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Found 2 results

  1. Would it be possible to get better lighting? also possibly lighting attached to the vehicles as well? I cant count the amount of times I've been underground and cant see 5 feet ahead even with 2 work lights attached to me or my vehicle. especially with my vehicle as putting anything up front is basically useless when it blocks all the light!! I also love to make bases underground which is impossible as I cant see anything!! the lighting available so far makes it very easy to fall into a cave or a hole and die or get stuck so you spend the next 5 hours digging yourself out only to realize you're on the other side of the world! ideas: new module slots on your backpack for a light or other tools, as it is now you have 5 slots for equipment if you want a decent amount of storage, 3 are used to upgrade your tool and the other two are used for things like tethers or the portable oxygen that you need to quickly toggle on and off. A tiered lighting system? - the higher the tier the further the area covered in light. medium light - medium slot lighting much larger than the work light (or acts as a spotlight) which also has a medium attachment slot so it doesn't take up space, makes using vehicles in caves much easier because you can actually see and not sacrifice space flood lights - directional lighting you can angle. ceiling lights or hanging lights that cover a wide area to allow underground base building (or pit stops inside your mine) you have fireworks but no disco ball or other celebratory lights? heck you could even make streamers using something similar to the power extenders if you just added something else with a new skin for the cables.
  2. Bluegreenash

    mobile research station

    how about a research module for vehicles, (same footprint as the large storage module) same power requirements but can be taken to the items rather than having to lug those modules all the way back home. should be a basic item but perhaps expensive?