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Found 9 results

  1. For some reason I can't add nor flatten terrain. I've read some posts on the forums that says something along the lines of "make a canister and use your tool". But when I DO make a canister, it's a big white bottle unlike the ones I've seen in different posts, YouTube videos AND even the tutorial. And whenever I press Alt or Ctrl, I just get a big Red X. Someone pls help.
  2. I just thought it would be cool if you added some kind of way to add special equipment to your astronaut which would give different perks like climbing gear would help you climb up terrain, jetpack would help you jump highter, etc. Would this take away the whole terrain tool purpose or would this be really cool?
  3. I think that 4 player splitscreen should be added into the game. Splitscreen would allow for a more cooperative experience on a single console. But it is important that splitscreen has no boundaries to it. What I mean is that players should be able to travel to any planet, or any part of a planet by the themselves, without having to stay within a certain distance of the host player.
  4. Here are a few ideas I have to enhance the player experience. I will be adding to this thread as I discover new things. First off, the multiplayer issues are very overwhelming and need to be in the top 5 fix list for the next patch. Features // Feel free to add anything you think would be cool to see as well! Bugs // Feel free to add any details/fixes if you have the same bugs!
  5. add garages, these have some auto track to help with glitches i guess. Also you might want to add upgrades for vehicles. you need to help with the controls
  6. add garages, these have some auto track to help with glitches i guess. Also you might want to add upgrades for vehicles. you need to help with the controls
  7. So I have a couple of idea's i'd love to see in the game. nothing to major, but some things that would make the game a bit more enjoyable, and playable. 1: so when you research a new item, you have to find out for yourself what it is, or how it works. maybe a simple tutorial to get players started, and a short desc. of every new item you research or build. 2: Enemies and guns and all that fun stuff. you can craft all sorts of vehicles, but maybe larger, land ship, or tank type vehicles. maybe some sort of enemies. 3: Internal bases and housing. the whole base creation and branching thing is awesome, but maybe add in some housing, some interior stuff. make a house a home, not just the little pod you dropped in with. 4: going along with the housing and enemies, turrets and other defensive weaponry, or maybe a way to completely cloak your whole base, so enemies, if ever added, just waltz on past. 5: now this is a hefty one, but under water exploration, submarines and boats, diving suits. under sea life, and other materials and under water bases can be made. I personally think this would be a great addition to the game. not quite subnautica but something underwater kinda thing. 6: now this one personally idk if they have or not, but nuclear power, and other advanced forms of power to bring energy to your base. I haven't personally played long enough to know if there already are such things in the game. 8: small one -customizable space suits- it'd be adorable {=> 8: more materials and craftables. idk what really, id just like to see a little bit more. 9: disassembly of buildings. 10: so after your initial pod and base, how do you set up another base else where? or can you even do that yet. like I said i'm still clueless about half the game, but tutorials and or guides would be helpful lol. I absolutely love this game so far, and for being in such early stages it's amazing how fun it actually is. I haven't encountered and bugs yet, and I don't see any downsides to this game yet. if I could, i'd give it a solid 9/10. I can't wait to see what else is in store for this beautiful master piece of a game, and I look forward to the hours spent playing it. keep up the good work guy <3
  8. 1st. How do/Can I remove Base Pieces? 2nd. Is there a way to destroy created items, and will you add a recycling module? (i.e. small solar panel) 3. Is there a way to adjust the height of platforms branching off from Pod after they have been set, and will you add this later as a function/special tool? 4.Is there a way to remove add-ons from a vehicle? (i.e. Storage Module) Please respond with the answers for all supported game platforms for everyone convenience. (i.e. Xbox, PC, ect.)
  9. I noticed when stand on terrain while digging or using the add function with the digging gun that I will either fall through the map (when digging) or I will get stuck in the terrain (when using add). Getting stuck is fixable by just redigging the terrain I am stuck in.