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Found 2 results

  1. Début de la conversation 04:07 Hello to you here I bought your game today , i wanted to know if there will be advanced graphics options It would help me to play fully thank you in advance ps : sorry for my English , i am french
  2. Hi, I've had an idea for a rail system to add to end-game transportation options. I would presume it to be somewhat expensive to create, as it would great speed up travel times to a given location, and possibly for being used as a mine-cart system The idea for monorail came into mind when i was trying to think of ideas that would fit the general theme of Astroneer. The monorail would fit perfectly with Astoneer's retro-futuristic/Space-agey aesthetic. The function, in my head, would behave very basically. Forward backward based on the camera (but preferably the position of the seat that you would build onto the train car). Tracks would be built on a individual basis using advanced materials (maybe a use for iron???) or composite materials (Say, Aluminum and copper or titanium and copper) in the 3D printer. Tracks could be laid down in a similar, though more intuitive fashion than base building. Power could be provided either directly through the tracks or, basically, in the train car itself. (like powering a truck) This could also lead to a new type of workstation module such as a depot, where monorails could be built and connected to the base's power grid. I also prefer this idea, as it would allow you to have better power-management over your new advanced system if you didn't want to resort to onboard batteries or similar power-supplies. Also, power distribution could work in a similar way to the fact that vehicles can move power between two separate bases to avoid any conflicts. (so the rail system would act as a giant power pipe in a sense.) Feel free to expand on this idea, or lay down some constructive criticisms. =)