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Found 3 results

  1. Invictu5

    Showcase Pedestal

    just some kind of base module that holds a single item in it's slots. the item held will be perfecty centered regardless of it's tier whether it be a zebra ball or a piece of astronium or those geometric tryptychs just meant to showcase stuff alternatively there could just be a super tiny platform printable from the backpack that has a single slot and nothing else
  2. notna zzk

    Ressources deposits

    Remove the logos of the resource deposits when they are completely extracted from the ground, (for the aesthetic …).
  3. ExplodingWaif

    More pod functionality

    Hi, I was thinking that it'd be really cool to utilise the pods a bit more in game or just to enjance their current features e.g first person when the player character enters the pods and little save menus to navigate on screens in the pod. Maybe even switch out tye start screen for an inside pod view from space and zoom back out to 3rd person when loading a save.