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  1. Basically, right after I had taken the shuttle from Terran to Exotic, my entire backpack inventory was flat but I some canisters attached to my gun, some containing a bit of dirt, so I began flattening the land around, of which was collecting organic that dropped immediately to the ground cause I had no space for it. After I finished flattening, I tried to pick up some of the organic just to move it around, but the ring that appears around any item you can pick up suddenly was not appearing, and I could not interact with the items lying on the ground at all. Then I tried taking some of the packaged supplies off my shuttle to deploy them to start the base, but they were uninteractable as well. Then I tried taking supplies out of my backpack, but I could remove nothing and the arrows at the bottom to switch what items you can make didn't work, only closed the backpack when I clicked on them. I was still able to get into a seat, so I saved and closed the game, and when I loaded it back up again, it was fixed. I didn't take any screenshots, but I think this should be descriptive enough for what I am talking about. Was playing on computer, Steam.