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Found 2 results

  1. Let's be honest. I know that it is difficult for a developer to accept everyone's suggestions and ideas. That's why I come up with this idea. How about creating add-on support through Steam Workshop? I think if the developer accepts this offer, they'll have less hard work to do, and gamers who had to wait for the ideas they wanted to be added to the next update no longer have to struggle. Until your ideas are added as official updates, you submit your ideas to the Steam Workshop as an add-on. At first, I recommend creating your own ideas as an add-on, submitting them to the Steam Workshop, and then admitting them to the next official update once they are recognized by everyone above a certain level. (Sorry my bad English.) It is a good suggestion, isn't it?
  2. Hi there, i have some ideas for the game: Printer Change: CHANGE for existing printer usage of 4-6 input rescources make it possible to use the input slots like this: 2 slot items + other 2 slots with the storage addon flat on the table to use 2slot items + 8x 1slot rescources add possibility to use the 2 slots infront as additional input slots or make printer use up to 4 items and show 2slot items in the front 2 slots for building the following items building and placeing of 3slot items Conduit Change: Change to accept Tier 2 Dense Resin/Compund Needed for recipes Dense Resin: ADDON for rescources allows to build Tier 2 Resin Bigger in appearence (bigger molecules on the strucure and/or 6 high instead of 4 ball molecules) Recipe|Printer: 4x Resin OUTPUTSLOTS: 1 Dense Resin: ADDON for rescources allows to build Tier 2 Compund Bigger in appearence (bigger molecules on the strucure and/or 6 high instead of 4 ball molecules) Recipe|Printer: 4x Compund OUTPUTSLOTS: 1 Crane Printerhead: ADDON for the Crande heads giveing it the ability to place conduits,tables,Vehicle bay Abillity to lay a base with planning ahead (if failed construct read demolition charges) Draws rescources from attached storage (Storage from vehicle + the storage from printer) Gui from inside the crane like printer Left|Right|Print if rescources are there 4-6 rescources needed resin+table cost eg. 2resin+2copper=printer Recipe|Printer: 1x Drillhead 1x Resin (needed for Caseing) 1x Titanium (needed for Stonger Extruder) 1x Lithium (needed for Electronics) OUTPUTSLOTS: 2 ADVANCEMENTS: Can Place adv. conduits (3slot) with regards to the distance a giantsolar panel needs for the beams on the sides this would be easier than creeping extremly long or uneffective if used only for storage with large distance between storage cubes Conduit T-Socket 2slot (4+1): ADDON for 2 slot conduits allowing the extension of 1 conduit to hold 4 printer big batterys on the sides and the use of a solarpanel from the printer ontop/another battery/or 2slot item Storage for energy aswell as powergeneration on a small scale Recipe|Printer: 1x Dense Resin 1x Compund 1x Lithium or Graphite ?!? OUTPUTSLOTS: 1 Adv. Conduit (3Slot conduit): ADDON for the regular 2slot conduits + Snapon for giant solarpanel when winched in the vicinity (can be removed with click ) Builds a 3slot conduit that is double the radius of the conduit with 3 slots on top for the use of Giant solar panels/Storage cubes Recipe|Basic Building: 1x Dense Resin 1x Dense Compund ADDITIONAL NOTE: Has movable expansion port without expanding faceing the player only snaps in if cable (see below) is connected and shows new expansion roverport like connects to vehicles, cables, and other adv conduits Giant Solarpanel Change: CHANGE Giant Solarpanel to have 3 Slotpegs added for use of Adv. Conduit Since you can only tie in a solarpanal with a rover as Adaptor Storage Cubes 5 sided 6slot for Adv. Conduit(3Slot): ADDON Storage Tech for Adv. Conduits basicly a 5sided cube with 3slots to fit in Adv. Conduiton the bottom 4 sides with 8x 1slots ports each (sides slot capacity: 32) 1 topside with 2 2slot ports (able to accept 2x storage tables that give 16 slots in total on toplayer) Total storage slots per unit: 48 Single slots | 32 single slots + 2x 2slot Recipe|Printer: 4x Compund OUTPUTSLOTS: 3 Conduit Expansion Change: CHANGE to the conduit expansion currently used: conduits accept 2slot Storage with resin and expands further in the direction with regards of how many resin is available an conduit marked for expanssion in the desired direction can be uotfitted with a 8x resin storage and gains 8 times the distance while expanding after a max 8 times distance build next conduit Adv. conduit Expansion & Connection: ADDON Tier 2 TECH Once build can not be extended in tier 1 or 2 conduits like the tables the line ends there can only be connected into a system if a tier 1 conduit is build in range or with the printhead Adv. conduit o² and PowerCable "SupportCable": ADDON used to connect tier 2 conduits or tie into a vehicle Behaves like the winch with powercable skin, once placed into a conduit it extends untill you can plug it to another conduit or car disconnected cables force the other end to pop off also and lay on the ground infront of the side where the player disconnected Recipe|Printer: 3x Dense Resin 1x Dense Compund 1x Titanium OUTPUTSLOTS: 1 ADDITIONAL NOTE: Must extend up to twice the longest beam length of the giant solarpanal to be able to connect 2 intersecting beams Tether Layer (Backpack 1Slot item | Vehicle Tool 2Slot item| draws tethers from all slots includeing Storage ): ADDON TECH for backpack and vehicle use build in printer (2slot vehicle usage) or backpack printer (1slot usage) once equippet on backpack or vehicle if the "T" tetherbutton is pressed starts laying tethers untill max distance is reached and puts another tether down so it stays connected draws tethers from backpack/vehicle inventory(also from any storage attatched) "T" tetherbutton starts and stops tetherlaying or the layer runs out of tethers and stops reequipping with new tethers need start with "T" tetherbutton again Recipe|Backpack Printer: 1x Tether Consumes 50% of available Backpack Power with regards to batterys attatched to the backpack (50% of total power in backpack) OUTPUTSLOTS: 1 ADDITIONAL NOTE: Can be used on backpack (walking) and Rover backport on last vehicletrain consumes power while laying a tether not constant while on Recipe|Printer: 4x Tether Layer OUTPUTSLOTS: 2 ADDITIONAL NOTE: Can only be attached to Truck consumes power while laying a tether not constant while on Demolition Charges (2 Types| Demolition/flattening of Terrain in aoe & Destruction of conduits and tables ): ADDON TECH like dynamite 1slot item can be set and activated usage in 2 variants: Flattening of a large area after ignition in a big radius to speed up basebuilding destroys rocks, research items, rescources without droping or giveing it to the player bottom halfsphere creates land,top halfsphere creates space in regards to the used radius without destroying playerbuild items or vehicles ADVANCEMENTS: Fast and level possibilitys to create bases inside mountains or caves once you place a habitat ADDITIONAL NOTE: ships and tradestation need sky directly above them to work a wall of rock blocks them to work even if powered Variant 2: ADDON TECH like dynamite 1slot item can be set and activated 1slot item to be used to destroy the directly connected item its used on if you have misplaced conduits tables or vehicle bays ADDITIONAL NOTE: could be used to GRIEF... maybe possible to use on stuff only you build? thats it for tonight i hope i gave the dev team some things to think about or use them to create similar things. the recipes could even use graphite steel or other unused rescources in the future all work done here is just a suggestion.