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Found 3 results

  1. Marine

    Just Getting Started

    Hello there, I just bought this game and played through the tutorial. Any advice for a new Astroneer starting out? Thank you
  2. I like this game very much, ever since I first saw this game has deeply in love with him, this is my first steam of the game, I, as of version 0.1, started to play the game players, I witnessed this game from many bugs to gradually improve, this is not something that I feel very honored to. Here, I am 0.7 version of the alien explorer has the following Suggestions: 1: I hope I can develop geothermal power generators, because of the cave, there are many geothermal, without using too wasted. 2: I want to be able to develop them, because in the cave research content need to spend plenty of time to handle this problem also is many players believe distress. 3: rovers power consumption is too big, just has power of turning, just out of the base steps the power went out. 4: I want to repair good platform can infinite lose oxygen BUG. 5: I hope you can remove small rovers, because even if is a large rovers have huge power consumption, small car battery life is less. 6: I hope I can drag the cockpit and sit inside a BUG. Hope can be in the final game out when can implement these Suggestions!
  3. WestNomad

    How you delete a save

    So i saw a noticeable amount of people was asking how they delete their save-file, this is how: Go into C:\Users\(the name of your PC)\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames > find the save-file you would like to get rid of, you can check on the last time the file was edited which is which. So that you don't accidentally delete your save-file with "that amazing base i grinded on for hours on end" > delete it. As simple as that.