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Found 5 results

  1. Terrain Analyzer is weird. Color is reset to default color(Light grey) when I load saved game. I have set the Terrain Analyzers colors(e.g. dark grey, snow color, green, etc.). But when I close the game and run, load the saved game, all Terrain Analyzers color is changed to default color.
  2. when you use the terrain analyzer it doesnt remove only the color your using anymore. When I used to place and remove the color from the analyzer it would remove only that color. now it will just run like a normal tool
  3. I'm copying this from my comment on the SES vlog video in which the idea of terrain becoming a resource (sediment) was expressed. Gathering default (grey) sediment by default and using a terrain analyzer to get the specific (colorful) terrain makes the most sense to me. That way the player doesn't get over-filled with the multiple types of terrain unless the player specifically looks for them. It also means that the player is restricted in what type of sediment the player can get based on whether or not the terrain analyzer has been obtained. Then each sediment can be used for specific things; perhaps when using the sediment filter, different colors produce more or less amounts of each resource? i.e. purple sediment will produce more resin, white more compound, or something of that sort Other forum-goers; if you've not watched the vlog, please do. Then, please give suggestions as to how the different sediment colors can be used, whether in the sediment filter base construction, or however you can imagine. Thanks! (edit: added the video)
  4. IronShoot333

    Terrain Analyzer

    What is the terrain analyzer for?
  5. I worked with the new update a tiny bit and was able to get the Terrain Analzyer unlocked... then I spent a good 30 mins digging out about 2 football fields worth of dirt to get it to 50%. I think it might need a tweak to make it less dirt hungry unless it's meant to analyze ALL terrain types at once as you use it over time? (I only dug through surface brown dirt).