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Found 7 results

  1. Hi,me and my friend have thought about robots in astroneer : Explorer Bot (Places Tethers), Miner Bot : Mines ores (what did you expect) And Research Bots : Go to find researching things,bring them to your base and put the Researching things in the Researching Chamber. now to get these robots you must have : 1 compound 1 Wolframite or Resin And 1 Laterite.Then you have to have Power or wind/solar panels to give them Energy.For a Miner Bot you have to have the mineral / ore that you want him to mine inside your inventory to put it inside his inventory. Explorer bot has to have Tethers to place them.and research bots... carry a table on their back or something?
  2. Hi! I want to offer you to create a character with artificial intelligence. This character is also an astronaut like us. But he needs help. Traveling around the planet, we find this astronaut who asks us for help. We help him, and in return he works at our base. Will do easy work. For example, to extract resources and put them in a special place. Or do crafting. It is desirable that the number of assistants to the astronauts was not limited. This way we can make new friends in a single game! Just want to see the animals in the game. For example-dog, wolf. By passing theirs study, it would be cool if they could be tamed and used for their own purposes. The dog will be able to pick up resources that do not get into the backpack and carry them to the base, help to collect the soil in containers or help to find the way back home. More tamed animals can be fed to improve efficiency and even possibly level up. Thanks to this, the game can be added to the equipment that will allow to grow food on the planet. That's all. Excuse me for my poor English. ?
  3. Hello guys, first of all forgive me about my bad spelling but my main language is not english... Going back to the topic i would like to suggest to the team to create a system where you can Level Up your player ( For example: if i take a few minerals i can improve my extraction skills so i can extract more efficient or w/e ), resistance, endure more time without oxygen, basically a menu where you can upgrade your abilities while performing them... for example if i run for a long time i will be improving my running speed so after a few hours of running around i will be able to run faster... That's my first suggestion. My second suggestion would be to make different weathers... in my first hours playing ASTRONEER i was seriously surprised that we had a rock's storm it was a great experience! i seriously like to build stuff to protect ourselves. I don't know if this is in your TODO List for future updates but it would be really nice to have like magnetic barriers ( like a dome ) with low opacity and passable by users / cars but not weather stuff so each time there's a rock storm you just run into your base and stay protected with this magnetic barrier... ( of course you will have to repair this barrier after a while ... ) My third suggestion would be to implement some sort of Aliens... i know i know... this might take a while but it would be awesome to have alot of team mates fighting aliens to protect our facilities with automatic turrets, railgun and futuristic stuff Let me know what you think about this ideas! Thanks for your time, BOT Uriel
  4. First off I love the game but sometimes it gets lonely. Just a thought of mine of adding "AI" like aliens or creatures of some sort to interact with.
  5. What better way to invest in your own settlement then to network with other NPCs from the same or other planets. Plus expanding your own settlement to house traveling merchants or companions would be a nice way to encourage people to actually want to go back home. These implementations would also make room for more achievements such as making a city for 10 or more NPCs or establishing 3 or more trade routes with other settlements. I guess the best way to start towards this path would be to add some interesting NPCs with programmable AI such as telling them to look for resources, make this building, or find more people to trade with. To go more in depth, these NPCs should be capable of learning what buildings you want by showing them things you've previously built or scanned from exploration: so perhaps you could call this some sort of blueprint mechanic. But this would be hard to do without some actual building mechanics which leads in to my next topic... Building mechanics are a must have! If you're looking for a specific style of building, perhaps the Terraria building mechanics with a 3D twist would fit pretty nicely. With the ability to flatten terrain, you can place floors and then walls and finally a ceiling with materials that you have collected or crafted. Before you place an item, it shows a preview. If you really want to get fancy, you could add some sculpting mechanics, not like the terrain tool, but perhaps more precise and smarter so you won't end up making holes in your building. And finally furniture or other kinds of decorations/utilities such as lights, seats, tables, etc. Sounds like a lot but I guess pre-built buildings would sound like a more practical solution and is bare minimum satisfying. I personally would be happy with that. And finally networking. This would be a great incentive to exploration because you can find new settlements with NPCs to trade with your own. With this, you can draw in resources, grow an economy, and bring the planet or maybe even the solar system to life. But how can one go about doing this? Well, I'm glad you asked! Setting up trade routes could be a breeze. First, the player would have to sign some sort of contract with the head NPC of another settlement. Then, you would have to craft signs that point and direct other settlements towards your own within a given time frame and that follows guidelines such as flat-wide roads and a sufficient inventory otherwise the trade is off and your settlement rep would go down thus discouraging other NPCs to trade with you. But what if your rep is too low? Don't worry, you could do tasks for these other settlements such as hunting and gathering certain resources or sending messages to other places. You could also increase your reputation by maintaining your own healthy settlement. The more happy NPCs, the higher your rep. You could also create even more settlements and throw them in to the mix. Just imagine looking down on your planet and watching everything come to life. But these are only end goals. I understand how hard it would be to actually add these features. Plus I'm not really sure if this would fit in to the style/theme of the game. In fact, I'm not entirely sure on what the whole idea is besides resource gathering and going to another planet. I hope this post gave you guys a good idea. Constructive criticism would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading!
  6. customizable robot companion built on a robot workbench which is totally optional
  7. I personally think that due to the game currently not having a goal, it would be reasonable if the devs would consider keeping us eager testers occupied with some form of Player Vs Environment functionality, enabling us to engage more with worlds. In addition, I'd also like to request the implementation, or recognition at least, of various weapons that would be added alongside the hostile entities. Because currently, there's no session parameters, meaning that anyone is free to join anyone's session at their own will. However, please keep in mind, as a devoted and dedicated pre-alpha tester, I'd much rather have a game that has a solid and secure structure to it, before the devs add anything more. Current System: i56600k RX 480 4x4GB 250GB SSD