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Found 18 results

  1. AggressiveRS

    AI and meat flora

    Hi! I want to offer you to create a character with artificial intelligence. This character is also an astronaut like us. But he needs help. Traveling around the planet, we find this astronaut who asks us for help. We help him, and in return he works at our base. Will do easy work. For example, to extract resources and put them in a special place. Or do crafting. It is desirable that the number of assistants to the astronauts was not limited. This way we can make new friends in a single game! Just want to see the animals in the game. For example-dog, wolf. By passing theirs study, it would be cool if they could be tamed and used for their own purposes. The dog will be able to pick up resources that do not get into the backpack and carry them to the base, help to collect the soil in containers or help to find the way back home. More tamed animals can be fed to improve efficiency and even possibly level up. Thanks to this, the game can be added to the equipment that will allow to grow food on the planet. That's all. Excuse me for my poor English. ?
  2. AI... Where are the AI? This game already is awesome and I simply went into the game so that I could post a positive review on Steam.... I accidently was side tracked with the amazing graphics and exploration... several hours later and here I am on the forums... don't worry I will get to the review. Overwhelmingly positive experience for me as I can dig... Oooo, I love to dig in just about any game but in this game. I can dig, level, and sculpt with ease. Thanks for that. Anyway, there I am on a rabbit trail again.... WHERE IS THE AI?! You guys have done such an awesome job with everything in the game so far. I have to simply ask where are the other creatures and other life forms? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see some alien creatures, if you were able to capture them this would be a perfect game for me. To be able to build and craft is awesome but being able to capture things and harness their unknown resources is another A++ aspect that I think this game is missing. Mobs, Aliens, Opposition.. From what ever you call the gas fauna in the caves to simply running out of oxygen this game already has things that are unfriendly. What I would love to see is some type of Alien life forms that want to check you out, or tear you apart then check you out. As of current (yes I know only in Alpha) there isn't much to see moving around. This kinda makes exploration boring as while running around... and probably dying a lot. There isn't much else moving around. All in all I have a few ideas for creatures you can add to the game. I would LOVE your feedback. Since there aren't any weapons (I am assuming here) I will only suggest passive things at first. Alien Rock Golems: Passive Description: Rock Golems that run around and pick up the earth. The would simply stop from time to time and pick up a part of the already voxel terrain and place it somewhere else... maybe even in the same place as to build odd structures. Maybe even build cities if you would like to take it that far. Abilities: - Pick up and place terrain, plants, rocks, stalagmites, etc... - Maybe make them trainable to build things for you like walls, towers, or other useful things if you give them a certain resource... Uses: Lure them to a confined area by placing something shiny in from of them. When they go to pick it up as they are easily distracted like cats you can pick it up again and place it down to get them to keep following where you want them to go. This would allow you to trap them in a confined space where they will build or destroy certain aspects of the terrain for you. Cons: - Can't control what they do (unless you can train them) Alien Crawlies: Passive Description: Similar to a centipede this little creatures would be seem to be everywhere. Not only would they add something to look at but maybe if you could catch them you could use them for other uses. Possibly even give them some sort of storage as well as a follow ability if you give them the right "food". Then you have a little handy pet that will carry things for you. Abilities: - Amass an army of storage - Feed them to other life forms - Something to accompany you on your jornies. Cons: - You have to keep feeding them - They might eat each other if they are hungry Okay, that is all I have for now. As I play more and if I get feedback then maybe I will try to come up with some more! -Timbo
  3. Isaac P


    i think you should add animals to the game and let them be tameable
  4. Doge


    I would really like that have a planet ho have a animal that can be your pet
  5. Escabi

    Avatar animals

    This is a suggestion for the fauna of the Avatar series, or else like to get an idea when it comes to creating alien beings,The animals in the series are a combination of Two different and combined animal species. If you do not like living ways of living things write your own suggestions in the comments and see if I can modify them Now I will show you images of the species and give you ideas about their life forms (predators or prey, feeding, if they go in flocks or solitarily, etc ...) 1°) Iguana Parrot: Is a terrestrial animal with the ability to fly, feed on fruits or seeds, are easy prey to predators, travel most of the time flying and rarely walk, always go in flocks, are no threat to the player. 2°) Saber-Tooth Moose-Lion: Are terrestrial animals, feed on grass or grasslands, are not easy prey to predators because they will defend before them, they move walking in groups, they are also a danger to the players because when they feel threatened they will hit you with their horns. 3°) Screeming dodo: They are flying and terrestrial animals, which feed on other animals smaller and larger than them, are not easy prey, move in flocks, are very dangerous because they attack in groups generating some screams, it is not recommended that they feel threatened. 4°) Serpent: Is a large marine animal, feeding on fish, being a ruthless predator, is a hostile animal before any sign of life in the sight of this animal, moves solitary swimming, is a great danger to the player Because of a single attack and you are its food. 5°) Se Tu: A marine animal that feeds on algae, is a prey very easy to hunt for other predators, is deployed in small groups, are no threat to the players. 6°) Shirshu: It feeds on the Saber-Tooth Moose-Lion and other animals of tundras, could live in places of low temperatures due to their fur, they move in herds, they are a threat before the players due to their instinct of Would hunt. 7°) Singing Groundmog: It feeds on seeds, plants and meat that it finds or what the players offer, it is a very friendly animal before the players and can establish before the animal and the player a relationship (like a dog and its owner) and that can learn Tricks and other useful things, are not easy prey to other animals since they are one of the most intelligent animals in these lists, sometimes move alone and others go in small groups are not a threat to the player if they do not Feel threatened. 8°) Wolfbat: Another of the most dangerous but large flying animals, feeds on the Singing Groundmog distracted trapping them from the air and other fruits, are air predators plummeting to attack their prey distracted, moving in groups of 3 Wolfbats, are one Danger to players due to unpredictable attack. 9°) Unagi: They feed on algae, it is not any type of predator, its mechanism of defense against other marine animals is its nervous system superdeveloped that can cause electric shocks as a defense mechanism (this could also be very useful for players as a recharge system Electrica) move between 2 or 3 types, they are not a danger to the player if they do not disturb them and if they want to use them as renewable energy will be something dangerous. I´m thinking of doing more parts in the future (obviously if they like the idea)
  6. Piercoic


    Another thing that's probably been mentioned multiple times: Why not add mobiles? (Animals/Creatures) There could be various species you could learn about and make use of, with varying levels of hostility (How dangerous they would be) Mobs could even be procedural. Personally, I think this would make the game a lot more interesting, although it might ruin the sense of solitude that astronomer suggests.
  7. afully

    More Hostility

    Currently I am enjoying this game a lot but I have a pretty good suggestion in my opinion. I think that it would be a lot more fun if there was more hostility such as, animals, more natural disasters, monsters etc. Although a lot of people may disagree my idea would be like a separate mode such as non-hostile, easy, medium, and hard mode now. Some of you are probably gonna be like "sounds a lot like minecraft" but i disagree in my opinion this sounds more challenging and fun. For the people who agree and disagree with me let me know your opinions too. And if you have more to add to this let me know as well . - Afully aka Calvin
  8. João Paulo Caetano


  9. Found two black things by my Habi, they weren't there before. Anyone know what they are? Then later on down in some cave, I come across some bones!!!
  10. 我坑必有后福

    Where are the magical animals

    It is recommended to add a little bit of animals later, although there are human beings on the radiation of the items, but I think it is a bit monotonous, looking forward to some of the late animals. Thanks
  11. henge topil

    we need animals and biomes

    we need animals and biomes for a gameplay more fun and exiting and water and trees like a real worlds
  12. it would be cool if this game had other creature's roomed around you and it would be so funny seeing them fly across you screen in a sand-stotm
  13. I really like this game, but it lacks life forms and animals. Without fowl game it looks empty. As if all extinct. Killing animals we could eat. Or just watch and issledovat.I on each planet would have lived its life forms. You could start a pet that protect your house from enemies
  14. Neu2


    I feel like having animals would be awesome. Imagine going to a planet and on it where these huge creatures walking around, or going to a different one and having a bunch of little cute ones. What about a very dangerous planet with a bunch of hostile mobs at racking each other and you. I think it would be cool to have hostile and passive creatures in the galaxy. I'm not saying every planet should get them, but 1 in every ten would be realistic kinda.
  15. AppleSoSad

    Animals or eating

    I think it would be great if people can research animals live on there . Or weapon if we meet dangerous animals .
  16. Great Survivors

    Improving the game

    Hello ! Congratulations for your fantastic game its awesome . Me and my friend bought the game today and we are having trouble to play it online , the game keeps crashing . We also have some ideas to improve this fantastic game . 1- Health bar 2-Satellites ( like a spacial base ) 3-More kinds of space ships and cars to travel in different ways 4- Animals ( to provide resources ) 5-Custom base (where you can hide from storms , like a home) 6-Map 7-Water 8-More mountains where you can climb and build one of your bases , also caves , fallen space ships , etc 9- NO point of trade because one of the best things on the game is the crafting system and a trade system would end it 10- Space exploration
  17. Water -> Rivers -> Lakes -> Underwater Mining -> Flowing Rivers (from mountains) -> Changing throughout seasons -> affecting the Nature (like trees and animals around it) -> (hunting seasons?) Well see how many of those steps are actually doable (in order.?). Thanks for the amazing game!