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Found 4 results

  1. I think a cool addition to the game would be aliens or some form of life besides our character and plants. I was playing one day and thought it would be a really cool idea to have aliens around on the planets. They shouldn't be harmful but very peaceful creatures. On Sylva they could hide in the trees and sort of stalk you from there. When you try to go up to them, they get scared and run away. We could go back to our base, craft a trap and go place it near where we saw it. Maybe a type of bait to lure it into the trap would be a plant of some kind. Once it gets trapped, we take it back to our base and put it in an enclosure. This would also be a new craftable structure. It could slowly not be afraid of us and maybe collect simple materials like organic, resin, compound, etc. (The material collecting part is a little far but I thought it would be a cool idea for later in the development of this idea)
  2. Hello, so after playing 40 hours of this game I have come to realise that there aren't quite many objectives in the game, don't misunderstand this I think the game is great but maybe a good idea would be the need to find alien blueprints in the different planets, this would increase the need to go to those planets in order to get those blueprints, it would be awesome that each planet has 1 exclusive alien blueprint and you have to explore the whole planet in order to find it (random location), this blueprints could include some nice modules like teleporters, automatic machines, etc... , of course you would need to spend a lot of research points in order to unlock this alien modules, this could also implement the use of astronium, diamonds, nanocarbon alloy that currently have no use.
  3. besides the storms and dangerous plants its not much of a survival game when if you add monsters or aliens it adds a lot more opportunities like walls, weapons, etc. so like monsters could live underground in caves and some that roam the planets, then with walls and weapons you could defend your base and vehicles when you go mining it makes it more of a survival game and with the walls it adds building and a lot of people would like it added into the game. please consider adding this it adds a hole new aspect into the game and will sort of explain the crash sites ??? thank you.
  4. AI... Where are the AI? This game already is awesome and I simply went into the game so that I could post a positive review on Steam.... I accidently was side tracked with the amazing graphics and exploration... several hours later and here I am on the forums... don't worry I will get to the review. Overwhelmingly positive experience for me as I can dig... Oooo, I love to dig in just about any game but in this game. I can dig, level, and sculpt with ease. Thanks for that. Anyway, there I am on a rabbit trail again.... WHERE IS THE AI?! You guys have done such an awesome job with everything in the game so far. I have to simply ask where are the other creatures and other life forms? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see some alien creatures, if you were able to capture them this would be a perfect game for me. To be able to build and craft is awesome but being able to capture things and harness their unknown resources is another A++ aspect that I think this game is missing. Mobs, Aliens, Opposition.. From what ever you call the gas fauna in the caves to simply running out of oxygen this game already has things that are unfriendly. What I would love to see is some type of Alien life forms that want to check you out, or tear you apart then check you out. As of current (yes I know only in Alpha) there isn't much to see moving around. This kinda makes exploration boring as while running around... and probably dying a lot. There isn't much else moving around. All in all I have a few ideas for creatures you can add to the game. I would LOVE your feedback. Since there aren't any weapons (I am assuming here) I will only suggest passive things at first. Alien Rock Golems: Passive Description: Rock Golems that run around and pick up the earth. The would simply stop from time to time and pick up a part of the already voxel terrain and place it somewhere else... maybe even in the same place as to build odd structures. Maybe even build cities if you would like to take it that far. Abilities: - Pick up and place terrain, plants, rocks, stalagmites, etc... - Maybe make them trainable to build things for you like walls, towers, or other useful things if you give them a certain resource... Uses: Lure them to a confined area by placing something shiny in from of them. When they go to pick it up as they are easily distracted like cats you can pick it up again and place it down to get them to keep following where you want them to go. This would allow you to trap them in a confined space where they will build or destroy certain aspects of the terrain for you. Cons: - Can't control what they do (unless you can train them) Alien Crawlies: Passive Description: Similar to a centipede this little creatures would be seem to be everywhere. Not only would they add something to look at but maybe if you could catch them you could use them for other uses. Possibly even give them some sort of storage as well as a follow ability if you give them the right "food". Then you have a little handy pet that will carry things for you. Abilities: - Amass an army of storage - Feed them to other life forms - Something to accompany you on your jornies. Cons: - You have to keep feeding them - They might eat each other if they are hungry Okay, that is all I have for now. As I play more and if I get feedback then maybe I will try to come up with some more! -Timbo