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Found 4 results

  1. I cant figure out how to get the dedicated server to accept me as admin. I put myself as owner. My name does show up as owner in game.. but admin privaleges arent given. I set owner to the following. SETTING OwnerGuid= to Zero should auto update when I connect far as I know. Doesnt seem to work. I am using Microsoft PC Game Pass which uses my XBox account. So I have no idea what to put manually to get OwnerGuid to work. OwnerName=TuF WOLVERINE OwnerGuid=0 Also: Not sure what "ConsolePort=" should be But "Port=28000" Other settings Im not sure
  2. Hello my friend, we made a rocket to go to different planets, but the rocket I can't get the title of help please I can't die I'm all for the authorities can connect to my game help me astroneer bug.mp4
  3. I've been stuck in my life pod for 10 hours. The world wont load around me. It doesn't give me the "X" prompt to get out of said pod. And nothing I do, not even with the help of a player, can get me unstuck.............. I need a game dev or somebody to get my character unstuck before I delete my game in pure frustration..
  4. I have encountered a game breaking bug where I went into my life pod to save. And got off the game. When I got back on. The world around me does not load in. And I can not get out of my pod. There is no "X" prompt for me to do so. I'm literally stuck there. Nothing works. I even got a player to come into my world and did everything possible to free me. My pod, despite not being attached, seems to be locked in place. And nothing is giving me the option to get out of my pod. I'm not starting over, as I've devoted way too much time to this file. I need someone. A Dev. Admin. Or somebody to possib