Xbox home screen, I don't loose my progress 9/10 times but it's very irritating
  15. I was gallivanting along my planet with Derpy the astroneer and decided to go for space flight but then when i land anywhere he gets stuck under it halfway in the ground.... does anyone else have this problem or is it just me??? It was funny at first but not so much as it slingshots me away when he somehow breaks free after alot of twirling and button pushing -.-.
  16. Every time I die I spawn underground and continue to fall through the ground for about 12 seconds before some buoyant-like force pulls me upwards. It's slightly annoying as I have to wait about 20 seconds or so every time I die. Vehicles are also being misplaced for me and my friends who are all playing on my world, Our truck and rover were sitting next to our base and the next thing we know they were randomly stuck in caves underground. (I love the game so far though!)
  17. When you enter the game you need to go through every world to get into your 3rd or 4th world for example you can't just pick one and enter it as it should be.