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  1. I think a cool addition to the game would be aliens or some form of life besides our character and plants. I was playing one day and thought it would be a really cool idea to have aliens around on the planets. They shouldn't be harmful but very peaceful creatures. On Sylva they could hide in the trees and sort of stalk you from there. When you try to go up to them, they get scared and run away. We could go back to our base, craft a trap and go place it near where we saw it. Maybe a type of bait to lure it into the trap would be a plant of some kind. Once it gets trapped, we take it back to our base and put it in an enclosure. This would also be a new craftable structure. It could slowly not be afraid of us and maybe collect simple materials like organic, resin, compound, etc. (The material collecting part is a little far but I thought it would be a cool idea for later in the development of this idea)
  2. Hello, so after playing 40 hours of this game I have come to realise that there aren't quite many objectives in the game, don't misunderstand this I think the game is great but maybe a good idea would be the need to find alien blueprints in the different planets, this would increase the need to go to those planets in order to get those blueprints, it would be awesome that each planet has 1 exclusive alien blueprint and you have to explore the whole planet in order to find it (random location), this blueprints could include some nice modules like teleporters, automatic machines, etc... , of course you would need to spend a lot of research points in order to unlock this alien modules, this could also implement the use of astronium, diamonds, nanocarbon alloy that currently have no use.
  3. besides the storms and dangerous plants its not much of a survival game when if you add monsters or aliens it adds a lot more opportunities like walls, weapons, etc. so like monsters could live underground in caves and some that roam the planets, then with walls and weapons you could defend your base and vehicles when you go mining it makes it more of a survival game and with the walls it adds building and a lot of people would like it added into the game. please consider adding this it adds a hole new aspect into the game and will sort of explain the crash sites ??? thank you.
  4. AI... Where are the AI? This game already is awesome and I simply went into the game so that I could post a positive review on Steam.... I accidently was side tracked with the amazing graphics and exploration... several hours later and here I am on the forums... don't worry I will get to the review. Overwhelmingly positive experience for me as I can dig... Oooo, I love to dig in just about any game but in this game. I can dig, level, and sculpt with ease. Thanks for that. Anyway, there I am on a rabbit trail again.... WHERE IS THE AI?! You guys have done such an awesome job with everything in the game so far. I have to simply ask where are the other creatures and other life forms? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see some alien creatures, if you were able to capture them this would be a perfect game for me. To be able to build and craft is awesome but being able to capture things and harness their unknown resources is another A++ aspect that I think this game is missing. Mobs, Aliens, Opposition.. From what ever you call the gas fauna in the caves to simply running out of oxygen this game already has things that are unfriendly. What I would love to see is some type of Alien life forms that want to check you out, or tear you apart then check you out. As of current (yes I know only in Alpha) there isn't much to see moving around. This kinda makes exploration boring as while running around... and probably dying a lot. There isn't much else moving around. All in all I have a few ideas for creatures you can add to the game. I would LOVE your feedback. Since there aren't any weapons (I am assuming here) I will only suggest passive things at first. Alien Rock Golems: Passive Description: Rock Golems that run around and pick up the earth. The would simply stop from time to time and pick up a part of the already voxel terrain and place it somewhere else... maybe even in the same place as to build odd structures. Maybe even build cities if you would like to take it that far. Abilities: - Pick up and place terrain, plants, rocks, stalagmites, etc... - Maybe make them trainable to build things for you like walls, towers, or other useful things if you give them a certain resource... Uses: Lure them to a confined area by placing something shiny in from of them. When they go to pick it up as they are easily distracted like cats you can pick it up again and place it down to get them to keep following where you want them to go. This would allow you to trap them in a confined space where they will build or destroy certain aspects of the terrain for you. Cons: - Can't control what they do (unless you can train them) Alien Crawlies: Passive Description: Similar to a centipede this little creatures would be seem to be everywhere. Not only would they add something to look at but maybe if you could catch them you could use them for other uses. Possibly even give them some sort of storage as well as a follow ability if you give them the right "food". Then you have a little handy pet that will carry things for you. Abilities: - Amass an army of storage - Feed them to other life forms - Something to accompany you on your jornies. Cons: - You have to keep feeding them - They might eat each other if they are hungry Okay, that is all I have for now. As I play more and if I get feedback then maybe I will try to come up with some more! -Timbo
  5. Satellites Satellites allow you to collect solar power from space, collect data (Research / Bytes), and make a Network. Command Module Allows you to connect with your satellite (Network connection needed) Networks Allows transfer of items and data from one connection to another. Can be wired or wireless. Crafting needs Power, Aluminum, Copper, Lithium, and/or Titanium. Uses 1 unit of power for every 4 wired items moved 1 length. One length is the max distance of tethers. Wireless requires Satellite. Different channels allow different things to be connected 2 or 4 channels / satellite. Mods Allow players to make mods in the game. Pretty self explanatory. Hosting System Era Official Server Hosting. 24/7 multiplayer servers allow for faster Research Acid Rain Must dig underground to survive. Sitting in a seat will still slowly kill the player. Backpack Storage (Small Storage) Takes up 2 Slots and gives 4 Slots of storage. Can be applied on a rover, platform, or backpack. Liquids Water on earth. Must drink water to survive. Water can all be found in ice, looking similar to the oxygen pellets in the ground. Food Find food in plants (where organic is), or make a farm. Must eat to survive. Aliens / NPCs Have Factions / NPCs that are like Players. They carry items, you can give/take (trading), have their own habitats, and you can kill them with weapons (once and if added to the game )
  6. My sister and I bought Astroneer around Christmas of 2016 and absolutely adore it. She still goes back and plays it rather frequently, and I've joined her a couple of times, though I've found myself less engaged by a lack of things to "do". I'm excited by the roadmap, and like what I've seen about player homes and customization. I think being able to make a mark on the world that I'm proud of would be a big boost to the galaxy of Astroneer. I'm sure you'll do wonderfully with that. My suggestion is less related to that and more related to narrative experiences in Astroneer. My three ideas: Settlements, Quests, and Recruiting, are all focused on creating meaningful interactions with in-game NPCs that could give the game more depth. SETTLEMENTS Imagine: your rover is pulling over a mountain range on your planet and, in a valley in between the peaks, you tumble into a strange and unexpected place. It's a village! There are a few constructs, a few simple NPCs with wonderful cartoonish design milling about, and one of them waves to you. Why It Works in ASTRONEER: Astroneer is filled with a gleeful, wonderful optimism and sense of discovery. Discovering a settlement would provide a sense of wonder, create a strong landmark on a planet for players to want to come back to, and could provide opportunities for furthering the player's goals and even creating new ones. Possible Types of Settlements: An alien village - these primitive aliens don't know anything about space travel. They are cheerful and simple, perhaps with a system of caves built into the mountain as their home, or with homes built out of local flora and fauna. They will happily give you a piece of valuable technology or research. On a grassy planet these fellows might be farmers with rice paddies. On a tundra planet they might appear to be eskimo aliens of some sort. An alien astroneer site - these spacefaring aliens are noble, well-equipped, and courteous. Their spaceships and equipment look nothing like yours. They are cordial, friendly, and may ask for your help or offer to help you. A human astroneer site - these astroneers are much like you! They just happen to be working together. They may have a great deal of resources or simply be a few astroneers puttering around on a new planet, lacking fuel. QUESTS In every settlement, it would make sense and be exciting for the player to have some way to engage with the locals. There are all sorts of variety to what these kind of quests, but here are a few possibilities: Alien village: A young child from the village has gone missing. She was last seen at a certain beacon. Will you take the beacon and bring the child back to the village? Alien village: We make all of our jewelry out of Malachite. Could you bring us some? We'd make you a cool new decorate space suit! Alien astroneer site: We found an interesting place you might want to research. Follow our vehicle and we will show you where it is. Alien astroneer site: We want to see how fast our vehicle is. Want to race us around the mountain? Astroneer site: We are stranded on this planet unless we can get more hydrazine. Could you bring us three containers of fuel? We would be very appreciative. Building Challenge (any type): We are trying to make a big shape in our settlement (big sphere, three pillars next to each other, etc.). Would you help us build it? NOTE: With the upcoming changes in modularity, it could become very exciting for aliens and other npcs to make requests that you engineer something to help them. It could then create a good sandbox for players to engineer more complex machines. RECRUITING One last thought: with the inclusion of NPCs and settlements, it would seem reasonable that a player might want to have their base become a settlement too. Perhaps a player would find, in each village, a young person who wants to leave the village and join you. You could then recruit them, point them to your base, and even have them perform simple tasks for you. Anyone else with similar ideas, please post below.
  7. Alien ruins/structures would be a fun addition, as an alternative to caves and surface exploration. Details: Not on Terran (provides additional incentive to get to space, and increases sense of otherworldliness and difficulty/risk) Suggest non-triangular and non-circular design elements (provides visual contrast with existing game art) Not removable with terrain tool (forces exploration on foot, which is a late game rarity) Source of resources and researchable items (structures could include power and oxygen fountains, unique sources of resin and compound, and even alternative habitat situations for colonization - imagine a built-in embedded tethering system that could be powered-up with player effort) An ideal site for traps and minigame puzzles. Ruins could be seen from orbit, but should be rare on any given planet and distant from preset landing sites (creates new goals and challenges, and encourages exploration) Physical components could be harvested by players for constructing bases (ladders, extension power/o2 tubes, windows) The remains of an alien civilization could provide interesting tie-ins with a back-story or game plot. It could connect with skeleton pieces found in Terran caves, and perhaps explain why Astroneers are so alone. Geometrically regular structures would be a unique addition to game visuals and provide an ideal space to host late-game challenges and storyline extensions.
  8. Lost crystals + Ancient aliens hidden places + colorful puzzles. Need some kind of "First contact" feeling. Walls with Ancient graphical instructions. (no text needed) High / Alien tech rewards (floating parts, teleportation becon, ...)
  9. So, some people have been suggesting that once you have built a Spacestation, you should be able to build a larger, interstellar spacecraft that can be used to reach nearby solar systems. I'm for this idea, as it would open up the option for the developers to add new content in the form of new solar systems, with new and different planets. In light of this, I'd like to open this thread up to anyone who has any ideas for new planets, moons, and any other destinations they have thought of. I have a half dozen suggestions below, to kick things off: Magma This planet would look similar to Arid from space, being predominately a dark red in color. However, upon reaching the surface players would discover that the planet is littered with pools, rivers and lakes made of lava. The lava would obviously be a hazard that players would have to navigate past, or form bridges over using the Terrain Tool. The landscape would vary from wide open terrain to mountainous. The planet would have a very long day/night cycle, say 40 minutes or more. The primary source of power would be from geothermal vents that could be built upon. As a secondary source of power, the planet could have medium to large deposits of Coal on the surface, including Coal nodes that regenerate over time. Forrest This planet would be covered in large amounts of planet life, and would be unique in that it has a breathable atmosphere, meaning that Astroneers visiting this world would not need to be concerned with building tethers to keep oxygenated. The planet's day/night cycle would be be about 8 minutes. There could also be an abundance of animal life, both predatory and passive. Solar power and small generators would provide most of the power on this world, as there would be very little wind. The planet would have two moons, both of which would be reminiscent of Barren, though a little smaller and with differing day/night cycles. Ocean This world would be covered mostly by water, the land above the waterline forming small, medium and large islands dotted around. Strong winds would allow for Wind Turbines to generate a lot of power, supplemented by Solar Panels. The day/night cycle would be similar to that of Tundra, about 20 minutes, or possibly a little less. To cross from one island to the others, a new kind of vehicle would have to have been researched. I'm thinking a Hovercraft, not an anti-gravity one but like the sort that exists today, that float upon a cushion of air. This would allow them to be built at a Vehicle Bay, then driven out onto the waters. There could be extenisve plant life that grows up out of the water, with artefacts attached to them. To get them, a new attachment for the Crane could be a Grabber that takes hold of the artefact and pulls it off, before being placed on the vehicle. The chance for a lot of aquatic life would exist here. Ocean would have five moons, two of which would be much larger than the others. All five would rotate at different speeds, giving slightly different day/night cycles, ranging from 3 minutes like Barren, to 10 minutes like Terran. Sunburnt This planet's rotation would be locked, meaning that one side would be permanently facing the star it orbits, whilst the other side would be forever in shadow. The 'Day Side' would be mostly yellow and very barren of anything organic, with a few mountains here and there. Scorpion like animals could be found mostly in caves and sometimes out on the surface. Players also would have to watch out for areas where the texture of the ground is different, as there are patches of quicksand here and there. The 'Night Side' by contrast would be much like Tundra is all over, covered in ice and rocks. The Night Side would have almost permanent wind in most places, allowing for a reliable source of power, backed up by a battery or two. There would be Artefacts unique to each side of the planet, encouraging the player to build at least two bases (one on each side) to cover them both. A thin strip of land would divide the two sides, forming a ring around the world where day meets night. In this 'Twilight Region' the temperature would be more balanced, allowing for a large amount of plantlife, a stark contrast to either side. Sunburnt would have one moon, which would have a day/night cycle of about 7 minutes. It would mostly be covered in shades of brown, with a few places where it turns dark red. Broken This world's normally spherical shape would be broken by a massive chunk missing that would account for about a fifth of the planet. This would be the result of a collision with another planetary body, maybe a former moon it use to have, or a large enough comet or Astroid. The surface would be primarily brown and yellow, with frequent dust storms covering it. Organic life would cover a fair amount, about the same as on Terran. The large region where the land is missing would be a sharpe contrast to the rest of the planet. The ground would go from brown to dark brown, then to grey and finally to black in the centre.there would be no wind inside this region, though an abundance of Coal and solar power would make up for that. The day/night cycle would be about 18 to 20 minutes, so when building or driving into the 'Crater' you would need either a large supply of Coal or a Solar Panel and quite a few Batteries. Alien This would be truly a very different feeling world from all the others. The atmosphere would be a light green, and the surface a dark blue by contrast. There would also be a few bodies of water, which would have a green tint to it. The developers could go to town inventing all manner of weird and intertesting plant life, but the surface would also be covered in ruins hinting at an alien civilisation, hiding a variety of alien-themed Artefacts. A few crashed alien spaceships could hold additional 'loot'. When the night cycle approaches, all the plant life starts to glow, giving off almost enough light to see as well during the day. The day/night cycle would be around 12 minutes.
  10. Could you please put more life in the game like aliens, animals or villages Please read this Greatings Hun6ryHunTeR46 (xbox one)
  11. Dear, System Era I have a few ideas that I believe would make Astroneer much more fun. Here are those ideas: First off, I believe that some planets should have water. By that I mean there should be a couple of rivers or oceans. The physics do not have to be anything special or "beautiful." The way this could improve the game is that it would give more life to the planets as well as giving access to more new things to explore. If you were to make it to where you could go under water, for oxygen wise, just make it where you use the oxygen in your suit. However, do not make it where you can go too deep, before starting to die, this reason will be in my next idea. Also, the underwater area can be as simple as can be, just as long as it exists and has some resources. Secondly, add boats, submarines, and planes. These vehichles are not really needed, but they would be cool to have. I can see as to why the planes would be hard to make or get the physics to work, and since you can go into space, planes are not really something that seems like the game would need, but it would be a fun addition. However, the boats and submarines would be a great adittion. The boats do not need to be anything complicated, just a simple sail boat would be nice. The submarine also doesn't need to be anything complicated, just a 1-2 seater that can hold a couple of things as well as fit storage on it. Going down in the sub would allow you to go deeper, and once you pass the depth where you would normally die, you can get out and swim around for a period of time so you can collect resources. This addition would allow more access to resources, being able to explore the world in a different way, and being able to explore the underwater depths. Thirdly, being able to dig through the planet and either reaching the core or just falling into the mantle would be great features. It would also be amazing if you could dig until you either hit the core(depending on your angle) or come out the other side of the planet. How going through the planet would work would be when you reach the other side and come out the other side the game flips you around right-side up. I'm not sure how you would do this, you could make it where there's a system where if the game realizes your falling towards space(not jumping but falling) it will flips you around after about 2-5 seconds. However, it is understandable if you do not do this due to it being buggy or glitchy. Aliens would be an amazing addition. We do have the plants that can kill you, but it would be much appreciated if aliens were added(which I sorta think you were already planning to). Though it would be nice, the aliens don't have to be extremely diverse and with designs that are extremely complicated or never seen before. As long as they're somewhat unique and some of them are hostile. Being able to tame one would be nice as well. This would give the planets more life to it, as well as giving you more to do. Making some of the aliens difficult as well as making some drop resources would be nice. Weapons would be nice as well. Maybe a couple of laser guns and light saber esc swords would be just fine. Using these weapons, you can combat the aliens, as well as fight friends in PVP. This would give you more stuff to do and stuff to screw around with. A nice selection of weapons such as automatic laser guns, sniper rifle laser guns, laser pistols, and light saber esc swords would be a lot of fun. Finally, PVP would be a great addition. To stop trolling just have a way to switch from PVP to a "passive" mode where no one can hurt you, but you can't hurt them. Think about how fun it would be if you could have a fight with a friend with a stadium you created by molding the terrain or sailing on your boats while trying to shoot them. The combat system does not need to be anything flashy. It could be done in a way where you lock on like in "For Honor"(and no I do not mean like the Art of Battle fighting system) when you have a sword, but click a block button(but make it where you have to time it, not just hold it down) or attack button, or it could be just you running at them swinging frantically by hitting the attack button over and over. For the guns, keeping it in third person when you aim, if aiming is added, would be nice(except for snipers, being able to switch in and out of first-person or third while aiming). All of this would allow you to interact with your friends, hold little competitions, and have much more fun in general. Though I do not expect the creators of this game to be able to make all this possible, I personally believe it would make great additions. I honestly don't expect planes to ever be a thing. Oceans and rivers(along with boats and submarines) probably won't ever come either. However, I do believe that these things could give the game more life, things to do, things to explore, and fun to have. Aliens, as well as weapons and PVP would definitely be amazing features in this game. I also do believe that addition of oceans, rivers, boats, and submarines would be great and give much more life to the planets and things to explore in the game. Also, I would like to point out that the character model for the player's hands are extremely flat. What I mean by this is that they are exactly as if they were paper. I have not checked the other characters and my friends did not have the same problem, so it might just be my characters or me only. The character I was using was the one where he had an all white suit, with the tubes connecting the torso to the helmet, and a blue stripe on the helmet. Sincerely, Daniel a.k.a., razorback0305 P.S. I tried adding pictures but it bugged out a bit(probably cause I'm doing this on iPad). It didn't actually glitch out I just was messing it up so I kinda gave up earlier since I'm a little tired when finishing this off. So... sorry this post looks kinda bland.
  12. 1: keep the game from lagging after extended exploration 2: Add intelligent alien life, possibly as rival terraformers 3: Add story or universe-building 4: More space-flight and planetary flight options 5: Add ability to destroy base structures
  13. First off I love the game but sometimes it gets lonely. Just a thought of mine of adding "AI" like aliens or creatures of some sort to interact with.
  14. I was thinking that there should be three different game modes. Some people are asking for a story mode. and others are asking for animals or aliens and i think that this satisfies both. 1. Current mode: The current game mode. peaceful, easy and fun. 2: "Hardened" (thinking of beter name) This game mode would have harder features and would comntain animals. Some would be friendly and some would be harmful. There could be pack animals or lone animals. The changes would involve shorter time without oxygen., less resources, and animals. For this mode there would be a few weapons. The terrain tool could double as one and there could be one to mount to the back of a truck or rover. A drone would also be good. You could attach a weapon to a drone and then have it follow you. 3. Story mode: The main idea is that you are an astroneer sent to 5 planets to collect samples and bring them to earth. Something goes wrong and then you have to collect resources and make your way back to earth. Feel free to add on to this.
  15. Hi all, first time on the forums and i have an idea. I don't know you but i love a good underlying narative in games, books and many other situations. And my favourite is aliens, who doesn't wana discover the ancient fossils of a long gone civilisation. Heck they don't even have to be advanced, just random civilisations in various stages of development with a bit of lore (FTW lore). Maybe your starter Sol system (not nessaserily starting planet) has a absolutely wrecked city (in the side of a mountain maybe?) and you can explore the few buildings (which are massive in size) and in a couple of rooms you can find semi functioning computers or artifacts (both rare so you may have to find multiple building sticking out the ground) which you can shove in the researcher or scan with some rover mounted scanner to gain clues (more than one scan of one item to found a lost tech) for alien tech (not linearly so that your first few wont just give pieces to the same tech). Maybe some tech will be a Surface miner, or automated machinery (Ore to , or hover tech (so no more bumping and flying cause of a damned rock) or maybe even instellar flight (powered by a mix of rare elements at planetary centre?)! or what about a pod to create a space station as a launching point for inter/intra stellar flight. Maybe their fossils will give clues to more efficient rebreather tech (seeing as they lived on the planet your on so could probably breath) so you can upgrade your backpack, or expand your starter pod so friends can get in their too, and it produces more power due to the size (but i guess that would require a change to how you grow your bases now). And now cause im getting carried away, tech to create life (or just have life) on the planets. Animals would give some life to these mostly dead planets, and maybe progress so you can bring back the dead alien civ and make them work for you so you can grab a tastey profit and work away from base... like explore other sol systems. Maybe Teleportation to other bases. But yes i know all of this would be one hell of a thing to add, it would drastically change the game from its current stand point but i think by the looks of the game it could be done it a wonderfully engaing way that not only adds to the future game but adds something not quite related to the progression of the game and is there for something to do when your bored of what your supposed to be doing. Thats the jist of ideas 1 through to some much higher number. Thanks for your patience in reading this. Please give feed back maybe we can find a way for this to be added by MOD or by choice of the Dev's. GeneralDLBP - XBOX1 GT so hit me up if you wana play. BTW - Great game Dev's can't wait to see your ideas for the future.
  16. Astroneer is a fun game. Especially with your friends. But to make this game a heck of a lot better....add some living creatures around the planet, such as aliens, beasts, and other types of creatures. Adding weapons to defeat these creatures would be a good idea too. These creatures could drop useful items to create new things at your base. Please consider adding this to the full game when it comes out.
  17. In the foundry, you can merge materials to form others, such as ALUMINUM + COPPER = IRON (just a guess) so you can get some materials without having to explore to get them. On some planets, such as the exotic and Terran planets, there may be a possibility that they may be habited by friendly animals (you can exchange materials for others with them) or aggressive (attacking you) There would be a module, such as an arsenal, that would allow you to create your weapons to defeat these aliens.