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Found 3 results

  1. The Silky Conch

    Why I LOVE this game

    Allow me to explain in a short story why I LOVE this game. This might be long, so brace. I started a new save after 15 hours on the same planet. By that time I was getting serious FPS issues, so I thought it would be the opportune time to start a new file, anyway. This new file was proving to be something special. I had all the experience from the first 15 hours right at the start of this new file, so I was basically speed running at this point. 6 hours into this file, I had built this masterpiece of a base and a my Magnum Opus of a rover. I decided to build a spaceship and go to Barren. I loaded up my ship with supplies, running back and forth between my storage room and several caves. At this point, I had everything I needed except Lithium. I wanted Lithium so I could make batteries and such on Barren. I took my rover down into a cave, but this time I went deeper than I had before. I heard Lithium could be found deep within the ground, so I was willing to go as far down as needed. As my journey furthered, the open-concept rooms full of resources turned into long, narrowed tunnels diving deeper and deeper into the planet's crust. I climbed down into a fork in the road and took a turn. A dead end. There, lying on their stomach was an Astroneer; a fallen comrade, left in the dark depths of the nothingness. I walked over to their corpse and assessed the situation. Their oxygen tank was empty. They had some Lithium in their backpack, so naturally I decided to avenge the fallen by taking it with me. I still needed some more Lithium, so I got back into my rover and headed back to the fork. Once there, I headed in the other direction, going deeper down into the cave. I came across a bunch of connected rooms and tunnels that mimicked that of those up at the surface-level of the cave. This one had multiple levels, each with their own winding hallways and ramps leading to SystemEra knows where. Curiosity kicked in and I looked over the edge into the chasm below. That's when I saw it. Another Astroneer body. I jumped into my rover and without thinking, I drove it off the edge, landing near the corpse below. I stepped over to the oxygen-depleted body and started going through the motions. They also had Lithium on them, so I took it for the journey. I felt strangely uneasy so I walked over to the edge of the current level in the cave and stared out into the dark unknown to try to calm myself. My gaze was quickly stolen by yet another Astroneer corpse lying on the level beneath me. I thought I was dreaming. The uneasiness started to boil in my stomach. The same thing kept happening. Freaked out, I turned back to my rover so I could head back up to my base on the surface above. It was gone. All I saw behind me was the corpse lying there in the ground, lifeless. Just thereafter, I heard a low beep. "Oxygen 50%". I was hysteric. I ran back to the corpse and another beep went off, "Oxygen 25%". Completely in shock, I ran back to the edge and looked down at the body below, taunting me. In that moment, I figured it out. It was a cycle. A moment later the killing blow to my mind was delivered, "Suffocating". As I stared at the corpse below, I accepted my fate and stepped off the edge. I was just a part of the cycle; destined to fall prey to curiosity, and fall just like the rest in the end. I gave in to the demands of the world. I was merely a small pawn in the big game of the universe. I played my hand and was beaten. [I hope this gives you a good idea of why I love Astroneer. It's full of wonder, mystery, suspense, fun, action, creativity, beauty, and so much more. Going through this, I genuinely thought there was something bigger than me going on in this game. I thought I had stumbled upon something that I would never come back from. Maybe I just stumbled across a randomly created seed in the game and my imagination took over. Or..maybe this was all planned from the start.
  2. So I decided I was going to make a base at the North Pole of an Exotic planet. That way I could get basically round the clock power from solar arrays, as well as having a more beautiful sky because the stars are in a ring around the Horizon. Only one problem, I didn't have a Habitat or anything of the sort, so I had to haul a Shuttle the entire way there over an Exotic planet. That means a ton of trees, those annoying green plants that are bugged so you can't drive through them, and tons of pits to get delayed by. And I mean a TON of pits... And so after building a truck and a shuttle, as well as some storage, a large battery, and a solar panel for my truck, I was off. Putting along the world with impunity. Well not long after my journey I ran across one of the Exotic Planet's many pits, and had to dig myself out. This would happen a LOT... Despite my best efforts, the shuttle kept getting caught on basically everything. From trees to tiny lips on the side of pits, it didn't want to behave. Eventually I started getting some FPS drops which didn't make it any easier. Finally I found the exact North Pole of the planet, and took the opportunity for a nice little photo op. THIS was the sky I was looking forward to Well I jumped off this nerdpole and died on accident, so I had to make a Rover and find my way back. Which wasn't very hard, I mean all I need to do is go North, right? I then made a raised platform and a ramp, which I would later find to be very insufficient to move a shuttle up. This happened a little too many times. More than I would like to admit. Finally I got them up my ramp, and I'll be working on this base at some point in the near future, for now I never want to see another pit again. <3 As a side note, does anyone have any good designs for a North Pole solar array? Perhaps a sort of cone of solar panels? Or can they just all be flat? Oh well, I'll figure it out.
  3. therussiangui101


    Now planets looks from space quite strange (very very angular), will it be fixed in the future to get more pleasure from flying and others? I mean, when you're very close to them, they look so strange. Example(top image) and how beautiful she is(bottom image):