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Found 4 results

  1. One of my large rovers and small rovers have both recently been falling through the ground and all in all has lost me 5 titanium, 3 lithium, 4 aluminum and 6 copper. Any ideas?
  2. Lightdeck

    Tiny Cursor Steam 7.0

    The Picture says it all. I checked all of the settings for graphics, im running the game on windows 10 at 1920*1080. Aaaaaand other then the tiny cursor, i did notice a lot more visual anomalies when it comes to multiplayer, nothing too serious other than my bud gently falling and popping up out of the floor.?
  3. Ajprice16

    Beacons disappearing

    In update 7.0, my beacons have been inconsistent and have been randomly disappearing. Any ideas?
  4. UnwrittenMythz64

    update 7.0

    when is 7.0 coming out for astroneer